Basic Info

NicknameCenche [ TSen-che ]
Epithetforeigner, brown woman, dog
Date of Birth27 Dec 2018 ( 2 years )
GenderCis Female


BirthplaceHerceg Novi, Yugoslavia, Europe
Subspecies50.00% Šarplaninac, 50.00% Mongrel




Cent [ TS-ent ], born Ćentum Velezub [ TCH-entum VE-le-zoob] occasionally introduced as Cent Trokoža [ TRO-kozha ], is a member of Del Cenere Gang, ranked as El Elegido and holds the occupation of Quartermaster.

She was born into an affluent tribe in distant Montenegro, forced by war to abandon her home and family. She spent a year in travels across the Mediterranean, until a want for change pushed her westward. She arrived in New Brunswick in winter of 2021, accompanied by her pobratim Dinar, who was with her since the first leg of the journey.

She spent the worst of the season as a guest in Charmingtown, eventually approaching the Rey Salvaje with a request to spearhead a trade alliance between Del Cenere Gang and a nearby pack. She was denied and given the choice to join the pack instead, which she reluctantly accepted.

In May she left for Palisade and stayed there throughout the summer, coming back in time to be captured and saved during the Calloway raid. A month later, Dinar left the Gang and her and Cent fell into a depressive slump and drinking, which she was pulled out of by the preaching of Resurrection de le Poer and a newfound religious fervour.

Del Cenere's Top Poster of May and October 2021

Pack History

Del Cenere Gang

Duration: 31 March 2021 – Present
Residence: Sala de Flores, Del Cenere Gang
Ranks: El Elegido (2 November 2021 - Present)
  • El Probado (1 October 2021 - 2 November 2021)
  • Las Brasas (1 June 2021 - 1 October 2021)
  • The Unkindled (31 March 2021 - 1 June 2021)
Occupations: Quartermaster (16 September 2021 - Present)


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Serve in the Enkindled Rank for Five Months
Serve in the Ashen Ring for Five Months
Play an Ashen for 12 Consecutive Months
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Raise a Child
Recruit a Friend
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Create 5 AW threads in Del Cenere
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Adopt an Ashen
Earn Community Soul
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Participated in Through The Valley
Participated in Born Unto Trouble
Participated in the 2021 Lancaster Stockshow

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Plot Opportunity

  • Cent is a naïve and overly trusting sort of woman - making her the perfect victim of manipulation. Looking to make a respectable Ashen your very own puppet? Cent is your gal! (i swear i love her)
  • Cent is reluctant to consume alcohol in large quantities after having shown herself as a babbling type of drunk and once managing to wake up naked in a ditch, but she doesn't know her own limits. Get her drinking and see what happens!
  • Cent is looking to learn more domestic types of skills, so that she might contribute to the Gang with her own hard work. She's interested in woodworking, carpentry, blacksmithing, fishing, trapping and general crafting of useful items. Help a gal out!
  • Cent has a deep desire for a romantic partner, or at least a close friend she can rely on, but her last and only romantic relationship ruined her perception of her own desirability. Maybe help show Cent that there's something to love about her?
    • Alternatively, take advantage of her inferiority complex for your own nefarious purposes! (isweariloveher)

OOC Assumptions

Del Cenere Gang members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing her "around"; specifically around Charmingtown, visiting Irving or walking along the trails on the eastern side of Moosehead Lake.
  • General greetings or light chatting in the vein of "how do you do/nice weather we're having/have you heard of that big important thing that happened recently?".
  • Knowing that she is an excitable, friendly, extroverted dog woman with a weird accent, eager to please and lend a helping hand wherever she can.
  • Knowing where she lives, if not the exact house (Charmingtown, Market Center).
  • Hearing that she had spent the past summer in Pallisade.
  • Hearing that her non-luperci companion, Dinar, left the Gang in October 2021 in the wake of a very vocal argument between the two.



Cent's species is easily recognizable by the size and broadness of her head and muzzle, the length of her fur and of course, by the v-shaped ears on the side of her head. She is a stocky, compact, overweight canine, but surprisingly durable and strong. Her fur is double-coated, naturally long even in summer, when she keeps it shorn.

