Remy Debois

Remy Debois

by Nat

Basic Information

Date of Birth

26 September 2019


Coywolf 1





Remy Debois is a coywolf born to Elise Debois on September 26th, 2019. Unknown to his father, Eros Damaichu, Remy was raised solely by his mother up until she was killed by a wolf in a robbery. Only 6 weeks old at the time of his mother's death, his chances of survival would have been paltry if it wasn't for the arrival of a cloaked woman with savage burns. Taking pity on the child and the poor hand he'd been dealt, the woman took him in and assumed responsibility for him.

Upon being brought back to Del Cenere, Remy will be raised among the coyotes and dogs of the gang and be subjected to their biases and beliefs.



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1 63.72% Coyote, 30.47% Common Gray Wolf (Scottish and North American), 6.25% Italian Wolf, 9.375% Dog (Rough Collie and Irish Setter), 0.78% Red Wolf

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