Sundew Eternity


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  • Name: Sundew Eternity
    • Nickname: Sunny
    • Alias: --
    • Epithet: --
  • Date of Birth: 03 Mar 2022
  • Gender: Female
    • Pronouns: She/Her
    • Sex: Female
  • Species: Hybrid
    • Dog (49.07%)
    • Wolf (37.72%)
    • Coyote (13.22%)


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  • NPCs:
    • None at this time.

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1.  Introduction

1.1  Background

Sundew Eternity is the third child of Azalea Eternity and Spartacus Simone Ulrich, though she doesn't know that Spartacus is her father. Rather, she believes that her mother's mate, Casimir Soul, is her father. Following Indigo Eternity and Thistle Eternity and preceding Skadi Eternity, Sundew never wanted for playmates or company. Azalea and Casimir are doting parents, and though their marriage is a sham, they do their best to hide this fact from the puppies.

A rather large pup (soon to be larger than both of her parents), Sundew is oblivious to the invisible horrors that plague her family. From seizures to depression to heartache, she rarely processes any of it as tragedy due to her optimistic-to-a-fault attitude. She views her mother as recovering from a mysterious illness, and wholeheartedly believes her mother's explanation that they are 'shaking fits' that she experiences when getting a message from the Gods. It is her normal, and she doesn't see anything wrong with it.

2.  Appearance


Sundew is, like her brother and her mother, a merle. She looks more like Azalea than any of her other siblings, especially due to her familiar and striking green eyes. Strangely enough, she appears to be growing larger and taller than both of her parents (due to her biological father), though she has yet to reach full maturity. Her mane in Optime is not quite as curly as her mother's, residing somewhere on the deeper ends of wavy.

She is a hybrid through and through. It is hard to pinpoint any feature that appears as though it belongs to a particular species. Her ears are larger than average, and her muzzle comes to a hard point. Sundew is often seen with a smile on her face, though it never looks friendly, instead toothy and shark-like. Her fur is as fluffy as the rest of her family. As a puppy, she often got into mud and grime leaving her with an unkempt appearance. This habit has somewhat faded as she's grown older, but one might find the occasional smear of dirt, food, or other such things in her fur. She does not care much about appearing regal, and does not like decorative clothing or accessories.

  • Speech: Her default is energetic and expressive, although her voice molds to fit the appropriate emotion.
  • Scent: Salsola, Eternity
  • Quirks: Gesticulates frequently
  • Body Language: Confident and self-assured



Tuna (#333544)
Mid Grey (#555766)
Gray Suit (#BBBBCC)
Silk (#BAAEA7)

Optime Hair

Tuna (#333544)
Mid Grey (#555766)
Gray Suit (#BBBBCC)


Green Haze (#01A756)


Charade (#2B2D37)
Pastel Pink (#FFC9E4)


This character prefers their Optime form.

Lupus: 00 lb (00 kg) ↔ 00 in (00 cm)
Secui: 000 lb (00 kg) ↔ 00 in (00 cm)
Optime: 000 lb (00 kg) ↔ 0 ft 0 in (000 cm)


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3.  Personality

Summarized: Carefree, honest, extrovert, insensitive, curious, idealistic

She is everything a young pup should be to some degree, and not much else. Sundew is still forming her identity, so she remains carefree and idealistic about the world. The stress and tension within her family and littermates is all in the background for her. She is too self-absorbed, as a young pup, to notice it in full. Sundew doesn't still doesn't fully understand the complexities of things like depression or death, though she is developing a curiosity about them she remains close-minded. She is the type of kid to ask 'why' over & over, never satisfied with any answer given.

Sundew does not let any kind of failures or setbacks get her down. She rarely has anything to truly worry about, even when things look grim. She may complain or whine, but these temper tantrums do not last long. She enjoys far more the act of pushing through hardship and coming out victorious. She is not entirely a troublemaker, but may participate in some forms of malicious compliance when given orders by elders. As she gets older, she will have to learn that the world isn't fair or just, as all Luperci before her have to. Right now, she believes all bad guys are brought to justice and all good guys eventually win the day.

