Azade ➶ Feriqi


Azade is a Borzoi sighthound mix, born in the Eurasian Steppe of Central Asia. Her clan was comprised mostly of sighthounds, and lived a nomadic lifestyle, raising horses and sheep. Constantly on the move in order to provide fresh pasture for their livestock, they were caught in territorial disputes almost constantly. She was raised to fight, learning all kinds of valuable skills along the way. Besides the warfare, she lived a good life. Tending the sheep, playing the duduk and tanbur, weaving and sewing. She trained and bred horses, hunted and rode. She rose and trained Golden Eagles to hunt for them in winter. After her clan was decimated by wolves to the north, Azade traveled through Central Asia to Istanbul, then went south along the coast of Africa to Cape Verde. From there, she took a boat to Central America, then traveled north by hoof until she made it to ‘Souls on 04-24-2020 and was accepted to the Del Cenere Gang.

From there, she steadily rose up in rank until reaching The Enkindled and being given the title "The Ranger". She was reunited with her best friend, Fernando, in June of 2020. Their relationship quickly became something more and together they had a litter of puppies in November 2020. Her daughter, Mahigul Feriqi, was born first, followed by her son Kylychbek Feriqi. They married in May of 2021 in front of their entire pack, hosting the wedding at their home in Silverado Fields. They lived rather peacefully for a pitifully short time. In November of 2021 Fernando was murdered by Aani Aston-D'Noires during her attempt to kill her daughter, Catalina de le Ulrich. This was a terrible loss for the Feriqi family, just before Mahigul and Kylychbek's Bautizos and just before Dia de los Muertos. After the two underwent their Bautizos, Azade packed the family up and moved them to Casa di Cavalieri, abandoning her friends and her status within Del Cenere in order to flee the memory of her husband's murder.

If your character needs something that she can provide, don’t hesitate to ask! If you want to trade, she’s always making clothing and things like saddlebags, all of which she delicately embroiders and decorates.


by MykalaBlue

Basic ➶ Info

Date of Birth09 Oct 2015
BirthplaceSteppe of Central Asia


Rank out of Las Brasas
Rank out of El Probado
Rank out of El Elegido
Serve in the Enkindled Rank for Five Months
Serve in the Ashen Ring for Five Months
Play an Ashen for 12 Consecutive Months
Take a Mate
Raise a Child
Recruit a Friend
Thread with a member from every active Pack
Thread with a member from every active Loner Band
Create 5 AW threads in Del Cenere
Conduct a Pack Project
Coordinate a Pack Event
Adopt an Ashen
Earn Community Soul
Contribute to DCG's Wiki
Exemplary Membership
Participated in Through The Valley
Participated in Born Unto Trouble
Participated in the 2021 Lancaster Stockshow

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  • Nickname: None. Call her Azade. >:(
  • Pronunciation: Ah-zah-deh Fehr-ee-kee


Plot ➶ Opportunity

  • Azade is a skilled hunter and fighter, and spends much of her time patrolling the northern border, where her home is. Would you like to accompany her? She also isn't opposed to thievery if given the opportunity, so if you need someone to help your character steal a horse, ask Azade.
  • She is also quite the craftsman, skilled at tanning and embroidery. Does your character have anything to trade? Or perhaps they'd like to learn?


OOC ➶ Information

OOC ➶ Assumptions

  • Del Cenere Gang members may reference seeing Character doing the following:
    • Playing the duduk or tanbur, maybe singing
    • Out hunting or patrolling the border
    • Doing embroidery or making leather



art by: Raphaelion


Azade is a Borzoi mix, with a red and white coat and dark brown eyes. She stands at 6'7'' in her optime form, with a long thin face and a deep chest. Her form is slender, weighing only 153 lbs despite her height. She has a thick scruff of wavy fur around her neck, and styles her long hair into either several long braids going down her back or in a bun, covered by a cap. She shifts to her lupus form rarely, usually only to hunt. She stands at 2.6 ft at the shoulder in her lupus form, weighing 67 lbs. In secui, she stands at 3.5 ft and weighs 153 lbs.

Her coat is a deep mahogany red, patterned in an odd piebald, smattering across her thick wavy coat. She has extra thick fur forming a frill around her head, and long feathering on her hind legs and tail. When she moves, it is with grace and agility. Her body is built for speed and power.

