Mahigul Feriqi



Mahigul Feriqi [ MA-he-gool Fah-ree-kee ] is a member of Del Cenere Gang, ranked as a Chispa.

Mahigul was born the elder daughter of a respectable warrior and her gentle husband, minutes before her brother Kylychbek. Mahi's mother hailed from distant Kyrgyzstan and raised her children in the spirit of the steppe, to be horsepeople and archers, to know to hunt with an eagle and fight with a sabre. However, despite being fascinated with her mother's culture, Mahigul took greater interest in its artful aspects: the instruments, the songs, the stories and the clothes - and backed with reassurance that her ancestors would approve, gave herself to the study of visual arts.

She was a weird, creative child, perhaps a bit morbid and with a tendency to ask awkward questions, but with a good heart that knew loyalty and love. Her brother Kylychbek was both her nuisance-by-blood and her partner in crime, and the pups maintained a strong relationship throughout their first year of life. The siblings hurried to grow up and make a name for themselves among the Gang, hoping for greatness despite the limitations of their doggish blood in a pack of coyotes.

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Basic Info

Date of Birth12th Dec 2020 (1 year)
GenderCis Female


Rank out of Las Brasas
Rank out of El Probado
Rank out of El Elegido
Serve in the Enkindled Rank for Five Months
Serve in the Ashen Ring for Five Months
Play an Ashen for 12 Consecutive Months
Take a Mate
Raise a Child
Recruit a Friend
Thread with a member from every active Pack
Thread with a member from every active Loner Band
Create 5 AW threads in Del Cenere
Conduct a Pack Project
Coordinate a Pack Event
Adopt an Ashen
Earn Community Soul
Contribute to DCG's Wiki
Exemplary Membership
Participated in Through The Valley
Participated in Born Unto Trouble

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  • Name meaning: Lunar (Mahi) flower(-gul)
  • Nickname: Mahi (MA-he)
  • Alias: -
  • Epithet: -


Plot Opportunity

  • Mahigul is an artist and as such is always on the lookout for opportunities related to her passion:
    • Would you like to be the subject of her art? Are you ready to stand still for prolonged periods of time or would be comfortable being sketched while working?
    • Are you looking to trade or make a Chispa happy with a gift? Do you have access to drawing surfaces such as parchment or canvases, or art tools such as charcoal, graphite, ink or paint?


OOC Information

OOC Assumptions

Del Cenere Gang members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Knowing her name and rank (Chispa) and that she is Azade and Fernando's daughter.
  • Seeing her decorating the skulls, trees or rocks on the borders / seeing skulls, trees or rocks decorated by her.


art by: Raphaelion


Despite being a mix of multiple breeds, Mahi takes strongly after her borzoi blood in facial and general build. Her face is thin and tapers into a snout and head shape which, when viewed from the side, appears almost rectangular. She has smooth drop ears and a long, bushy tail. She is tall, long-legged, thin-limbed and skinny. Her herding dog genes shown in her splotched, tri-coloured coat which is smoother than a borzoi's while still being long and double-layered. Her eyes are golden orange, large and expressive. Her nose and pawpads are pink, with black claws.

  • Speech: She speaks with confidence and assertiveness. She sometimes mixes English, Kyrgyz and Spanish words.
  • Scent: Del Cenere Gang, charcoal, paper, open fields, her family.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: TBA
  • General Posture and Body Language: TBA

Color Palette


THUNDER (#302627)


THUNDER (#302627)



Nose, Paw Pads



71 lbs (32 kg)
27 in (68 cm)
Skinny, with small, delicate paws and long legs. She is more filled in than a sighthound breed typically is, with a sharp tuck of the waist and a curved figure.


311 lbs (141 kg)
41 in (104 cm)
Tall and lean, with exceptionally long legs. Her mane grows in this form, black, short and unruly, framing her long face. The fur of her neck and chest becomes thicker and her waist thinner.

Thanks to frequent practice, she is beginning to learn how to partially shift her toes to be prehensile. Dexterousness is still far away, but she is heading there.


379 lbs (172 kg)
6 ft 3 in (193 cm)
Tall and skinny. Even as a full-grown adult she will look like a girl, with soft features and a small, underdeveloped chest. When she stretches, her ribs can be felt - and sometimes even seen - rippling underneath her fur. Her mane is black, straight and reaches her mid-back. She has small, slender feet and hands.



A weird girl who never tried to fit in, Mahigul does things her own way and asks only to be given her own space. Due to the common tendency among other people to not respect her boundaries, she prefers the company of equines to other canines. Perpetually in pursuit of new artistic endeavours, she is a creative, restless, curious soul hungry for knowledge. She dreams big and takes confident strides towards her goal.

Mahigul doesn't merely think outside the box: she thinks up the box, then mentally fashions it into a cardboard homunculus of its former self. The girl's creativity extends beyond art - where she is always looking for new techniques or interesting subjects - to her daily life and surroundings. This creativity is part raw intelligence, untampered and unobstructed by conventional thinking, part childishness that she never really left behind, preferring to nurture her inner child.

