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  • cNPC: Dynia (adopted daughter)
  • Loom (Fjord horse/pony cross) More info

By Alaine

Plots and Assumptions

  • Del Cenere Gang members may know that he, Auger, and Dynia were pack members, but that they left before the snowstorm in 2022.



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Notch was born to a large coyote clan whose ailing leadership quickly lost control. With all the fighting happening, Notch left as soon as he could and struck out learning to trade. He eventually met Auger de la Croix when Auger prevented him from getting robbed and the pair teamed up, sometimes joining other traveling groups for safety. They were founders of Del Cenere Gang and have lived there since. In 2021, he and Auger found an ailing coyote and her puppy on the pack's border. The mother soon died, and Auger and Notch chose to adopt the puppy, named Dynia.

Despite his fancy appearance with his hair done just so, Notch is no stranger to hard work. He pitches in whenever is needed, regardless of how dirty he may end up as a result. He is generally chatty and friendly, with a mischievous streak.

Notch and his family left Del Cenere Gang in 2022 and moved to Portland.

By Despi

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


Cape Cod (#404141)

Yellow Metal (#806741)

Nevada (#6e6f71)

Domino (#8b7a5f)

Olive Haze (#8c8271)

Bison Hide (#c7bcac)

Swirl (#cdc7bf)


Bull Shot (#7e451e)

Nose & Paw Pads

Black (#000000)

Lines by Gabrielle DeLyon on DA. Coloring by Rat.


  • Species: Notch is mostly coyote and this is apparent in his color and shape.
  • Fur: Notch's fur is thick and warm, and a mix of greys and tans.
    • Optime Hair: Notch likes to style his hair in a pompadour as best he can, sometimes using pine sap.
  • Facial Features: For the most part, Notch looks almost like a pure coyote with a pointy snout and large ears. Upon further inspection, his dog heritage becomes apparent; his muzzle is not quite as narrow as a pure coyote's would be, but still pointier than many dog breeds. He has brown eyes.
  • Build and Size: Notch is small and slender, though not to the point of being skinny. He has lean, compact muscle from hard work.
    • Lupus: 25lbs (11kg) & 24in (61cm)
    • Secui: 116lbs (52.6kg) & 37in (94cm)
    • Optime: 140lbs (63.5kg) & 5'6" (66in/167.7kg)
  • Humanization: While good condition clothes are difficult to come by, Notch wears whatever he can. He likes to feel fancy.

2.  Personality

Notch is outgoing and tactile with a flair for the dramatic. He likes pretty things that many would consider impractical. Despite his somewhat delicate appearance, Notch is willing to jump in and do any work that needs to get done.

The initial impression that someone might get from him is that he is happy and gregarious. On the inside, he is more tempered, often playing up the friendliness to help grease the wheels in trade and relationships with other pack members. While he is not necessarily false or fake, he is often a 'kill them with kindness' sort. Just because he is nice to someone doesn't mean he likes them; Notch simply thinks that being rude doesn't really help anyone.

Notch does have a temper, although it takes a while to trigger it. He is completely okay with Auger fighting his fights for him, partly because Auger is good at it.

2.1  Ideals


Hardworking, protective

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted, dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Alignment?


  • Something: something something
  • Something: something something


  • Getting into a fight that Auger can't win: trouble seems to follow Notch. His relatively small stature can make him appear vulnerable. Sometimes he just doesn't know when to shut his mouth. Either way, Auger has gotten him out of a fair number of situations, and Notch worries that someday he might not be able to.
  • Something: something something


Notch has no opinion on religion as long as followers don't use it as an excuse to bring harm to others.


  • Packs: He favors DCG over the other packs.
  • Species: none.
  • Non-Luperci: none.
  • Gender: none.
  • Color: none.
  • Sexuality: none.
  • Age: Notch adores puppies and the elderly, and thinks they should be coddled.


Notch is a solid 6 on the Kinsey scale, and he especially likes traditionally masculine lovers who are larger than he is. Flex and he'll swoon.


