Penelope Resnor

Penelope (aka Pippa, aka Pipsqueak, aka Pip) Resnor is a member of New Caledonia, ranked as a Peer.

A Portland native, Pippa spent a majority of her life crafting clothing for her family's stall in the crowded city — and she wasn't half bad at it. However, one thing led to another, and she began to wonder what sort of lands lay beyond Maine. Over the years, she had been hearing talk of Nova Scotia and the various packs that lived there, and she figured it wouldn't hurt to check them out at least once. She found a caravan of other luperci that were in-bound for 'Soulsland and gave a tearful goodbye to her family, promising to send word back if she ended up settling over there.

And she did; whilst visiting La Estrella Roja, she met Fennore and struck up a conversation with her. The Caledonian was particularly interested in Pippa's work as a seamstress and let her know of the Realm's newly-established Dye Studio, which seemed right up Pip's alley. An invitation was extended if Pippa ever wanted work and a good pack to settle down in, and several weeks later, she took Fennore up on her offer — after she had found a traveler heading for Portland to take a message on her behalf, of course.

She is excited to start this new chapter of her life and finds the Caledonians charming, though she does tend to spend most of her free time at the Studio, which makes her a rarer face in the Realm at large.



  • Date of Birth: 31 March 2016
  • Date of Death: 21 January 2023
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: New Caledonia
    • Rank: Peer



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Pippa's patchwork fur is coarse, and she's pretty much all leg, lacking in the conventional curves of her femininity — but that isn't to say she isn't pretty! She has a few scars, one just nicking the skin near her nose, and several more near her wrists. Her auburn hair is often tucked back in a pair of braided dutch pigtails, and her deep indigo eyes often hide a touch of mirth.

  • Lupus: 27 in (69 cm) ↔ 30 lbs (13.5 kg)
  • Secui: 35 in (89 cm) ↔ 110 lbs (50 kg)
  • Optime: 5ft 8in (68 in / 173 cm) ↔ 150 lbs (68 kg)
  • Humanization: Moderate. She's capable of using her hands for finer motor skills (e.g. sewing and fangling clothing together), but that's the extent of her humanization for the most part.
  • Clothing & Accessories: Usually wears a pair of loose beige pants, sometimes paired with any number of mute-colored tunics at her disposal. For special occasions, she might wear one of her dresses instead.
  • Interaction
    • Speech: Warm alto, slightly sing-songy when she gets deep into a conversation.
    • Scent: Cloth, pungent dyes, wildflowers
    • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Tends to keep undivided attention on someone when speaking to them; doesn't fidget much at all, and she may come off as intense
    • General Posture and Body Language: Ordinarily polite, but becomes remarkably casual amongst friends. Pippa makes pleasant conversation but tends to leave herself closed off or submissive.


design by Dale, lineart by Despi



 Falu Red (#722D16)

 Wafer (#DDCFC6)

 Fantasy (#FAF2F0)

Optime Hair

 Falu Red (#722D16)

 Maroon (#591400)


 Blue Marguerite (#6A5ACD)

Nose & Skin

 Au Chico (#A06561)



Pip's a woman driven by her craft, and she's dedicated in knowing everything there is to know about it; this drive has spilled over into other areas, most recently dye-making and dying clothes, and she intends to become proficient in it for the sake of the Dye Studio. Her workaholic tendencies might make her seem a bit of a loner, but she is, in fact, social. Just not all the time.

Regardless of this, Pippa is a polite and courteous soul, albeit a bit intense at times. This isn't intentional, and she doesn't usually notice if she's staring a bit too hard or answering a tad too fast. If someone brings up their interest in clothing or sewing, she becomes quite animated and lively, eager to swap secrets or gush about her favorite past-time. She has a dry sense of humor but doesn't always verbalize it, instead letting her facial expressions do the talking.

While she's pretty steadfast in her prices, cutting deals with other Caledonians that are either repeat customers or are friends of hers isn't out of the question. She sees these as favors, though, and expects the favor to be returned in some way down the line.


  • Seamstressing (Journeyman): Her specialty! Pippa has an eye for color and 'fashion,' and she likes crafting clothes that compliment the customer's pelt and form. She makes all sorts of things from dresses to collars, pants to capes, and probably everything in between. There's still more for her to learn, but Pippa pretty much has this down.
  • Cloth Dying (Apprentice): This is a newer area for Pip — not so new that's she's never done it before, but not to the degree that the Dye Studio is requiring of her. Still, she likes the challenge, and she's eager to suck up all the processes and intricacies of dying various materials like a sponge.
  • Trading (Apprentice): Growing up and spending a majority of her life in the bustling town of Portland meant Pippa had to learn early on how to peddle her wares effectively. She knows her wares' worth well and can come off as kind of a stickler with her prices, but that isn't to say she is above compromising. Caledonians will find that she is open to holding favors and tabs since the turnaround time for her clothes may be a few days.
  • Herb Foraging (Dabbler): Now that she's a regular worker at the Dye Studio, Pip's beginning to learn how to find plants that can be turned into natural dyes and mordants. She's by no means an expert, but her experience will grow with the seasons.


  1. three hand dyed scarves (17 Dec 2020)
    with Indis and Fennore
    Dreamer Indis and Councilor Fennore keep Pippa company as she experiments with new dye colors.
  2. try and look your best (4 Jan 2020)
    with Calan Brecours and Indis
    Pippa, at Calan's request, steps up to help Indis find a dress before the evening's Call to Court.