Cent is primarily a solid brown colour. The fur of her limbs subtly shifts to a darker hue. She has dark brown masking on her muzzle, and ears of the same colour. Her underside, beginning beneath the jaw and continuing to the inner side of the thighs, is creamy pale. Her skin in a mix two browns, one loamy dark and the other much lighter, as is visible on her pawpads and nose.

In Optime, Cent has a head of thick and wavy dark hair which reaches her upper back, cropped into curly bangs. She has broad hips, fat thighs, thick arms and a belly that protrudes and hangs past the waistline. Her breasts are small, yet sagging. Her hands are square, but capable of great dexterity.

  • Speech: Loud and forward, prone to long sentences and breathless talking. Has adopted the "Souther" vernacular of the coyotes she's surrounded by, dragging out her vowels and dropping her Gs. While she attempts to hide it, her natural Slavic accent occasionally resurfaces when she has little control over herself, such as when sleepy, drunk or emotional.
  • Scent: Del Cenere Gang, Moosehead Lake.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Makes vague gestures when talking, getting more intense when feeling argumentative or explaining something. Smiles and grins on instinct.
  • General Posture and Body Language: When at ease, often shifts her posture a lot. Remains open and welcoming at all times.


Color Palette




BLACK MARLIN (#765437)
LEATHER (#927457)


BRONZE (#351C07)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads



88/90 lbs - 40/45 kg
26 in - 66 cm [at shoulders]
A sturdy built dog, with a large yet proportional head and long fur. Her waist is naturally tucked, but obesity evens it out with the abdomen.


132/143 lbs - 60/65 kg
29 in - 99 cm [at shoulders]
Bulky, with strong limbs. Has a long and slightly wavy mane that gets darker at the tips. Not as athletic as this form usually is, there is still extra fat that hides the waist.


187/194 lbs - 85/88 kg
5 ft 9 in / 70.5 in - 179 cm [at top of head]
Refer to "Basics" section under "Appearance".


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by Bees by Bees by Beesby Beesby Bees



by somebody, probably

Cent has the all makings of a true peasant - albeit she was once deluded into thinking she could strive to be anything more.

She is immensely sociable, and a full-blown extrovert. In her mind, everyone's worth talking to at least once. It is easy to impress her - she values hard work and admires natural talent. It is also as easy to manipulate her, as she is an overly trusting, optimistic sort, thinking that if she is honest, others will be honest too - especially if she is talking to someone she's positively biased towards. Raised in the lap of luxury, she strives for comfort and material wealth, but while riches easily blind her, she is neither lazy nor stingy and is always ready to help. She has some knowledge of social trickery, mercantile and other speaking arts, but it has gotten to her head and made her think she is more insightful than she truly is.

Speaking of her insightfulness, Cent embodies the Serbian proverb of "трчати пред руду", or "getting ahead of oneself". Once a first impression is made on her, she will assume either the best or the worst about the individual, to the point of being blind to their faults or good traits. She has more than enough sense to feel ashamed when her misjudgment is revealed, but it will only fuel her to attempt to assume more about the next person she meets.

She is fearful and nowhere near a capable combatant. She tries desperately to be reliable, but crumbles easily under pressure.

Her greatest, most crippling flaw is her dirt-low sense of self worth, which influences her on the daily. She firmly believes that she is unattractive, even outright repulsive, especially to the same gender. To the dog, friendships feel like transactions of favours rather than sincere connections, and she will never be the first to consider herself anyone's "friend".

Due to her sense of inferiority, she is overly formal and covets rank, titles and social standing. She needs a lot to make herself feel like anyone's equal.


  • Sociable: Incredibly friendly and talkative, sees everyone as worthy of conversing with -> Easily falls in with bad company. [Gullible]
  • Respectful: Knows how to show proper submission, admiration and acknowledgement -> Sticks to using titles and honorifics even with friends. [Overly formal]
  • Loyal: It is easy to win her over, but once once she picks a side she sticks to it -> Blind to the flaws of those she considers allies or the systems she is allegiant to. [Zealot]
  • Hardworking: Always trying to prove her worth has made working and challenging herself a habit -> Doesn't know her own limits, sometimes outright ignores them. [Prone to overwork]


