The Collins Family

The Collins family is a mix of many different canine breeds, including gray wolf, dog, and coyote. Branching from Europe, Arthur Collins traveled to North America. Upon meeting Louisa, they traveled to Nova Scotia, having their pups which would continue the Collins line while residing in the Halcyon mountains.

Most of the Collins family has ties to Cercatori d'Arte and its successor Midnight Shores, which is where Skye Collins, mother of most litters of the family, resides. Several other members of the Collins family resides there as well. Many of the Collins family are curious, extremely loyal, and adventurous.

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Family Statistics







Gaelic, 'Young Dog'


Statistics updated July 2013.








Midnight Shores, Inferni, Casa di Cavalieri, Sapient, Kaiho Suiiki?

First Member


Skye Collins





First Birth


Cercatori d'Arte


11 May 2011


Skye Collins
Bangle Guffawri

1.  History

The Collins family mostly began to blossom in Cercatori d'Arte with the birth of Nathaniel, Robert, and Erzulie [1]. As Skye continued to lead the artisan pack, she eventually wanted another litter and birthed pups sired by her good friend Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, and the growing family's ties to the pack grew larger [2]. Skye had an unplanned pregnancy sired by a packmate that resulted in the birth of Azazel Collins, and the blossoming of a committed relationship with Jazper. The two leaders could not leave their packs to be together, but chose to have a second litter together, allowing the puppies to live with either parent.

Most of the family remained in d'Arte until its voluntary disbandment, and have ties to both Inferni and Casa di Cavalieri. Skye and her daughter Esmeralda Collins went on to form the pack Midnight Shores, a new home for the family.

Unbeknownst to Skye, her brother Alexander Collins had an illegitimate daughter, simply named Anon -- as well as siring Kin Collins in a multi-fathered litter in Kaiho Suiiki? with his male mate, Alaki. In Inferni, Nathaniel King and Brumaire Moineau became mates, and Nathaniel adopts Brumaire's sons Kallistos and Damianus.

1.1  Influence and Influences

2.  Family Members

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2.1  First Generation

2.2  Second Generation

2.3  Third Generation

2.4  Fourth Generation

3.  Defining Features

Elizabeth Collins, wolf Collins by Nat

Nathaniel King, coywolf (27.5%) Collins by Alaine

The Collins family is mostly wolf-dominant, with some dog or coyote percentages among different litters.

3.1  Physical Features


Those in the Collins family all share a cream-like color that ranges from Raffia (#EDE2BC) or Vanilla (#D3C3AF), to even Laser (#CFBC75) and tones that reach even darker shades. This color can also range from being the dominant color of a Collins (i.e. Skye Collins or Esmeralda Collins), to covering the belly, chin, and legs (most common, and shown in Robert Frost Collins and Nathaniel King), or simply accenting the fur (Ares Knight).

Another common aspect of Collins fur is red hair. From Rust (#BD3C0F) to Totem Pole (#912003), red hair (and sometimes ears) is somewhat common in the Collins line.


The Collins family is not built very thickly. Most of them are not too tall either - slender, lithe, and with medium-height, the Collins family could best be described as 'wiry'. However, they can be quite agile, and do best with weapons such as bows, arrows, and small daggers.


Eye color in the Collins family varies greatly. It is common to see Saffron (#F3BF20) or Sun (#FAB519) eyes, although cool-colored eyes (such as Spring Green (#12F3A1)) or simply Brown (#603210) eyes are seen as well.