  • Likes: frivolity, fanciness, clothes, jewelry, horses, Auger de la Croix
  • Dislikes: drab colors


Notch will try anything once, although he has not really enjoyed any of the highs he has gotten from drugs. He enjoys drinking alcohol, sometimes to excess.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family:

  • Mother:
  • Father:
  • Siblings:
  • Cousins:
  • Extended:

3.2  Relations

Positive Relations

  • Auger de la Croix: Auger is has been Notch's companion for several years and they have done a lot of traveling together. They barely have to talk to communicate as they are very in tune with each other's body language. (This doesn't stop Notch from talking).

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations

Minor Relations

  • Sex:
  • Friendly:
  • Enemies: None.
  • Murders: None.

Combat Log

  • Win: None.
  • Draw: None.
  • Loss: None.

4.  Skills

4.1  Abilities

Horse Husbandry

  • Education and Learning: how'd your character learn this?
  • Grooming (Master): describe skill
  • Riding (Master): describe skill
  • and over here go some weaknesses~


  • Education and Learning: At first, Notch was self-taught. His stitches were very uneven and for the most part everything looked pretty bad. It was a good thing that he was just trying to mend existing clothes rather than make anything from new cloth. Eventually, he was given some instruction by a couple of pack mates who helped him when he was especially frustrated before beginning to learn from Anya Southpaw as her apprentice. This training proved to be immensely helpful and he was eventually able to begin making simple clothing articles. He still can't make anything too fancy, but he likes what he makes so far.
  • Patchwork (Journeyman): The patches Notch creates look good with even stitches and they usually hold up well.
  • Alterations (Apprentice): Notch can take existing clothes and make them smaller. He can sometimes make them.
  • Clothes from patterns (Apprentice): If Notch has a pattern to go off of, he can create the article of clothing pretty well.
  • Notch is not great at altering clothes to make them larger because he struggles to make the previous seams look good.
  • He can't yet create new patterns on his own, and sometimes what he makes turns out a little misshapen.

5.  Inventory

Household Goods

Set of 3 ceramic plates and cups
Assortment of blankets and furs
  • Some made by Auger, some traded for
  • Used as bedding and seating


1 fur capelet
1 necklace with a wooden pendant
1 leather archery bracer
A variety of shirts and pants
  • Clothes made by Notch vary in quality
  • Exact items change as he trades them away in Charmingtown

Misc Goods

4 leather pouches
Small amount of cannabis
Small bolt of red cloth
Bolts of cloth
  • Mostly plain colors such as shades of brown. Traded for from loners in Charmingtown.
  • Mostly plain colors such as shades of brown. Traded for from loners in Charmingtown.
A variety of beads
  • Different sizes, shapes, and colors of beads that Notch or Auger has traded for.

6.  NPCs


By Despi


  • Sex: Stallion
  • DOB: ~2013
  • Slills: Loom is trained for pulling a cart and for riding.
  • Appearance: Loom is a Fjord horse/pony cross, and looks like a slightly smaller version of a Fjord horse. Notch often clips his mane so that the black stripe in the middle shows in various luperci-quality fancy patterns. Loom's tail often has a braid in it as well.
  • Personality: Loom is pretty and he knows it, however he's calm and difficult to spook. He'll generally just follow along even if Notch isn't holding his lead rope. He enjoys the attention from Notch's grooming and often falls asleep during it. Loom is also friendly with other canines, though a little cautious with strangers.


DCG OOC Assumptions

  • That he belongs to Notch
  • That his mane is clipped in a fun way and that his tail has braids

7.  History

7.1  Overview


The family that Notch was born into were nomads who sometimes joined up with trade caravans and other times it was just his immediate family traveling. Sometimes they would stay in certain places for a few months before moving on, and other times they would decamp every day. Notch liked seeing all sorts of new places and meeting new canines. Well, the nice ones anyway. Once he could shift, he did whatever he could to trade for fancy things. They weren't practical, but he liked having jewelry and clothes. The clothes were sometimes difficult to come by, and he did his best to take care of what he did have.