She wears her clothing in layers due to the extreme weather of her region. In the Eurasian Steppe, the weather in summer clears 105 F and dips to -50 F in the winter (colder than antarctica). To counter the weather, her clan wears fur-lined leather clothing. In the summer, they wear light clothing. All of their garments are adorned in charms and patterned around the openings, both to ward off spirits and bolster the strength of the wearer. She wears a delicately patterned cap over her hair in Optime form.

  • Speech: She has a Kurdish accent, but speaks "Spanish" well, and one can normally make out what she's saying. Besides that, her cadence is usually slower and deliberate.
  • Scent: She smells like horses, leather, and Del Cenere Gang
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: She tends to pace a lot and tap her foot. She has insomnia, so you can often find her wandering around at night in search of sleep.
  • General Posture and Body Language: While she is tall, she is very slight. She carries herself with an athletic grace, never clumsy, always together. She is usually very relaxed, her body language loose and comfortable. She walks with a slight bounce in her step.

Color ➶ Palette


Old Lace (#FBF3E7)
Dark Burgundy (#781403)


Old Lace (#FBF3E7)


Saffron (#F2C331)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

Tundora (#454545)


67 lbs (30 kg)
31 in (79 cm)
Used rarely, Azade is highly humanized and hardly even uses this form to hunt. This is partially influenced by the fact that she wears her hair long and in braids, and she'd have to unbraid and re-braid her hair every time she shifts. Not to mention having to take off her clothing and put it back on. She has a lot of clothing.


153 lbs (69 kg)
42 in (107 cm)
Used more than lupus, Azade will sometimes hunt in this form if she has no access to her bow.


153 lbs (69 kg)
6 ft 7 in (79 in / 200 cm)
Seen in this form most often.



by Bek

Adaze is very independent and an introvert. She does not mind spending time alone, and oftentimes she actually prefers it. However, if someone strikes up a conversation, she will often enjoy spending time chatting with them. She does love performing, though. She playes the Tanbur very well, and enjoys playing around with improv. She cares deeply for the people around her, though she may not show it until she gets close to someone. She’s very creative, a skill that has been bolstered with her music and embroidery. She’s decisive, once she makes up her mind, she’s doing it and nobody can stop her. She’s charismatic, she had to be in order to lead her clan. She’s very open to new experiences, one of the reasons that she was so willing to travel the world despite the hardships that came with it. She loves seeing different cultures, eating new foods, and hearing new music.

However, she can burn herself out and will often need to spend time to herself, away from contact with others. She’s a perfectionist, which can make her work go slower if she gets stuck on something. She’s not very conscientious, often overlooking small details. And, while she is usually very relaxed and chill, she can be prone to irritability and moodiness. Over time, though, she’s learned that it’s best to go and spend some time to herself whenever she finds herself snapping at a friend.


  • Honest and Direct: Azade is very honest, and not one for mind games. If she doesn't like you, she'll tell you. But if she does, the same applies.
  • Strong-willed and Dutiful: Patient, hardworking, and determined, Azade meets any goal she sets, period. She doesn't mind doing hard work or boring work if the end goal is something wonderful.
  • Very Responsible: When Azade gives her word, she means it. She'd rather work herself into the ground than fail to deliver on that promise. Loyalty is incredibly important to her, and she will work incredibly hard for the people that she's dedicated to. She expects the same in return.
  • Calm and Practical: Azade is not one to lose her temper at every stressor, and is not at all quick to fall apart. She has experienced the world, and is perfectly capable, quick to make rational decisions based more on logic than emotion. She tried to stay grounded as best she can in any scenario, and will often look down on those who lose control of their emotions inappropriately. And do pray if you anger her. Expect to face her steely gaze if your character insults her in any way, and prepare to be torn apart by her biting words, calm and quiet, but full of malice and perfectly targeting any insecurity.
  • Create and Enforce Order: Azade is always seeking to create order. There's a reason that she's The Ranger, breaking up bar fights and patrolling the border and ensuring that everyone is perfectly fine in Charmingtown. She is the one who will take charge and give everyone tasks to do if that position is not filled by someone of higher rank.