  • Inferiority complex: In her mind, she is ugly, unlikeable, stupid, unskilled and generally unworthy of anything besides neutrality -> Never assumes herself superior to others. [Humble]
  • Overly sensitive: Strong emotions control her and she often fails to hide them. Prone to tears and breakdowns -> Open with other people and finds it easy to relate to them. [Empathetic]
  • Coward: Fear of pain, ridicule, rejection or similar easily grips her -> Avoids that which would put her in such situations. [Cautious]
  • Prejudiced: Prone to making assumptions about others or falling back on stereotypes, positive or negative -> No positive extreme



  • Emotional Disposition: Negative affect
  • Sociability: Extroverted
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    • Respects the authority figures in her family and obeys their mandates.
    • Values lifelong commitment to a romantic partner.
    • Respects the laws and authority figures of the community and nation.
    • Supports the legal procedures of the nation, without regard to their own discomfort.
    • Seeks secure employment, believing hard work will pay off in the end.
    • Will not betray a family member.
    • Has few close friends and would never betray those she has.
    • Believes people deserve the treatment they are willing to endure.
  • Tropes:

Positive Biases

  • Dogs: Naturally the most gentle and trustworthy of canids.
  • Coyotes: Once biased against them, now she sees them as hardy and free-spirited folk.
  • Femininity: The superior way to behave and present oneself.
  • Manners: Some semblance of decorum must be upheld!
  • Christians: Those who understand what a heathen land this is.

Negative Biases

  • Wolves: Feral, brutish and prone to violence.
  • Masculinity: Uninteresting, sometimes gross.
  • Promiscuity: Thessalonians 4:3
  • Heathens: Specifically those who outright reject the truths and teaching of God and Jesus.
  • Slavers: Evil. Just pure evil.

Sexuality & Romance

  • Cent is Homoromantic and strictly Monogamous, out of principle. Her only romance was emotionally abusive, and currently Cent thinks of herself as incapable of being a good romantic partner. If she were to pursue a relationship at this time, Cent would be timid, easily stressed and scared of being abandoned - which might turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy if she is incapable of letting her guard down around her partner.
    • She dares not dream of ever finding someone for herself, but her dream partner would be: A woman, beautiful and very feminine, with luscious long hair she would wear in an updo and only let down in private. Wouldn't need be Christian, but merely open to the teachings of Christ. Would be willing to marry in Christian tradition and start a family.
  • Cent is Homosexual. She first experienced sex with a very demanding female lover, which has left her feeling inadequate about her ability to pleasure another. In reality, Cent is a gentle and adequately skilled intercourse partner, as long as the other party has a vagina. She has never been aroused by penises and associates them with men, whom she is wholly uninterested in.
    • Her turn-ons are: High femininity, coyote and jackal features (tall ears, short fur, narrow faces etc), elegance, long hair, those shorter and slimmer than she, pale fur or hair, the Optime form.
    • Her turn-offs are: Masculinity, inadequate hygiene or manners, great height, dark fur or hair, obesity, Lupus and Secui forms, excessive muscle.


  • Cent is a follower of Krshtanstvo (Serbian: Krštanstvo/Крштанство) which is a Christian tradition born of Orthodox Christianity. It centers dogs as inheritors of all creation after humans were eradicated by God for becoming unrepentably sinful. The gifts of shifting were meant for them, as reward for enduring generations of slavery and abuse under humankind, but the gift was "stolen" by wolves, - and once the Church became aware of other canines - jackals and coyotes.
  • Cent fully believes in the one God above, in Heaven for the pious and Hell for the sinners, and anything else her faith has taught her - including the belief that non-dogs are sinful by nature, and the myth that they stole the gift of shifting from her kind. It took a long while for her to start seeing other canids as people, even longer to start considering them capable of being good people, but she is currently at a stage that would have her considered dangerously open-minded back home. She keeps the more supremacist teachings of her faith a secret from most, and still often prays for the "impure" souls of her coyote and hybrid friends.
  • The Church of Krshtanstvo venerates canid saints, some of them originating in the pre-virus era, but the majority being dogs from the luperci race's short history who were recognized as having an exceptional degree of holiness. The Church adopted the Orthodox tradition of Slava, an annual feast day and celebration of a household's patron saint. Cent's matrilineal saint is St. Vladimir (Serbian: Sveti Vladimir/Свети Валдимир), an early luperci scholar who reclaimed and restored the Saint George Monastery for usage by dogs. He is the patron of scholars, education, farmers and fishermen. Meanwhile, Cent's patrilineal saint, and the one her household celebrated, was St. Yefimiya (Serbian: Sveta Jefimija/Света Јефимија), a controversial holy figure from the Orjen mountains, a former bandit who had a vision of God and became a nun. She is the patron of both warriors and pacifists.
  • Cent herself venerates St. Vladimir, and his slava she celebrates on February 7th, or as close as she can guess without a calendar. She makes sure to prepare a feast - even if a rather modest one - for that day and invite others to celebrate with her.