There is nothing that annoys Mahigul easier and quicker than other people. She grows tired of company quickly and avoids social gatherings and crowds. Even her family can sometimes get hard to deal with. Long conversations are difficult for her to carry and she doesn't have the best understanding of all social cues and tricks which would make her enjoy them. She much prefers losing herself in a book, art or in company of low animals, horses especially.

Mahigul tends to end up set in her ways and convictions, refusing to budge. Her point needs to be made and once it is she does not give up on it. This can lead her to be either a frustrating person to try and persuade to do or think otherwise, or a stalwart and loyal companion or packmate, as nothing makes her more obstinate than packs, friends and family.

Familial Relationships



  • Parents:
    • Kili has a good relationship with his parents thus far.

Home & Inventory


Ranchero's Watch, Del Cenere Gang:
An expansive stretch of grassland and sparse copses of trees atop Sweetwater Bluff, broken up by rolling hills - it creates a stark border between El Tramo and Tall Tree. Springtime hits fast, with a burst of silver and green grasses competing amidst colorful bursts of wildflowers that slowly fade out through the summer as the land dries. Come fall, the grasses are baked out to golden waves.

A large and circular tent sits at the edge of the field, next to a large round pen and a fenced-in area where the horses may be seen grazing. Off to the side is a large two person swing set built by Fernando. Inside is a pile of furs in lieu of a proper bed, a fire pit right in the center of the room, and a large stand for Altani across from the 'bed'. The belongings of Azade and Fernando are strewn about in a messy, but oddly organized, fashion. Kylychbek Feriqi and Mahigul Feriqi keep the yurt in a state of proper disorder.


Kili is only a puppy and doesn't have much! Anything he needs is provided by his parents. He has shifted and to celebrate his becoming an adult, Azade has gifted him beautiful clothing that she made herself (see fullbody art).


Del Cenere Gang

Duration: 15 November 2020 – Present
Residence: Ranchero's Watch, Del Cenere Gang
Ranks: Chispa (15 November 2020 - Present)
  • None!

Mahigul and her six minutes younger brother Kylychbek were born in winter, in Del Cenere Gang's second year, to Azade Feriqi and Fernando (not formally mated at the time). Their mother was a foreigner from Kyrgyzstan, and she instilled the values of her native culture in her children from their earliest days. Meanwhile, Nando was there to show the pups open love and gentle care, and taught them Spanish to go along with their mother's Kyrgyz and their shared English.

Even before they could shift Mahigul and her brother learned horsemanship, tanning and archery, how to play the duduk and dress traditionally from their mother, while their father taught them social skills, cooking and woodworking. Once shifted, Mahi's interests began to divert to something more unique to her. Always being creative and having a big imagination, the young Feriqi began to show an interest in visual arts, an interest which slowly evolved into an all-consuming passion. How to illustrate a story or anecdote? How to show character and emotion with lines alone? How to make a drawing speak for itself? The pursuit of answers to the questions had her hands turning black from gripping graphite and charcoal, every blank surface becoming her canvas.

Post Log & Archives


October 2021


  1. [M] Do Not Pass Go
    With Rat Calloway and Peony Braithwaite. Mahigul sneaks into the Drunk Barrel to have a look at the prisoner.
  2. Lay Me Down
    Mahigul decorates an effigy on the Gnag's borders.
  3. crisp autumn air fills my lungs
    With Wichita Long and Cent. Mahigul goes to have a snack in the orchard.
  4. Sometimes chopping small things helps
    With Morris. Mahigul is taking her horse out to pasture but find the path blocked by a felled tree.
  5. Hunnybee, of hunnybee
    With Azade Feriqi. Mahigul's mother teaches to play the duduk.
  6. [RO] We’ll be here when the world slows down and the sunbeams fade away
    With Kylychbek Feriqi, Fernando and Catalina de le Ulrich. Something horrible happens to Mahigul's father.
  7. been the ruin of many a poor boy
    With Nazario del Bosque and Azade Feriqi. Fernando is buried and Mahigul drmatically exits the funeral.
  8. Calling for Home
    With Azade Feriqi. Immediately aft the above thread. Mahigul is dragged back to her father's grave to pay proper respects.

November 2021


  1. You and me together, we were gemini feed.
    With Jimena Escuella. Jimena and Mahigul rob a loner.
  2. one for sorrow, two for joy.
    With Morrigan Archeron. Mahigul approaches the El Corazon for advice on how to deal with grief.
  3. I'd rot in hell with you
    With Azade Feriqi. Mahigulćs mother picks marigolds for Fernando's grave.
  4. A Race to Change
    With Azade Feriqi and Kylychebk Feriqi?. The twins have their bautizo.
  5. Feel The Fire and Let Me Have This
    With Azade Feriqi, Kylychbek Feriqi and Aldora Knight. The Feriqis join Casa di Cavaleri.

December 2021


  1. Thread Name
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!

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