  • Stubborn: Azade is incredibly stubborn. Once she has an idea set in her mind, she isn't quick to change her mind unless she's provided with ample evidence proving that she's wrong.
  • Insensitive: Honesty is the best policy, and Azade can be quite blunt, often simply stating whatever is on her mind with little to no consideration for the other person's feelings in that moment, believing that everyone appreciates it when you say it straight. She can get annoyed beyond belief when someone beats around the bush, and tries to avoid doing that. Put simply, she isn't incredibly empathetic, believing that most people are going to react the way that she would react, and is unable to put herself into someone else's shoes.
  • Always by the Book: Azade isn't one for any kind of unstructured environment, and will feel stuck if given too many options to pursue. She does not like bending rules, and will almost always do something exactly the way that it is supposed to be done.
  • Judgmental: Quick to judge, Azade also doesn't change her mind about someone quickly, so be careful to give a good first impression.
  • Prideful: Azade tends to be arrogant and proud, though she at least has the good sense to keep her opinions to herself. That being said, she doesn't care whether people like her or not, and will always be herself for better or for worse. She does not give a fuck if she pissed off someone by giving them the impression she doesn't like them. This is both a strength and a weakness, because while it is good for her to be unconcerned with others' opinions, she can take this quite far.




Azade is very spiritual, and while she doesn't really believe in a higher being that controls everything from some hidden place, she does believe in destiny. She believes that every living thing is connected, and that everything has its life plotted out before them. She is fairly vocal in her beliefs, unashamed to let out prayers and give thanks. Even so, she is not one to go around trying to convert people. She had religion pushed on her when she was young, and she did not like it. She spent much of her youth rebelling the confining nature of her clan's religion. She took their teachings and shaped them to fit her own spirituality. She follows herself, and anyone who wants her respect must earn it.


Azade is very relaxed in relationships and tends to seek out open relationships with partners. She is also pansexual with no real preference for any gender. She does differentiate sex from romance and can have sex without having romantic feelings for someone.


  • Balance/Peace
    • To bring all things into equilibrium, both within herself and her environment


Azade drinks and smokes pretty regularly, though it is rare that she does either to self-soothe. Rather, she is a social drinker and likes to smoke (weed) around the fire before going to bed.


  • Species: She tends to act cold towards wolves that she doesn't know, which makes it harder than usual to get close to her.
  • Non-Luperci: Believes that Non-Luperci should be turned, though she likely would not voice this opinion unless she was in like-minded company.



  • Horseback Riding (Master): Growing up in the Steppe of Central Asia, she had to learn to ride. Her clan bred horses and relied on them both to hunt for food and to raid for valuables.
    • Mounted Archery (Master): Mounted archery is hugely important to her clan and the entire region. Having a group of warriors who could reign down upon a small village, shoot people down quickly, then leave just as quickly is a devastating tactic that is well used. It was also important for hunting in the region, seeing as Azade can't get to where much of her prey would be (like mountain goats) in time to catch them in her ferus form.
    • Mounted Swordplay (Journeyman): While mounted archery is the strategy most used by her clan, sometimes things would go wrong and closer combat would be necessary.
  • Falconry (Journeyman): Eagle falconry has been practiced in the Eurasian Steppe for thousands of years, and is very practical. It's very difficult to hunt in the winter, where it's bitterly cold and the ground is covered in a thick layer of snow. Eagles don't need to run through that snow to get to a much-lighter rabbit or fox, and are far more efficient predators in the winter months.
  • Fletcher (Journeyman): Azade has been making her own arrows for as long as she's been able to shoot.
  • Embroidery (Journeyman): The clan's traditional clothing calls for delicately (as delicately as Luperci can get) embroidered garments, covered in charms and stories. It is tradition for young women to make clothing, rugs, and other misc items as a bridal dowry. Azade would not have been exempt from this tradition, and though she hated it as a child, she now finds embroidery as a fun way to relax.
  • Playing the Duduk and Tanbur (Journeyman): Her clan has a rich culture of music. She grew up playing the duduk, a small flute-like instrument (though it's actually in the same family of wind instruments as the oboe), both with her family and pack and on her own while taking care of the herds. The tanbur was her father's instrument, and though it took her longer to learn to play, she finds the tanbur to be more spiritually centering. She will often play it by herself to connect to her family and roots. Otherwise, she loves playing for a crowd.
  • Singer (Apprentice): She isn't very good at making up her own songs yet, but she does love singing. There are all kinds of poems and stories that have been passed down through song, and those are the songs she sings.
  • Tanner (Apprentice): She's been tanning her own hides for years, to be made into all kinds of items and sold whenever she gets the chance.
  • Leatherworker (Apprentice): The temperature in her homeland dips below -50 F, which calls for good protective clothing, which is usually covered by fur-lined leather clothing. Azade grew up making such clothing as well as things like her quiver and bags.
  • Weaving and Spinning (Apprentice): She never did much weaving when she was young, but she did do a lot of hand-spinning. It was only in the past year that she picked up weaving, when she got a loom.
  • Woodcarver (Dabbler): Her father did a lot of woodcarving, and she was never interested in the art until it was too late. Now she has aquired a small knife that is similar to her father's carving knife, and is trying to mimic what she remembers her father making.
  • Low Speech (Dabbler): Azade has only recently begun learning low speech (horse), and isn't very good at it yet.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Azade has never been good at hand-to-hand combat, partly because her clan strikes quickly and retreats on horseback, and therefore there is little need for actually getting very close to the enemy.
  • Fishing: Azade has never fished and she isn't well inclined to try now, seeing as how she hates the smell of them (triggering due to her seasickness).
  • Illiterate: Azade never learned to read or write, and never even saw a book until she traveled to Istanbul, seeing as her clan passed down knowledge via oral tradition.
  • Wolves: Azade can get spooked by wolves and will tend to be on guard around them, usually having a hand on her saber. She will often find herself acting aggressively towards them, with her tail up and ears alert.
  • Feral Fighting: Azade has rarely fought in her feral form, and therefore is not very good at it. It's instinct for her to pin down the enemy without hurting them, so she isn't very good at killing in her feral form. (Due to hundreds of years of breeding Borzois to pin down wolves so that the hunter could kill them.)
  • First Aid: While Azade can bandage a cut if need be, she's pretty useless if the injured party needs anything more.
  • Sailing: Azade gets horribly seasick and therefore is not one to be happy about getting on a boat.
  • Building Things: Azade almost broke the yurt when she tried to put up some new wall hangings, and has since decided that she will never build anything if she doesn't have to, for the sake of everyone around her. Of course, she's going to have to try and build a yurt now that she's settling down, just as soon as she gets the required supplies. Maybe your character can help and make sure she doesn't accidentally kill herself!
  • Gardening: She doesn't know it yet, but she is going to kill every plant she tries to grow.
art by: Sirkutin