  • Cent once looked forward to drinking with family and friends, but the crime her father committed while drunk made her swear off ever tasting alcohol. This decision lasted until she was nearly three years old, when inner turmoil led her to a saloon. Nowadays, Cent has a bad relationship with alcohol, and while she will drink in company, she doesn't know her limits and once started she doesn't stop drinking until she can barely hold the glass. She sees the next-morning's painful hangover as karmic, an apt punishment for falling victim to the bottle.'''
  • Drugs were prohibited where she was raised, and this prohibition was supported by misinformation. For the longest while Cent thought cannabis rotted your innards, until she was introduced to various types of substances in her travels - always politely declining trying any, out of genuine mistrust. Finally, with packmates in Del Cenere Gang, she tried marijuana in an effort to fit in, but had a severely bad trip which confirmed her suspicions. She now strongly dislike drugs.
  • Smoking is the only substance she is wholly neutral towards.



  • Singing: A surprising skill borne of her natural talent, Cent has immense control over her voice.
  • Cooking:
  • Cleaning:
  • Mercantile:
  • Literacy:


  • Skill: Alternatively, maybe your character gets spectacularly seasick.

Familial Relationships


  • Mother: Vinka Velezub (née Bogumila)
  • Father: Novo Velezub
  • Siblings:
    • Older: Savan Velezub, Vasko Velezub, Koviljka Šapić (née Velezub), Anđelina Sahat (née Velezub)
    • Littermates: Milia Velezub, Dećem Velezub
    • Younger: Dušanka Velezub, Đukan Velezub, Nenoje Velezub, Ristan Velezub
  • Extended:
    • Numerous uncles, aunts and cousins.

Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.
* indicates character does not know this person by name.


  • Parents:
    • Cent admired her mother's work ethic and piety, although the daughter sometimes found the mother to be a demanding and distant parent. Vinka was a deeply religious woman who couldn't quite hide her sadness over her lot in life. In her youth, she wished to become a nun, but instead her family married her off to a promising young duelist from the mouth of the Bay. This story she told all her female children, as to make them understand that their duties as women preceded their wants as people, a lesson Cent fully internalised. After Vinka's death the woman was eleveated to an almost saintly status in Cent's mind
    • Her father Novo was a gentle, jovial man who showered his children in gifts, quite unlike his wife. As a pup Cent idolized him, but as she grew she began to realise that all the gifts, kisses and cuddles were his way of making up for the fact that he didn't fully understand his children as individuals or their unique needs. Whta might have been a simple emotional distancing of father and daighter turend to full, one-sided hatred when Novo's drunken brawl led to war and, instead of owning up to his failure and accepting execution to prevent a blod feud, escaped into the mountains, his wife being executed in his stead.
  • Siblings:
    • Same deal but with siblings!

Other Relations



Minor Relations

  • Sex:
  • Friendly: Salsola
  • Significant Positive Acquaintances:
  • Enemies:
  • Murders:
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances:

Past Relations:


Pre-'Souls History

Cent was born in the Bay of Kotor, on the coast of Montenegro, into the tribe of Veliki Orjenovići, as the middle child of the middle litter of her influential parents. She was raised in peace and luxury and displayed a well-nurtured eye for quality.

When she was under a year old, Cent's father slew the heirs of an allied tribe in a drunken brawl. The tribe demanded that the killer be executed, but instead Cent's father ran away into the mountains, staining his and his tribe's honour. To appease their neighbours the Orjenovići executed his wife instead, but it wasn't enough. War was declared and the violence quickly escalated.