At one point, some of his siblings decided they wanted to stay in a pack that they visited while they were out west somewhere. The group was much smaller and harder to defend this way, so they had to whittle down their supplies a bit. They joined up with another coyote family who traveled for trade. One of them had a horse that made Notch stop in his tracks. The pony's fur was cream colored, but his mane. His mane was two tone, a black stripe down the middle, and cut in a fancy way that showed it off. The pony was with a female coyote who seemed kind of sad, and Notch got to know her a bit. Apparently her great(-great-great-great)-aunt had died recently.

Eventually, the coyote suggested that Notch trade for the horse, Loom, since they seemed to have gotten attached to each other during the travels. Loom was a reminder of her great-aunt, and although she loved him, she had decided that it was time to let him go. They agreed on a trade and Loom became Notch's horse.

Notch soon split off from the rest of his family, wanting to check out an area that some of the others in the group were going to. They planned to meet up again later. A few days later, Notch got separated from the rest of the group during some bad weather. He eventually came across a small trading post where he could rest, but unfortunately, he had a fair amount of goods packed onto Loom's back. He didn't want to just dump the stuff, but he also knew that it made him a good target if someone was looking to steal from him.

Sure enough, a few canines did. He did his best to fight them off, but he was much smaller than them, and his scratching and biting at them got him nowhere. Then, he was saved by a very attractive (and very angry) dog mix. Like any self-respecting damsel in distress would, Notch promptly fainted. When he came to, he was disoriented and in pain, and the first thing he saw was someone stuffing his items into bags. It took a moment for his brain to catch up and in those couple of seconds, and he initially thought that his savior was trying to steal from him now. Wouldn't that be just his luck?

As it turned out, the male had decided that he was going to help Notch, who clearly couldn't take care of himself. It was high-handed, but Notch found that he didn't want to say no. He definitely didn't want to get attacked again. Notch joined up with the group that the male, Auger, was traveling with. They eventually met with Notch's family again, and then Notch continued traveling with Auger.


Loner (Drygrass Posse)

DurationApril 2019 - June 2019
RankThe Dandy

As nice as traveling was, Notch and Auger decided that they wanted to settle down, at least for a while. Having heard of some packs to the northwest of where they were, they decided to go there and see what they could find out. Things ended up not going so well, and they were bogged down in a swamp that they had no business trying to traverse. Another canine came along and helped them out, so they decided that they could stick with him and his group, which then called themselves the Drygrass Posse. It was an interesting couple of months, but Notch found himself growing attached to the group. Thankfully, Auger agreed.

7.2  Threads


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  1. (NPC) At Least it's not Lightning Sand (Early Apr)
    While passing through Canaan Bog, Auger de la Croix gets stuck in the mud. Santiago Tejada helps Notch get him out.
  2. (NPC) Rye Whiskey (Mid Apr)
    Notch and Auger( de la Croix bond with other Drygrass Posse members around a campfire.
  3. (NPC) Her Room is Painted Heron Blue (Late Apr)
    Working with Nazario del Bosque of The Cartel and Jackdaw Huxley of the Drygrass Posse, Notch and Auger dig a hole for a bonfire for an inter-Band event. (Through the Valley event)


  1. [M] (NPC) And Storms Will Surely Come (May 5)
    Auger and Ceridwen Armistice are attacked while trying to make camp during a heavy storm. Notch and Rafael Armistice return and jump in to help. (Through the Valley event)
  2. [M] (NPC) Strange Hands Halted me, the Looming Shadows Danced (Mid May)
    The body of Calhoun Escuella shows up at the campsite tied to his horse. It's determined to be a warning from their wolf attackers. (Through the Valley event)


  1. (NPC) Sooner or Later God Will cut you Down (Early June)
    Drygrass Posse and Cartel members are rallied by Nazario del Bosque and Santiago Tejada to put an end to the conflict with the wolves. (Through the Valley event)
  2. [M] (NPC) I'll dig my Heels Into the Ground (Early June)
    Nazario del Bosque returns to the campsite with a wolf's body. The decision is made to turn it into an effigy, which makes Notch and Auger uneasy, but they don't object. (Through the Valley event)
  3. (NPC) Shake the Excess (June 14)
    Notch, Auger and Dahlia de le Poer clear brush from a trail.
  4. (NPC) I Wanna be a Warhol (June 20)
    While out traveling, Notch and Auger come across Helena Troy Lykoi going by her pseudonym, Diana. They trade with her to acquire some animals for the pack.
  5. (NPC) The fire of a Thousand Suns (June 24)
    Notch is busted after braiding the mane of Evelyn Escuella's horse. Auger avoids the ensuing argument while taking care of his horse.