Familial Relationships


  • Mother: Delal Saipov
  • Father: Ziryan Saipov
  • Littermates: Dilva Hardi
  • Half-siblings: N/A
  • Partner: Fernando
  • Children: Kylychbek Feriqi and Mahigul Feriqi (Second Litter, living)
    • First Litter was born 13th March 2017 and died between 27th and 29th of April 2017 of malnourishment. Their names were Elind Feriqi (M), Gizem Feriqi (F), and Hozan Feriqi (M).
  • Family: Feriqi

  • Parents:
    • Both of Azade's parents are dead, and died a long time ago. She had a good relationship with them both, though they were much more orthodox than she was, which was one point of contention between them. She tries to learn from how they treated her as a yearling and young adult as she grew into her spirituality, and doesn't want to alienate her children like they did her.
  • Children:
    • Azade has high hopes for both her children, and is keeping a keen eye out for both of them. She wants to teach them everything she knows, and is excited for them to shift, especially as they grow older and begin to show more interest in things like horse husbandry and music. While she initially may place gendered expectations on them, should they display other interests, she won't pressure them (she is, after all, a warrior.) While not the most emotionally available parent (that award goes to Fernando), she is very loving in her own way. Expect to find her gently guiding the puppies through some project or teaching them some interesting thing, or maybe engaging in a fascinating intellectual discussion as they grow older. She is very happy with them, and very proud of them, and cannot wait for them to grow up and into themselves.

Other ➶ Relations


  • Peony Braithewaite?: One of the first friends Azade made when she joined DCG, Peony is one of Azade's favorite people. That is, she is one of the few people that Azade trusts with her true feelings. Not one to be vulnerable, ever, Azade tends to be very gruff and stand-offish when it comes to her own emotions. Peony helps Azade open up a little bit, and in return, Azade gives her her loyalty and shoulder to cry on when she needs it.


  • Nazario del Bosque: Azade is loyal to Nazario, and likes him a little bit, but she doesn't like the way that he handled Luciana's kidnapping (Born Unto Trouble Plot) and everything that came with it. While he is pack leader, she will obey him, and she would never say anything about this to anyone but Fernando, but she feels as though he is incompetent.

Minor ➶ Relations

  • Enemies:
  • Murders:
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances: Sean Butler

Past Relations:

Home & Inventory


Ranchero's Watch, Del Cenere Gang:
An expansive stretch of grassland and sparse copses of trees atop Sweetwater Bluff, broken up by rolling hills - it creates a stark border between El Tramo and Tall Tree. Springtime hits fast, with a burst of silver and green grasses competing amidst colorful bursts of wildflowers that slowly fade out through the summer as the land dries. Come fall, the grasses are baked out to golden waves.

