The Nothing Family

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Nothing Family Statistics

Total Members—36
Surviving Members—21
Active Members—1
Location—Cour des Miracles, Inferni

Nothing Family Foundation

First Member Location—Inferni
First Member Date—~ 2005
First Member Name—Hollow Nothing
First Birth Location—Syemv
Founding Parents—Soran Aatte & Hollow Nothing
Founding Birth Children—Conri Church
Founding Birth Date—06, 21, 2006

1.  About

Although the Nothing family is smaller in size, they are no less prolific for it—mostly due thanks to the notoriety of founding member Hollow Nothing, who terrorized the countryside from around 2006 up until his death in early 2007. It would have seemed his son, Conri Church, escaped his father's brutal nature... until he was discovered to be a murderer in a plot. He later raped his mate, Naniko D'Angelo, and made a run for it out of Twilight Vale. Though they aren't very large, there's a whole lot of history behind this family.

2.  Influence and Influences

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3.  Members

The parent that contributes the Nothing gene is bolded.

3.1  First Generation

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3.4  Fourth Generation

3.5  Fifth Generation

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3.7  Seventh Generation

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