Cent and her siblings were targets of a blood feud. To protect them, the family stowed away the youngest of them on a ship leaving the Bay. First the siblings went to Dubrovnik, which was still too close to the conflict, as the murder of their youngest sibling showed them. They took a ship to Albania, but two days after arrival they saw that their dowries - five chests of valuable fabrics and jewelry - had been stolen and that sister Cent had disappeared overnight.

Cent took the chests of goods, sneaking away in the night onboard a ship bound for Greece, along with Dinar Nekoža. She had grown tired or running away and saw opportunity for herself as a merchant, deciding to make a name for herself and eventually return home with thrice what she stole.

Cent and Dinar spent a year travelling along the Mediterranean, trading for high quality goods. They went from the coast of Greece to the Gulf of Taranto, then Sicily, stayed briefly in Tripoli and settled in Algiers, where Cent found a paramour in the beautiful daughter of a saluki merchant. The romance was not fated to last and upon the eventual breakup the pair of Montenegrin dogs got onboard a ship which took them to Lisbon.

In Lisbon dark thoughts took hold of Cent and she fell into a depressive slump and poverty, refusing to part with the items which reminded her of home. It was thanks to Dinar that she got out her head and scrounged up enough to get them onboard a ship headed for the Caribbean.

The dogs went from Barbados, to Tortuga, but the heat was unbearable for the two thick-coated dogs and they went north, to Atlantic City. From there they got a ship which took them to Portland, from where they walked to the promising lands of New Brunswick.


Cent and Dinar were led to believe that Freetown was still populated, but upon arriving there, in late February found only abandoned ruins. A few loners told them of a pack up north, and the travelers separated from the seashore to look for Del Cenere Gang and their open-to-outsiders trading post, which they did find. They did not join the Gang, but remained, unaffiliated, in Charmingtown for a month, taking advantage of the Ashen's hospitality.

It was April when Cent approached the Rey Salvaje, with the offer to spearhead trade on the behest of the pack - a ruse, as she truly planned to scam them. The man saw trough it and refused, but he did offer them to join the Gang. Dinar was the one who accepted for both of them, Cent, seeing no other option, agreeing with his choice.

Cent and Dinar remained in the Gang for scarcely a month, when something struck the young woman and she and her companion left for Palisade. They stayed there over the summer, and those three months changed Cent. No longer the same spoiled, self-assured and boastful girl, she came back a more respectful and subdued woman, although her inferiority complex did flare up, as her humility was borne of judgement and ridicule she experienced in the settlement.

The two dogs came back in time for Cent to be captured during the Calloway raid, but saved by a fellow packmate. Quickly after it the woman gave herself to re-establishing connections with fellow Ashen. She rose in rank and found personal dwellings for herself within Charmingtown.

Dinar left her in early October. He needed to find a way to restore his honour, and he believed Cent had blossomed into a fine woman - which the self-critical Cent fiercely disagreed with, to the point of screaming at her pobratim for such misinterpretation of her. After he left her depression returned, and she broke a tenet made with herself and began to drink and despair.

Out of her despair she was pulled by religion, and the kind words of Father de le Poer. Cent's zealotry returned and she became a regular attendant of the local church.

Thread Log




  1. Brand New World
    With Soledad. Cent and Dinar arrive in Freetown and come across an aged wolf.
  2. and as far as we go
    With Alejandra Sanctus and Solomon. While heading north, Cent and Dinar come across a pair of travelers.
  3. Bones at the Border
    With Fredrick Knight. Cent and Dinar arrive at the borders of Del Cenere Gang and are greeted by a friendly mute boy.
  4. Dog Days Have Come
    With Asher Johansen. Same day as thread above. Cent and Dinar come to the The Ugly Coyote and meet a charming white coyote Cent strikes a deal with.
  5. Silver Tongues
    With Peony Braithwaite. Same day as thread above. The Debutante approaches the pair and talks trade with Cent.
  6. Hello Neighbor!
    With Sean Butler. Cent introduces herself to her downstairs neighbour at the Trailside Inn.
  7. Hellooo Neighbor!
    With Anya Southpaw. Cent introduces herself to her downstairs neighbour at the Trailside Inn.
  8. A Carrot with Four Sides is Called a Square Root
    With Ibycus. During their walk, Cent and Dinar come across an old man tending his garden.
  9. In The Court of The Savage King
    With Nazario del Bosque. Cent and Dinar join Del Cenere Gang.