A large and circular tent sits at the edge of the field, next to a large round pen and a fenced-in area where the horses may be seen grazing. Off to the side is a large two person swing set built by Fernando. Inside is a pile of furs in lieu of a proper bed, a fire pit right in the center of the room, and a large stand for Altani across from the 'bed'. The belongings of Azade and Fernando are strewn about in a messy, but oddly organized, fashion. Kylychbek Feriqi and Mahigul Feriqi keep the yurt in a state of proper disorder.


Offered Goods for Trade

  • Usually has straight up leather as well as fox/rabbit/deer furs that are processed and ready to be made into anything you want
  • Her go-to trade item to make is horse tack, and has lots of experience making horse tack. Need some? Ask!
  • If you need anything specially-made, just ask and she will make it!

Requested Goods

  • Alcohol and weed, will accept pretty much anytime
  • Dyes
  • Thread
  • Textiles

Animal ➶ NPCs


by Despi


  • Name: Azwer
    • Meaning: Proud
    • Pronunciation: ahz-wear
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Mustang
  • D.O.B.: 2013
  • Onboard?: Yes


  • Appearance: Buckskin horse standing at 15 hands with very minimal white markings on each leg and his face.
    • Reference Image: 1
  • Personality:
    • Asshole, stay away
    • Seriously, he'll mangle anyone he doesn't approve of.
  • Skills: None yet; will learn to understand high speech well and speak broken high speech.


  • From Central America, birthplace unknown
  • Acquired through trade
  • Accompanied Azade and Rojin to DCG

Can be Referenced

  • Can be seen roaming either alone or with Rojin and or Azade.
  • He will give many warnings before kicking/biting, feel free to rp that he's acting aggressive towards your character without asking. But do ask before you have him actually hurt your character.


by Despi


  • Name: Rojin
    • Meaning: Daylight or One Who is Like the Sun
    • Pronunciation: Ro-jeen
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Mustang
  • D.O.B.: 2015
  • Onboard?: Yes


  • Appearance: Bay horse standing at 14 hands
    • Reference Image: 1
  • Personality: Calm and intelligent, she is wary of strangers but not aggressive.
  • Skills: Rider-trained, a good trail horse and fast. Shies away from the smell of blood. Her greatest skill lies in her sure footing and ability to get across obstacles in trails like a baby goat.


  • From Texas, birthplace unknown
  • Acquired through trade
  • Accompanied Azade and Azwer to DCG

Can be Referenced

  • Can be seen roaming either alone or with Azwer and or Azade.
  • While she won't attack you like Azwer, Rojin is wary of strangers, and isn't the type to be overly friendly. Feel free to reference her acting like she's trying to figure your character out, or seeming standoffish.



  • Name: Finale
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Mustang
  • D.O.B.: May 2019
  • Onboard?: Yes


  • Appearance: A paint colt; dam Cinzia, sire Artan.
    • Reference Image: 1
  • Personality: Shy and playful. He is very friendly with those he knows well, like Azade and her family. He's a hard worker, and quick to take to new situations.
  • Skills: Currently being saddle trained. He's delicate and quick, but not very sturdy or strong.


  • Born Spring 2019 in Casa di Cavalieri, this colt will be somewhat frail until adulthood due to lack of horse milk
  • Acquired through trade in Nov. 2020 with Aldora Knight.

Can be Referenced

  • Azwer doesn't like him very much, so he is kept with Rojin when penned. Otherwise, feel free to reference Azade training him.
  • He's very shy with strangers, but will warm up eventually. Feel free to reference him moving to the other side of the pen or otherwise trying to get away from your character if he doesn't know them.


by Despi


  • Name: Dilber
    • Meaning: Apple of One's Eye
    • Pronunciation: dil-ber
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Mustang
  • D.O.B.: June 2022
  • Onboard?: No


  • Appearance: A smoky black filly with a broken blaze and three socks, two short and one tall; dam Rojin, sire Azwer
  • Personality: Incredibly canine-oriented and friendly, hence the name. Very playful and loves jumping around, like a goat. Will walk right up to anyone and demand attention (like a puppy).
  • Skills: N/A


Can be Referenced

  • When she is born she will be kept with her mom at Azade's personal residence at Rancheros Watch



  • Name: Altani
    • Meaning: Golden
    • Pronunciation: Al-tahn-ee
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Bald Eagle
  • D.O.B.: March 2020
  • Onboard?: Yes


  • Appearance: Juvenile Bald Eagle, mixed brown and white plumage and black beak and legs (starting to lighten, will be bright yellow upon maturity). She weighs about 14 lbs.
  • Personality: Incredibly smart, quick to savage hands that are not trusted. She watches everything going on around her very astutely, and when she is not hooded she will practice her hunting skills on small creatures. She has bonded with Azade and her family, but with them alone.
  • Skills: A prolific hunter, Altani is trained to attack on command and to return when called. Everything else is instinct, really.