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  1. I'm Going to Where the Sun Burns (Mid Jul)
    Notch attends a feast with the rest of the pack.


  1. Hoof Hearted (Mid Jul)
    Notch takes time to groom and braid Peony's horse's hair while she grooms Loom.


  1. Now it's Party Time (Late Aug)
    Notch and Auger attend a party at Azade Feriqi's dwelling amidst the tension in the pack due to the Born Unto Trouble happenings.


  1. You Could be a Work of Art (Early Sept)
    Auger and Notch visit Azade Feriqi and Fernando. Notch grooms Fernando's hair while Azade shows him a saddle she's been working on.
  2. Snake Oil Tanker (Early Sept)
    Notch gets a cut on his foot and he learns how to treat it when he goes to Sugabear Perrin du Lac for help.
  3. [M] Didn't Have a Life but Surely Saved one (Sep 30)
    Notch and Sugabear treat some of the injured pack members, uncluding Peony Braithwaite who seems to be having trouble with her pregnancy. Born Unto Trouble event


  1. Movin' on out (Mid Oct)
    Notch comes across Waynescott Wyatt and helps him pack up his belongings to move to John's.


  1. Make it Like New (Early Dec)
    Notch learns some sewing techniques from Anya Southpaw, who agrees to take him on as an apprentice.
  2. And Relent (Late Dec)
    While looking for dangers in a pasture, Notch and Peony Braithwaite discuss their feelings when she miscarried her litter.
  3. Pomegranate Seeds and a flower crown, devil he dragged me down. (Early Jan)
    Notch helps Morrigan Archeron make her hair look nice, pulling debris out of it and offering to braid it.
  4. Feather for a Bolt (Late Dec)
    After Notch shows interest in Fredrick Knight's crossbow, he shows Notch how to shoot it.


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  1. [M] Yule Celebration (Jan 1)
    While traveling, Notch and Auger stop at Bête Noire's Rest Stop.
  2. Watching the Night Sky (Early Jan)
    Notch and Auger de la Croix are taking a trip outside pack lands. Émeraude Brecours attempts to rob them at night.
  3. Hold on to the Ones Who Really Care (Early Jan)
    While traveling with Auger, Notch slips and falls over a small drop-off, injuring his ankle and giving him a mild concussion. They cut their trip short and start a long journey home.
  4. Just Breathe (Early Jan)
    Notch and Auger finally reach home. Notch is feeling a little better, but is still injured.
  5. In Years to Come (Early Jan)
    Due to the way their disastrous trip went Notch and Auger never got to exchange anniversary gifts, so they choose to do so now that they're home.
  6. Under Par (Mid Jan)
    Although he's supposed to be resting his injured ankle, Notch takes a sewing project to Azade Feriqi for her help.


  1. Seashells by the Lake Shore (Early April)
    Notch and Morris talk while Notch looks for shells on the beach of Moosehead Lake.
  2. Worn so Thin (Mid April)
    Notch and Auger find a dying coyote and her daughter on the border. Kylychbek Feriqi appears and the adult Del Cenerans bring them all into Charmingtown.
  3. Steamer Trunk (Mid April)
    The female coyote died soon after arriving in Charmingtown, so Notch and Auger decide to adopt her daughter, Dynia.


  1. Set the roof on fire, baby I’m coming in hot (June 1)
    Notch, Auger, and Dynia attend a party and see Peony Braithwaite promoted to La Oreja.
  2. My Little needle (Mid June)
    With Dynia playing nearby, Notch gets some sewing practice in.
  3. You're a taker, devils-maker, let me hear you sing, hey-ya hey-ya. (Mid June)
    Notch, Auger, and Dynia attend a party and see Morrigan Archeron promoted to El Corazón.


