In the spring of 2020, terms were brokered between Athras Eryn, Lord-Regent of New Caledonia, and Saga D'Angelo, Ursarchon of Mistfell Vale, relating to trade and protection between the two packs. Athras' terms were more... biological than tangible, and two months later, Esyllt and her brother, Evariste, were born.





Etc .

  • Nickname: Es
  • Pronunciation: eh-sisht
  • Meaning: "ice/iron", "battle"
  • Origin: Welsh from English, ultimately Germanic in origin

Pack ∙ Information

OOC ∙ Assumptions!

Mistfell Vale members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing her...
    • ...around the pack with her mother.
    • ..around the pack with her dad when he comes to visit.
    • ..around the pack with her older brothers.