  • Acquired by Azade, Peony, and Brickface

Can be Referenced

  • Should only be referenced with permission.



  • Name: Teke
    • Meaning: Goat
    • Pronunciation: Teh-keh
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Cat
  • D.O.B.: May 2020
  • Onboard?: Yes


  • Appearance: Dilute calico cat on the smaller side with long, violently curly fur, and hazel eyes.
  • Personality: Very sweet, very cuddly, very unpredictable. She's a wildcat, and will be cuddled up to you one second and biting you the next. Will get the zoomies and run around all crazy occasionally.
  • Skills: Knows high speech, keeps the Yurt pest-free.


  • Found by Azade and brought to DCG.

Can be Referenced

  • Can be PP'd giving attention to your character, ask before having her say anything. Otherwise, feel free to have her greet your character at the door or anything similar.


Del Cenere Gang

Duration: 24 April 2020 – Present
Residence: Ranchero's Watch, Del Cenere Gang
Ranks: The Ranger (1 November 2020 - Present)
  • El Elegido (1 September 2021 - 1 November 2020)
  • El Probado (1 July 2020 - 1 September 2021)
  • Las Brasas (1 June 2020 - 1 July 2020)
  • The Unkindled (24 April 2020 - 1 June 2020)
  • The Sharpshooter
  • The Falconer
  • The Tanner

needs rewriting

Post ➶ Log & Archives


April ➶ 2020

  • Joined the Del Cenere Gang


  1. A Gift for a Potential Future \\

With Evelyn Escuella. Joining Thread

  1. [P] Psyched Tho
    With Brickface O'Malley and Peony Braithwaite.
  2. Birdies
    With Brickface O'Malley and Peony Braithwaite. They go and snatch two eagle babies to raise!

May ➶ 2020

  • N/A


  1. God, babies suck
    With Brickface O'Malley. Azade talks to Brickface about eagle hunting.
  2. Thrill of the Chase
    With Peony Braithwaite, Brickface O'Malley, Lyssa Fontaine. Group Hunt
  3. Brighter than the midnight skies
    With Peony Braithwaite, Hosea Courtright, Brickface O'Malley, Remy Debois. People get drunk, earthquake happens.
  4. Nasty and stinky
    With Ash Del Mar, Lyssa Fontaine. Azade and Lyssa are processing hides when Ash very rudely interrupts.
  5. Well, f***.
    With . Azade gets chased by a mountain lion.
  6. Perfect for Eagle Hunting
    With Vegard, Azade gets to chatting with a mystery stranger.
  7. Brown and Blue
    Azade finds a litter of dying kittens.
  8. Tiny Bodies, Giant Fleas
    With Raven Sinclaire, Azade tries to fix the kitten's fleas.
  9. An Angry Midnight Stroll
    With Characters, Azade tries to center herself by taking a midnight walk.
  10. Them Eagles, eh?
    With Lyla Winthrop, Azade and Lyla meet and bond over animals.
  11. Kittens a'plenty
    With Peony Braithwaite, Peony picks out which kitten she's taking home.
  12. Little devils
    With Auger de la Croix, Azade brings the kittens to Auger's place.
  13. he used to call me poison, like poison ivy.
    With Morrigan Archeron, Azade and Morrigan take a walk and look for interesting plants.

June ➶ 2020

  • Luciana goes missing!


  1. Be the Sunshine
    With Peony Braithwaite, Brickface O'Malley, Lyssa Fontaine, Azade helps Peony prepare a feast.
  2. Here be treasure?
    With Waynescott Wyatt, Raven Sinclaire, Azade helps find a treasure!
  3. I'm going to where the sun burns
    With Del Cenere Gang, Azade participates in a pack feast!
  4. Let Me Go Let Me Go Let Me Go
    With Boone Winthrop, Azade goes hunting to prepare for the Bautizo ceremony!
  5. I Clutched a Branch of Soot and Flame
    With Del Cenere Gang, Azade and the others find the burned down tobacco field and start searching for Luciana.

