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Name MeaningN/A
Name OriginN/A
Date of Birth24-2-2015
Age6 Years
Subspecies100% canis lupus
Birth placeNorthern Michigan
Current packNew Caledonia
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Current Pack

New Caledonia

Joining dateMarch 15th 2021
Joining RankCommoner
Most Recent RankCommoner

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Just a Giant of a Luperci who loves collecting bits and bobs, shiny things, bits of metal, he is pretty much a hoarding tinkerer.

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1.  History

Early Childhood;

Born to a pair of roving traders out of Northern Michigan, he was an unexpected accident, but his parents quickly came to love their child, who himself immediately began to love the bits and bobs and shiny things that his parents collected to trade. From a young age he was ever curious of human ruins, and pretty much everything else, always going off after butterflies or squirrels, always keeping his parents on his toes. Everard shifted for the first time when he was roughly 6 months of age, his father, being a skilled fighter, immediately started Everard's training, wanting him to be able to defend himself. He trained under his father studiously, while also learning their trade alongside his mother. All the while he grew rather quickly in size, his coat growing thicker as he aged.


When he was about a year and seven months of age he and his parents were on their way through northern Maine when they were beset upon by a large brown bear, his parents told him to flee as they tried to buy time for him to escape. He ran for some time before stopping, looking behind to see if his parents had followed, but they were nowhere to be seen. He waited a while before heading back the way he had come to the best of his abilities, the scent of blood guiding him closer. When he arrived on the grizzly scene he couldn't help but weep, seeing his parents laying unmoving on the ground, both slain by the bear. He spent days just sitting there, crying until no further tears would come, he then gathered up their belongings that remained clean of blood, a leather satchel, along with the few treasures inside that remained. He then turned North and never looked back, overcome with a deep depression, he would wander like this for more than a year.

Early Adulthood

After he turned almost two and half years old he finally came out of his depression, slowly coming back to himself, by this time he had wandered north into Canada, just going at random each day, never making it very far, but always going somewhere. He met packs along the way, small bands of ragged wolves and Luperci alike, strangers as well, when he could manage he would trade what little he had left for information about the area, about what skills they had and what he could learn. He learned many rudimentary skills this way, staying with some packs for a month or two at a time before he would continue on his way. He slowly found his way towards the Territory of New Caledonia, never know this of course, until the day he wandered too close. He knew there was a packs territory nearby, but there was a single lone stone building sticking out of the countryside that he just had to scavenge, still ever curious about the old times. This was where he would meet Iomair, High King of Caledonia, and where his story would change forever as he finally found a place to belong, a home from the wandering and long travels.

2.  Personality

Usually calm and coolheaded, Everard is easily confused and tends to wander off on his own when not looked after, which has landed him in hot water more than once. He quite enjoys collecting bits and bobs, such as small bottles, colorful stones, bits of metal, Even the rusted remains of firearms. Though he doesn't know what most of these things are, he is still more than happy to collect them anyway. A bit cautious when initially meeting a stranger, he is somewhat quick to come out of his shell, though his trust can be hard to earn, he will still treat most people with respect. Though he has the body and grimace like smile of a fighter, he is usually quite kind to pretty much anyone he comes across once he gets to know them.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Father; Baldric: Deceased
  • Mother; Odelia: Deceased

3.2  Friends


3.3  Acquaintances

  • Iomair, High king of New Caledonia
  • Morris, DCG
  • Whisper Mayflower, Loner

3.4  Enemies


4.  Skills

  • Rudimentary sewing
  • Rudimentary skinning
  • Rudimentary metal working

5.  Appearance

Light Grey, almost white fur, with a large darker grew spot over his right eye, along with a strip of pitch black fur that borders it, running down his face, his chest and stomach, and down the inside of his right leg. Can always be seen carrying a leather satchel, no matter what form he's in he will always have it with him, as it is the last memento of his parents that he has.

5.1  Luperci Forms


Standing about four and a half feet on all fours, his coat is super thick and he brims with lean muscle.


Standing at roughly five foot four inches in this form, he goes from your average Canine in his lupus form, to a much larger overall creature of light fur and a thick mane of half light grey, and half pitch black running down from his head to half way down his back.


His preferred form, he stands around seven feet tall while standing straight, and can be quite intimidating in this form. Can usually be seen with at least one or two twigs sticking out of his thick shaggy coat he mostly ignores them unless they get in his way somehow, or become annoying.

6.  Notable Threads

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