The Feriqi Family

    The Feriqi Family    



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  • Species: Dog
    • Borzoi
    • Australian Shepherd
    • Mixed Herding Dog
  • Family Origin: Kyrgyzstan, Texas
  • Surname: Feriqi
  • Archetype (Group): Hard Workers, Intelligent, Skilled in Their Craft, Fair Traders
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Skilled Craftsmen, Warriors, Horsemen, Falconers

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  1.   1.  Family Members
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    2.   1.2  Second Generation
    3.   1.3  Third Generation
  2.   2.  Other Feriqis
  3.   3.  Defining Features
    1.   3.1  Physical Features
  4.   4.  History
    1.   4.1  Influence and Influences
  5.   5.  Culture and Homeland

Azade Feriqi traveled across the world after her pack's extermination in Kyrgyzstan, eventually landing in 'Souls. She joined DCG in spring of 2020, where she quickly rose through the ranks to the highest possible rank she could achieve, The Enkindled. Her best friend, who she'd lost contact with six months previously after being chased out of town, showed up as a trader not long after her arrival. Fernando decided to join DCG, and their friendship quickly became something more. On November 12th, 2020, their first litter was born. Azade holds close her traditions, and it is likely that her children will pass those traditions on to their children. Don't be surprised to see the Feriqi family waltzing around town in traditional Central Asian/Persian inspired clothing.

1.  Family Members

Δ marks an open character that is currently up for adoption.
indicates littermates where it would cause an extraneous generation.
indicates a multi-father litter where offspring are littermate, but not necessarily full siblings

1.1  First Generation

1.2  Second Generation

1.3  Third Generation

2.  Other Feriqis

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3.  Defining Features

Borzoi blood runs strongly in this family, making them tall and slim, built for speed and strength. Herding dog blood is visible in their faces and coloration, since Merle is passed on strongly from Fernando. Their faces have a more defined stop to them than a purebred borzoi.

3.1  Physical Features

The Feriqis are large dogs, usually well over 6 ft tall. Merles and piebalds are common coat patterns.


SAFFRON (#f2c331)
BLUE BAYOUX (#557081)
ROPE (#8a5019)


THUNDER (#302627)
GEYSER (#dae7e4)
OLD LACE (#fdf3e6)
RED OXIDE (#5c0b02)

4.  History

Adaze’s clan was located in the Steppe of Kyrgyzstan. They were nomadic, raising horses and sheep, constantly on the move in order to provide pasture for their livestock. They were also a bloody, warfaring clan, in near constant battle with one of the other clans in the region, not to mention the wolves of the north that were moving in on their territory. Vastly outnumbered and still recovering from their previous wars, Adaze’s clan was swiftly defeated. After having their livelihood, their livestock, ripped from their grip, and many of their members murdered, the clan disbanded. Adaze, her parents and sister dead, left for Istanbul and made her way to 'Souls.

Upon her arrival in 'Souls, she joined the Del Cenere Gang, where she prospered. She quickly got her own residence, Ranchero's Watch?, and reconnected with her future mate, Fernando. She had her second litter of puppies (her first litter was with her first mate in Kyrgyzstan, and they all died at about 1 month old) with Fernando in November of 2020.

4.1  Influence and Influences

  • None yet! The Feriqi family is tiny and new!

5.  Culture and Homeland

  • Originated from Kyrgyzstan?
  • Azade is religious, but Fernando is agnostic. He doesn't practice anything, really. Azade doesn't follow any specific religion, but is highly spiritual and believes every living thing has a soul. Because of this, she prays for the things she has killed. She also believes that her ancestors are watching over her, as everyone's ancestors does. She is not afraid of death because she believes that she will simply be joining her family in the future realm. She is afraid of leaving her family behind, though.
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