July ➶ 2020

  • Azade rescues Fernando


  1. An Old Friend
    Azade rescues her old friend, Fernando, from highwaymen.

August ➶ 2020

  • Azade visits La Estrella Roja


  1. An Unfortunate Circumstance
    Azade rustles two sheep from an innocent shepherd!
  2. Party Time! Nah, just blood time.
    With Vera Zharkov, Azade slaughters two sheep to prepare for her housewarming party!
  3. Now it's Party Time.
    With Notch, Azade hosts a housewarming party!
  4. A Hard Night
    With Salem, Azade gets a séance done to speak to her puppies!
  5. Didn't got nothin' out of that trip but another song
    With Lieselotte Temple, Azade and Lieselotte Temple talk about death while exhausted and a tiny bit high.
  6. Grass is Greener
    With Solomon, Azade gets very embarrassed after drunkenly hitting on a poor stranger.
  7. Free Fall
    Azade spills a drink on someone.
  8. Beg borrow steal
    With Carnivore Creed, Azade's gloves get stolen and she picks a fight.
  9. Like a Butterfly out of it's Cocoon
    With Peony Braithwaite, Azade's and Peony talk about pregnancy.

September ➶ 2020

  • Azade helps rescue Luciana and clean up the bodies in the aftermath of the battle. (Born Unto Trouble)


  1. Standstill
    Azade rescues Peony.
  2. You Could be a Work of Art
    With Notch?, Azade invites some friends over to work and chat!
  3. Here we go
    With Eden de le Ulrich?, Azade and Eden talk about their seances!
  4. Like a Mighty River
    With Lorenzo Vega?, Azade, Nando, and Lorenzo work on getting the supplies to build a fence for the garden!
  5. Send me a peach
    With Hosea Courtright?, Azade and Hosea patrol the borders and hunt.
  6. Down among the fish and grass and stones
    With Sean Butler?, Azade meets Sean and they immediately start arguing.
  7. Excuse my French
    With Jimena Escuella?, Azade babysits and gets to tell Jimena about her history.
  8. Purgatory Drive
    With Lemonsnap?, After a miscommunication, Azade and Lemonsnap get into a fight.
  9. Remember your virtue
    With Santiago Tejada? and Remy Debois?, Azade, Santiago, and Remy go on a rescue mission and snatch away Luciana.
  10. Shallow Roots
    With Twelve, Morrigan Archeron, and Fernando, Del Ceneren members revisit the Del Mar encampment for the grisly job of body recovery - either for effigies, or otherwise.
  11. Into the Night
    With Vera Zharkov?, Azade and Vera go hunting and practice tanning.

October ➶ 2020

  • Azade gets pregnant. 0.0


  1. Home
    With Kronin Massacre, Azade loses her earring.
  2. Pray for Rain
    Azade and Nando make arrows and talk about Azade's pregnancy.

November ➶ 2020


  1. [M] Engage with the pain as a motive
    With Del Cenere Gang, Azade attends Ronald's funeral.
  2. it's basic economics
    With Aldora Knight, Azade trades for a young colt named Finale.
  3. [M] Imperfectly
    With Fernando, Kylychbek Feriqi, and Mahigul Feriqi. Azade has her puppies!

December ➶ 2020


  1. [M] There is always a bigger fish
    With Dahlia El'Oso?, Azade saves a Dahlia from a loner.


January ➶ 2021


  1. I've been walkin' through a world gone blind
    With Morrigan Archeron, after breaking up a bar fight, Azade trades for dyes from Morrigan.
  2. [M] whiskers on kittens
    With Peony Braithwaite, Azade and Peony mourn the loss of Peony's pups.
  3. Playful pups
    With Asher Johansen, Asher pupsits Kylychbek and Mahigul.
  4. And know there's no rewrites
    With Rhodes Winthrop, Azade helps Rhodes through a panic attack.

April ➶ 2021


  1. Shoot from the saddle
    With Fredrick Knight, Azade and Freddy are on border patrol, with Azade teaching Freddy to shoot, when a loner attacks!
  2. [M] Attack on my heart
    With Peony Braithwaite and Morrigan Archeron, Peony convinces Azade to go on a moose hunt with them. 0.0

May ➶ 2021


  1. Angels start to look good to me
    With x, Azade and Fernando get help to butcher a lamb in preparation for the wedding.
  2. Exist for Love
    With Del Cenere Gang, Azade and Fernando finally get married!
  3. Let's race!!
    With Asher Johansen, Azade and Asher spontaneously decide to go racing around the northern border.

