Jimena Escuella

Jimena Escuella


Credit: Despi


  • Name: Jimena Escuella
    • Pronunciation: he-MAY-nah
    • Etymology: heard (Spanish)
  • Date of Birth: 3 July 2020
  • Species: Coyote (Luperci Ortus) 1
  • Gender: Female


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OOC Assumptions

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Plot Opportunities

  • Jimena is looking to learn outfitting, tanning, and how to process animal skins and pelts.
  • Looking for someone to cause trouble with? Jimena's your gal.
  • An adrenaline junky in training, this chispa wants to do dangerous and thrilling things.


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Jimena Escuella is a young woman from Del Cenere Gang, where she is ranked El Elegido. Her specialties include an apprenticeship level understanding of tanning and processing hides. Her early life was marked with grief with the death of a littermate and then the passing of an elder sister.

Some of the Tejadas have not handled the grief so well, and Santiago has taken to drinking to cope. After the raids, Jimena moved out of the stuffy mill and into her own place in Irving. Here she has a clutch of rabbits and is slowly filling the inside with rickety but useful furniture.

She can often be found checking traplines and avoiding her parents, but is usually hanging around with Calhoun. The coyote has taken to fighting, and has spent much of her time training in hand to hand combat as well as using daggers.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


  • Fur: Her fur is dense with a slight wave which is accentuated in her Secui form.
    • Optime Hair: Kept cropped around her shoulders, Jimena either wears it loose or in two plaits, often paired with her signature straw hat.
  • Facial Features: The softest part of her physical appearance: her eyes are large, gently swooping into an almond shape above a tapered muzzle. Her ears are typical of her species, large and sharp.
    • Eyes: Large and almond-shaped.
  • Build and Size: Jimena looks entirely coyote with the subspecies so well blended that it's impossible to say which is most prominent. Everything about Jimena is fine-boned and lean - but not frail. Slender, clean-limbed and angular, there's little sign of the softness portrayed in her facial features.
    • Lupus: 70 lbs — 26 in
    • Secui: 140 lbs — 34 in
    • Optime: 5'8 — 150 lbs
  • Humanization: As an adult Jimena is likely to be highly humanized.

Though she’s a smattering of a few coyote subspecies, the traits are so well blended that the specific type that contributes to her bloodline the most is nigh discernable. In Lupus, she appears wispish with slightly longer than normal fur, dense with a slight wave. Though she is fine-boned and lean, Jimena is anything but frail – there is wiry muscle under that coat that as she fills in will become more prominent. For now, they are but an echo of the future in her currently lanky, teen body.

The most notable feature of Jimena is her eyes, they are a blended coloring of copper & equator and when the sun catches them, alight like liquid metal. Her eyes are large and gently swoop into an almond shape above a tapered muzzle, her face made up of all angles and little of the softness present around her eyes, which are lined with a dark smoke marking under each. With large, sharp ears typical of coyotes, Jimena is at home amongst the Ashen. Her overall coloring is more monochrome then her golden-hued siblings and the way the colors blend evoke the image of a being made from shadow and dust.

Though mostly varying shades of grey, the earthen hues in her coat are concentrated along her limbs and around her face – most notably found on the backs of her ears and along her muzzle. The dark parts of her coat are found along her upper back all the way to the tip of her tail, but fades into a much lighter cream color on the underneath of her muscle, down her chest and is present on her underbelly and the inner parts of her arms and legs.

When in secui she bulks up considerably, looking more like a large, filled out wolf then a coyote. Both of her lower forms are ones she shifts into regularly, though to do chores and things that involve hands Jimena prefers her optime form. Highly humanized once shifted, the young female usually doesn’t leave the mill without her trademark bandana tied just so and her woven straw hat.

As she ages, Jimena will become interested in outfitting and will wear clothing made of tanned buckskin ( primarily crop tops, tunics, and fringe-lined skirts ) and ponchos lined with fur in the winter. In her optime form, she stands taller than her mother at 5’8 and has little in the way of curves, her chest remaining on the smaller side as she matures – though her hips do fill in some. Her hair in this form is the same grey present on her tail, lighter blonde highlights at the front with darker streaks at the back. When wearing her hat, it’s often plaited in two separate braids, otherwise she keeps it no longer then her upper arm and regularly kept down & loose.


  • Speech: Jimena's speech is frequent, bold, and clear.
  • Scent: Coyote, her parents/family, horses, the Del Cenere Gang.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Up to adopter!
  • General Posture and Body Language: Up to adopter!



