Amaranthe Family

The Amaranthe Family

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  • Species: Hybrid (Dog, Wolf)
  • Family Origin: Onuba
  • Surname: Unfading (Latin)
  • Languages: Spanish (Primary), Portuguese, English
  • Head of Family: Akantha Amaranthe

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The Amaranthe family originated in Onuba and is part of the Onuban Inner Court. The family is matriarchal, and the bloodline is officially passed through the first daughter of the first litter of the Alta Baronesa. Naming conventions typically follow that all children born to an Amaranthe take the surname.

As one of the founding families of Onuba, the Amaranthe family both shapes and participates in Onuban customs. They are heavily involved in all aesthetic areas of society, including town and court events, renovations, and craftsmanship. Both men and women of the Amaranthe family are concerned with appearance and presentation. They are often well-groomed and at the head of the latest Onuban fashions.

Members of the Amaranthe family have been played on 'Souls since 2014. There have been a total of 14 characters played on board over time.

1.  Family Tree

First Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

2.  Influences

2.1  Souls


Since arriving at 'Souls, members of the Amaranthe family have interconnected with other prominent bloodlines. They are noted below.

Packs and Loner Bands



2.2  Onuba


Patron Families are the smaller families that make up the majority of Onuba. By offering support to an Inner Court Family, patrons are granted protection, services, and deals by that family. It is customary that Inner Court families select their spouses from one of their Patron families.

The following are the patron families who have pledged to the Amaranthe family: Durante, Puga, Secoya, Avellano.

Other influences of the Amaranthe bloodline now include Robles bloodlines, starting with Akantha and Isandro's litter.


Adoption into the Amaranthe household is an infrequent occurrence that is sometimes used as incentive for servants. The only members of the family who can officially adopt are descendants of the main branch. A servant can petition to the Alta Baronesa for recognition if they have made a significant contribution to the Amaranthe family.

3.  Appearance

3.1  Eye Color




  • Amber is the predominant eye color within the Amaranthe family, followed by cold blues.
    • Greens and warm blues are known to occur in descendants of the Winsor and Revlis bloodlines.

3.2  Fur Color




  • Merle and tricolor are the predominant fur patterns in the Amaranthe family. Colors tend to be divided between blue-black, steel blue, and reds.
    • The introduction of more wild patterns, such as agouti, may be found in Revlis descendants.
    • While Amaranthes predominantly have folded ears, descendants of the Revlis and Volkov lines may have standing ears.
  • Optime hair color tends to vary between whites, blacks, and golds depending on the dominant coat pattern.

4.  History

4.1  Alta Baronesa


The Alta Baronesa (literal translation: High Baroness) is the title for the head of the Amaranthe household. There have been 6 Alta Baronesa since the founding of Onuba. Typically the firstborn girl of the first litter will be the next Alta Baronesa. If they abdicate or are otherwise unable to rule and they have no female progeny, then the title will go to a sister of either the first or second litters.

The Alta Baronesa presides over all family affairs. While Onuban culture expects all Heads of Families to marry, the only real Amaranthe rule for the Alta Baronesa is that she either creates or names a successor.


Thalia Amaranthe
Reign: 2011 - 2018

Thalia Amaranthe began her reign as the youngest Alta Baronesa in history. Before her fall from grace, Thalia was lauded for defying custom by taking on a foreign lover, expanding the Amaranthe trade route through her seafaring connections, and settling a years-long feud with the Robles family over the territory of Valverde del Camino for which she was nicknamed the Bleeding Baroness. She was dethroned in 2018 by her daughter, Akantha, who was assisted by a mercenary group comprised of her granddaughter, grandson, and their company of comrades.

Selena Amaranthe
Reign: 2006 - 2011

Selena Amaranthe was a beloved Alta Baronesa who tragically died in a border skirmish between family territory and the wild lands known as Aracena. Nicknamed the Brilliant Baroness, Selena was a clever woman who had a keen diplomatic sense and was well known for her mediation of issues within the family and city. Selena had been in the process of working out a community educational initiative before her untimely end, and the project never recovered.

Adalina Amaranthe
Reign: 2001 - 2006

Adalina Amaranthe was a contentious figure. She was technically third in line, but her elder sisters disappeared under mysterious circumstances, with many suspecting foul play. Nicknamed the Fanged Baroness, Adalina was prone to conflict with others within and outside of the family. Tensions between the Amaranthe, Robles, and Arena families peaked during her reign. She retired after the death of her mate, prompting her enemies to cruelly refer to her as the Toothless Baroness.

Leonor Amaranthe
Reign: 1997 - 2001

Leonor Amaranthe was the kind and sickly successor to Nina Amaranthe. Known as the Wilted Baroness, she mostly tended to gardens and kept out of the affairs of the town and her own estate. She instituted certain hygienic measures which Amaranthes still abide to this day. Her reign ended when she passed away during childbirth.

Nina Amaranthe
Reign: 1990 - 1997

Nina Amaranthe was the first Alta Baronesa and a founder of Onuba. She kept her human-given name, and as one of the first in Onuba to become literate, she took on the surname of Amaranthe for the flowers she saw in a gardening book. Intelligent, generous, and beautiful, Nina quickly became one of the most prominent figures in Onuba, but turned down the inaugural role of Mayordomía in favor of teaching.

4.2  Significant Events

5.  Out of Character


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