  1. Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy
    With Auger de la Croix. Cent has an accident witth horse manure.
  2. I Will Catch You Because I Can
    Cent searches for Dinar in rainy weather.
  3. Your Beauty Is Beyond Compare
    With Peony Braithwaite. Cent is taught bookkeeping skills by the resident Quartermaster.
  4. If we met at midnight in the hanging tree.
    With Morrigan Archeron and Hosea Courtright. Cent joins in on picking plants for the garden project.
  5. Let's make a deal, the three of us
    With Asher Johansen and Morris. Cent and the pair make plans for trading.


  1. I Can Feel It On My Tongue
    Cent goes on a hunting trip.



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  1. The Shankill Butchers Ride Tonight
    With Hosea Courtright and Nazjure Aripaya. Cent and Dinar return to the Gang in the for the Calloway Raid.
  2. Stamping your heels along with the drum
    With Belinda Braithwaite. Cent (with Dinar) visits Miss Belinda to give her gifts she brought from Palisade.
  3. Like there's some villain left to defeat
    With Wichita Long. Cent recruits her neighbour to help her prepare a meal for the wounded Ashen.
  4. 'Cause you've been too busy thinking ahead
    With Trelawney Courtright. Cent and her neighbour check and organise the Gang's stores in the wake of the raids.
  5. Underneath the grass would grow, aiming at the sky
    With Morrigan Archeron, Honeychile Perrin du Lac and Beignet Perrin du Lac. Cent and Dinar come help the El Corazon harvest tobacco.


  1. To maybe consider our bodies are worth
    With Morris, Asher Johansen, Fredrick Knight and ''Deonach Carceri. The men help Cent fix her new house.
  2. Ready, Aim...miss?
    With Trelawney Courtright. Mr. Courtright teaches Cent archery.
  3. To the ground again
    With Bennett Braithwaite and Belinda Braithwaite. The Braithwaites help Cent clean her house.
  4. live like legnds
    With Brocade Valentine. While looking for a carpenter out past the mountains, Cent and Dinar meet a wolfdog man.
  5. [RO] There's an endless road to re-discover
    Dinar Nekoža reveals his intent to leave Del Cenere Gang - and by extension, Cent.
  6. [M] Thank you Jack Daniels, Old Number Seven
    With Morris and Asher Johansen. A mixture of negative feelings in the wake of her blood-brother's departure lead Cent to her first sip of alcohol.
  7. Recuérdame
    With Pontifex Troy Lykoi. A forlorn Cent come across Miss Lykoi tending to the graveyard.
  8. We turn that old wheel
    With Fredrick Knight. Cent is found, naked, disheveled and hungover, in a ditch by the road leading into Charmingtown.
  9. crisp autumn air fills my lungs
    With Wichita Long and Mahigul Feriqi. Cent goes apple picking and comes across Miss long. Young Miss Feriqi joins too.
  10. Well, even the great celestial hieroglyphs
    With Azade Feriqi, Fernando, Kylychbek Feriqi and Mahigul Feriqi. Cent pays an impromptu visit to the Feriqi household.
  11. And if the heavens can be both sacred and dust
    With Resurrection de le Poer and Asher Johansen. Cent and Resurrection introduce the benefits of prayer to Mr. Johansen.
  12. 'Cause I've seen the line of ocean and shore
    With Peony Braithwaite and Tansy Courtright. Creepy sounds in the stables scare Cent's mule.
  13. Meet Me half Way
    With Laird Beautrix. Cent meets a dog gentleman.
  14. For some camouflage britches and a southern-boy-drawl
    With Johnathan Winthrop. Cent comissions some furniture.
  15. To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.
    With Del Cenere Gang. Prayer bundling event.


  1. [RO] Sometimes I find myself standing on those stairs, with eyes so blank and unsure
    With Aelin Fireheart and Aberama Gold. Cent departs for her Portland trip in company of two Cavaliers.
  2. I thought that I didn't care, I thought I was love-impaired
    With [[Belinda Braithwate]. Cent comes back and immeditely goes to visit the new mother.
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