 Cape Cod (#444846)

 Soya Bean (#5F5750)

 Tapa (#79756E)

 Natural Gray (#989085)

 Spicy Mix (#836445)

 Domino (#9B8165)

 Hillary (#B09D8A)

 Malta (#BCAE9F)

 Swirl (#D1CEC7)


 Copper (#BE742F)

 Equator (#E4AF6D)

Nose and Pawpads

 English Walnut (#3C2C27)

1.2  Gallery

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by Nat By Gen By Pabs. By Nat
By Despi. by Despi By Rat!

2.  Personality



  • Doe-Eyed
  • The Wraith



  • Chaotic Neutral
    • Based on her alignment, Jimena is likely to..
    • Put her needs and wants over being considerate, unless it somehow serves her own ends to do so.
    • Be flaky, avoidant, and rebellious for little reason then to cause trouble.
    • Push buttons and boundaries to test reactions.

Jimena’s early life has been fraught with tragedy, the death of a littermate and then an elder sister leading to the fracturing that has broken their small family apart, however crammed together they may be in the mill. She relies on her siblings for much of her emotional support, but the tendency for the Tejada’s to bite their tongues and keep quiet has made for an unstable environment in this regard. Jimena does not trust her own feelings about life in the mill and is terrified that if she lets her guard down and overshares these points of weakness, she will be cast out and forgotten, seen as a burden.

Her growing discontent at her father, Santiago’s drinking problem and the perceived notion of her mother enabling such a habit has caused a lot of resentment to grow in Jimena’s small heart, and therefore time spent around her parents is exhausting for the youth. She bottles her emotions when confronted with distressing situations, the most frequent being Evalyn butting heads with Rafael and her mothers silent resentment of her father.

This bottling leads to quick flashes of anger when it threatens to bubble over, though Jimena has learned to avoid conflict in order to quiet the discontent that rattles the cage within her chest. As she grows the coyote will be partial to being a risk-taker and an adrenaline junky, doing risky things to get a rush. This will also be the period of time when her acts of rebellion against her parents grows, and it's likely Jimena will do things so knows will deliberately cause discord at home. She may experiment with inebriation when older – but will give alcohol a wide berth.

3.  Relationships

Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.

3.1  Family Relationships

Family Tree: Escuella, Tejada

Adopted: Remy Debois

Key Family Relationships

  • Evelyn Escuella: Jimena's mother. She can be strict, holding her children to high standards, and she shows her love through actions rather than through words
  • Santiago Tejada: Jimena's father. He is much warmer and gentler with the children than their mother is.
  • Esperanza Tejada: Jimena's only surviving littermate and closest confidant.
  • Rafaela Tejada: Another of Jimena's older siblings. She looks up to Rafa and joins her sometimes to learn about the horses.
  • Calhoun de la Cruz: One of Jimena's older siblings, and her only brother by blood. She joins him around the Gang often.
  • Remy Debois: Jimena's adopted brother. Ever since he moved out of the family homestead she doesn't see him very often any more.

4.  History

4.1  Early Life


Her childhood has been quiet thus far, but marked by difficulty and grief. The loss of her littermate Thiago so early is something Jimena has no memories of, but she acutely feels where his loss has left a hole in each of her parents hearts. Luciana was another sibling marked for death, and Jimena does not recall a time where her eldest sister was healthy and well as she was already injured and deteriorating by the time the young coyote became aware enough to know what was happening.

Passing soon after, she’s watched the divide between her parents and their living children grow into a seemingly uncrossable chasm. Jimena herself is too frightened to try and broach the divide, and spends much of her current time tagging along with Rafaela and her littermate, Esperanza. She feels safest with Esper, even if she gets tired and annoyed of her siblings ever-bubbling anxiety Jimena feels the most secure in their relationship. In this aspect, Esperanza’s overbearing personality is secretly welcomed because Jimena doesn’t have to wonder what her position is between them – she always know where she stands.

Home is not somewhere she enjoys being alone besides to sleep, so if her sisters are gone she will seek out Calhoun instead. So far Jimena has kept quiet and lingered in the shadows, but as her first birthday approaches the girl is balanced on the precipice of wanting the safety and love of her family but also feeling the pull towards independence and rebellion.

Notable Events


  • Death of Thiago, littermate.
  • Death of Luciana


  • Dooting around doottown.