  1. Another Innocent Girl (Mid June)
    Notch watches as Dynia attempts to hunt moths.
  2. My Soul (Mid July)
    Notch and Pontifex Troy Lykoi spend some time at the beach while Notch takes his turn for a break from parenting.


  1. Staring out at the setting sun (Late Aug)
    Notch, Auger, and Dynia attend the opening feast for the Lancaster Stockshow
  2. Cockleburs and cantankerous cowlicks (Late Aug)
    Caspian Knight attempts to hide behind Notch during the Lancaster Stockshow. Notch helps him 'decorate' his unkempt hair.
  3. A far gust away from the sea breeze (Late Aug)
    Notch, Auger, and Dynia meet a loner named Pirate Calloway near the trade stalls at the Lancaster Stockshow.
  4. Rye whiskey makes your heart beat louder, makes your voice seem softer (Aug 25)
    Notch competes in the sack race at the Lancaster Stockshow. He takes 2nd place.
  5. Leave me where the moonbeams carve through the leaves like blades. (Late Aug)
    Notch helps Aberama Gold get his absolutely fabulous shaggy cow ready for the best in show contest.
  6. Family Time (Aug 26)
    Notch, Auger, and Dynia go to the best in show competition for the adults to vote, and then go see what livestock is being auctioned.
  7. Climb through the briar and bramble (Aug 28)
    Notch, Auger, and Dynia go to the closing festivities of the Lancaster Stockshow. Notch heads to try New Caledonia's BBQ contest food while Auger and Dynia go look at the lanterns that will be launched.
  8. Burninating the Countryside (Aug 28)
    Turns out that New Caledonia's BBQ food is 'really hot' and Morris comes to Notch's rescue.


  1. Title (Date)

7.3  Catacombs & Pack Prompts

DCG Talismans

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Tin Horseshoe
Tin Horseshoe: 3 Months Membership
From 8 July 2020–8 October 2020.
Steel Horseshoe
Steel Horseshoe: 6 Months Membership
From 8 July 2020–8 January 2021.
Iron Horseshoe
Iron Horseshoe: 9 Months Membership
From 8 July 2020–8 April 2021.
Bronze Horseshoe
Bronze Horseshoe: 12 Months Membership
From 8 July 2020–8 July 2021.
Copper Horseshoe
Copper Horseshoe: 18 Months Membership
From 8 July 2020–8 January 2022.
Gold Horseshoe
Gold Horseshoe: 24 Months Membership
From 8 July 2020–8 July 2022.

Pack Plots

White Horse
White Horse: Participate in 1 pack plot
Black Horse
Black Horse: Participate in 3 pack plot
1, 2, 3
Chestnut Horse
Chestnut Horse: Participate in 5 pack plot
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Bay Horse
Bay Horse: Participate in a total of 3 pack plot-related threads
1, 2, 3
Buckskin Horse
Buckskin Horse: Participate in a total of 6 pack plot-related threads
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Palomino Horse
Palomino Horse: Orchestrated Pack Plot
Orchestrate a Pack Plot
Grullo Horse
Grullo Horse: Participated in Pack Foundation
Participated in Pack Foundation - Notch was an NPC at the time.


Bucking Bronco
Bucking Bronco: Met post requirements for the 2021 Lancaster Stockshow
Earned 09.01.2020

OOC Participation

Angus Cow
Angus Cow: Update the Del Cenere wiki Directory
Earned 06.14.2019
Holstein Cow
Holstein Cow: Create two pieces of DCG Pride
Created 1 and 2
Jersey Cow
Jersey Cow: Pick up a DCG Adoptable
Adopted Characters on MM.DD.YYYY
Hereford Cow
Hereford Cow: Contribute a prize to a DCG contest
Contributed with 1
Braunvieh Cow
Braunvieh Cow: Earn Community Soul
Chosen for Spotlight for February 2021
Charolais Cow
Charolais Cow: Earn every OOC Talisman

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