June ➶ 2021


  1. Shoot from the saddle
    With Fredrick Knight, Azade and Frederick patrol together.
  2. [M] Attack on my heart
    With Peony Braithwaite and Morrigan Archeron, Peony suckers Azade into hunting a moose with her.
  3. Don't Think Twice
    With Aldora Knight, Aldora and Azade catch up and talk about Finale (the stallion Azade traded for from Aldora).

July ➶ 2021


  1. Olympic Game :: Long-Distance Horse Race
    With Cedric Stryder, Remus Knight, Pushok, and Fredrick Knight, Azade competes and wins first place in the long distance horse race in the CDC Olympics.
  2. Olympic Game :: Archery
    With Peony Braithwaite, Aldora Knight, Ingvildr Knight, Theodore Reeves and Fredrick Knight, Azade competes in the archery competition of the CDC Olympics.

August & September ➶ 2021


October ➶ 2021


  1. [m] Well, even the great celestial hieroglyphs
    With Mahigul Feriqi and Cent, the Feriqi family and Cent eat and smoke together.
  2. [PT] A Hunt in Celebration
    With Rafaela Tejada and Notch, a hunt to prepare for Dia de los Muertos.
  3. Hunnybee, oh hunnybee
    With Mahigul Feriqi, Azade teaches Mahigul to play the duduk.
  4. [m] Slow Like Honey
    Read Only, Aani Aston-D'Noir? murders Fernando.

November ➶ 2021


  1. [m] The door may be open, but are you home?
    With Peony Braithwaite, Peony comforts Azade after Fernando's murder.
  2. Been the ruin of many a poor boy
    With Nazario del Bosque and Mahigul Feriqi, the Feriqi family buries Fernando.
  3. Calling for Home
    With Mahigul Feriqi, Azade tries to comfort Mahigul after the funeral.
  4. What they don't understand, they condemn
    With Nazario del Bosque, Jimena Escuella, and Joaquin Rose-Morales, pack hunt!
  5. [PT] I'd rot in hell with you
    With someone?, Azade is big sad on the day of the pup's Bautizo ceremonies.
  6. A Race to Change
    With Mahigul Feriqi, Bautizo ceremony.

December ➶ 2021




Tin Horseshoe
Tin Horseshoe: 3 Months Membership
From 21st of April, 2020–21st of July, 2020.
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Steel Horseshoe: 6 Months Membership
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Copper Horseshoe: 18 Months Membership
From 21st of April, 2020–21st of October, 2021.
Gold Horseshoe
Gold Horseshoe: 24 Months Membership
From 21st of April, 2020–21st of April, 2021.

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Find a Mate
Pink: Find a Mate
Became mates with Fernando on 25 May 2021.
Have Puppies
Green: Have Puppies
Had children with Fernando on 15 November 2020.
Have Grandchildren Puppies
Honey: Have Grandchildren Puppies
Had children with Characters on DD Month YYYY.
Rescue Someone
Cross: Rescue Someone
Rescued Dahlia El'Oso? on 18 December 2020.#1
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Lost to Characters on DD Month YYYY.[1]
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Red: Win a Fight
Won against Characters on DD Month YYYY.[2]
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Olive Green: Foreign Diplomat
Salsola, Casa di Cavalieri, Mistfell Vale, Del Cenere Gang, New Caledonia
15 Prompt Generator Threads
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Light Green: Thread in Every Territory
Saint Croix Highlands, The Borderlands, Branta Stretch, Miramichi Wilderness, Wabanaki Coast, Frost Reaches, Cape Acadia, Grindstone Island, Primeval Memories, Concrete Jungle, The Blacklands, Black Rock Islands, Prince Edward Island, Isthmus of Chignecto, Aelcrest Shore, Halcyon Mountain, Drifter Bay, The Waste, The Dampwoods, Quartz Shoreline, Halifax, Whisper Beach, Overgrowth Sunrise, Shattered Coast, Ethereal Eclipse, Shiloh Hills, Broken Occident
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Lead/sublead for 3 months
Sparkling Gold: Pack Leadership
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Pack hunt
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Went hunting for a moose with Peony Braithwaite and Morrigan Archeron in preparation for Peony's big party. 1
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Earned "The Sharpshooter" in May 2020
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Organized Azade's wedding thread, 1
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Adoptable Love
Adoptable Love
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