  • Alignment: True Neutral
    • Values his family, but will not heed their requests necessarily.
    • Fits in with their society.
    • Will not betray a family member, unless the circumstances are dire.
  • TV Tropes: From this site!
  • Motivations: Something
  • Fears: Something
  • Likes: Something
  • Dislikes: Something


  • Groups: Believes Salsola to be the most advanced and overall 'best' Kingdom. Has been taught to be guarded around Outsiders, although to what extent these teachings have stuck varies greatly.
  • Gender: Subscribes to Salsolan belief that females are superior in some way to males. However, she thinks that because of this, she has a duty to protect the 'lesser' males, especially those that are vulnerable and sensitive, such as her brother, Indigo Eternity. Sundew takes a 'with great power comes great responsibility' approach to this bias.
  • Ferals: Sundew is prejudiced against those living a four-legged, feral lifestyle. Those old ways should remain & go extinct in her eyes.


Sundew is a late bloomer and has no experience with exploring her sexuality. She finds romance and intimacy 'gross' in a childish sort of way. She has no attraction to either the opposite sex or same sex at this time.


From a young age, Sundew had been introduced to Khalifism. She fully believes in this faith. By her patchy, multi-colored fur, she believes she is bound to Rah'khir like her mother. As she gets older, she hopes to participate and commit the appropriate rituals to earn favor with the god.


Sundew has no experience with substances at this time. She is unaware of them.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Notable


  • Azalea Eternity: Something
  • Casimir Soul: Something
  • Indigo Eternity: Though Indigo popped out of the womb first, Sundew has quickly taken up the 'elder sibling' role of the litter and no where is this clearer than her interactions with Indigo. She pushes Skadi to be stronger, but because Indigo is male, she accepts his demure and emotional disposition as natural. She regularly defends him and tries to be the best sibling she can to him. Secretly, a small part of her understands the raw feeling Skadi seeks in torturing him, but believes that giving into it is wrong.
  • Thistle Eternity: Sundew believes that Thistle's choice to remain away from the family is a betrayal and her feelings about her sister have cooled significantly as a result. She won't admit it out loud though.
  • Skadi Eternity: Of the familial relationships Sundew has, her relationship with Skadi is the most complicated. The two can fight viciously one minute and laugh together the next. Sundew wants to make Skadi stronger than she is, subconsciously viewing her increasingly turbulent emotions as a point of weakness. She believes that Skadi acts out primarily due to insecurity. Whether or not this is true, she hasn't bothered to ask, as the two are not close enough to sustain serious, in-depth conversations about emotion. And regardless, Sundew is not an ideal shoulder to cry on anyway. In spite of these cracks in their foundation, Sundew views Skadi as her 'true' sister (in stark comparison to Thistle, who has left) and would do anything to protect her if it came down to the wire.


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  • Character: Something

4.2  Minor

  • Positive: Character
  • Negative: Character
  • Sex: Character
  • Kills: Character

5.  History

Birth of a Carnivore: Mar 2022 - Dec 2022

While the circumstances of her and her littermates' birth was fraught with drama and confusion, Sundew grew up completely oblivious to any of this. Azalea and Casimir were, and are, caring parents to the best of their ability given the difficulties in front of them. Sundew took more so to the (non-biological) paternal side of her family rather than the royal house of Eternity, likely in some part due to Azalea's family rejecting her. She is more of a 'daddy's girl', though she also cares for her littermates. She sometimes feels distant from them, though this is her own doing as she enjoys being alone and even playing with 'imaginary friends' more than she does her own kin.

During the tremors that began in late November, Sundew began to feel the urge to shift. This came months after Indigo Eternity, her littermate, who experienced an early shift. As the tremors intensified, so too did the natural Luperci urge, and eventually right as the waters of the ocean began to cool Sundew shifted for the first time. She is ecstatic to begin life in Salsola proper and has not shifted from the two-legged form since. She is now properly considered a 'teenager' and from here, her personality and worldview must grow and shift to accommodate her aging.

Arc Name: Jan 2023 - ???

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6.  Miscellaneous

6.1  Trivia

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6.2  Achievements

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