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The realm of New Caledonia begins at its City Square; an ancient city and fort that has managed to survive humanity’s decline. Though the city lays in disrepair, Caledonians are offered a sprawling territory to explore outside the city's limits and are surrounded by thick forests, mountain ranges, grasslands, and a lush green river valley. Cape Acadia sees their border running along Sugar Loaf Resort and ending just into Bathurst to the South.

1.  The Districts

Iomair has declared that different areas of the Realm – namely Haven and the City Square – will become specialized hubs for various trades to facilitate a sense of cohesiveness amongst co-ranks and guilds. Members 'and' Guilds in a District can work together towards broad-stroke, overarching goals for the Realm.

Districts are more so for work and study than residency (though it can be for such if you so choose), and Guilds will find it easier to house their meeting halls in a well-fitting District.

1.1  Located in The City Square:

  • Othas: Symbolizing Sword, this District utilizes the strength of New Caledonia’s soldiers, spies, and tacticians. Guilds that are found in the Othas District can range from weapon forges to the headquarters of the City Watch.
  • Osta: Symbolizing Growth, this District focuses on the growth that comes not only from study and exploration but also in working with the land that New Caledonia calls its own. Guilds that are often found in the Osta District may have aspects of religion, healing, scholarly pursuits, and hunting/gathering.

1.2  Located in Haven:

  • Lanya: Symbolizing Thread, This District is what ties New Caledonia together. Their guilds focus on diplomacy, trading and creating goods, the relationships with other packs as well as the relationship to the land we call home.
  • Nethias: Symbolizing Entertainment, this District seeks to provide both entertainment and comfort to all Caledonians. Guilds here relate to music, storytelling, revelry, bedwarming, and other such ventures.

2.  The City Square (Districts Othas & Osta)

2.1  The City Square

The Fortress of Louisbourg creates the main living space for New Caledonia. The Fort butts up against mountains and faces out towards the sea. The Residence is made up of a collection of stone homes that form the City Square, with a longer building (The Kings Bastion or Bastion) that denotes where the nobility live. Many sections of the tiny town have become overgrown by wilderness, with massive tree roots cracking through buildings and layer upon layer of overgrowth taking over.

Just outside of the City Square is a communal garden dutifully tended to by the Realm's Grovekeepers. While it currently only boasts a relatively small amount of flora, it is intended to house all manner of plants and herbs for pack use.

See the Residency page for more information on individual dwellings!

2.2  The King's Bastion

The Bastion is the area that faces the rest of the Fort, and is divided between the Nobility. The long building is made of brick and stone but has seen better days -- with a rear area that had caved in on itself, and windows that are no longer filled with glass. Due to the Fort's historical value there were efforts to restore the fort in the early 80's, and there are pieces of scaffolding that have long since rusted, or rooms that are half painted or blockaded by dilapidated furniture. With the introduction of Districts, Iomair opted to allow for Guilds to move into their respective Districts - Guild Members may choose to remain in the area surrounding the Bastion or move out into the City Square or Haven.

2.3  The Fort's Edge

The Fort makes up the edges of New Caledonia's residency. Once used by humans during the wars of old, the fort has now been taken over by New Caledonia in an effort to rebuild. The walls of stone face out toward the sea and are backed by mountains. Many of the walls have crumbled or become overgrown by wilderness, though there are solid patches that act to keep intruders out.

2.4  Rhovanion - The Meadow

The Rhovanion is a clearing that has been dedicated to livestock and horses. As of the founding of New Caledonia there is no stable to protect the animals, so members allow their companion animals to wander at their own risk. Despite its lack of structure, the Rhovanion has ample grazing and room for the animals to roam safely -- though some patches of fence lay in disrepair.

In 2020, the Louisbourg Stables were added to the fields, along with a set of lean-to's for the animals' protection. The Realm's communal animals, as well as privately-owned equine and livestock, are assumed to live here unless otherwise stated.

In 2021, six corrals were constructed to allow for fenced-in areas for horses to exercise and dwell. Each corral can comfortably pen together 1-3 horses or the equivalent in other hoofed livestock (pigs, goats, sheep, etc.).

2.5  The Chimetower

Whatever stone building this tower once belonged to has crumbled around it; the tower itself is half collapsed, with what remains of the walls overtaken by greenery. Some sections of the spiral stone stairway leading to the top of the structure can be seen but some are unstable. If a daring Luperci was to make it to the top they would find that small songbirds like to nest in the rafters of a room dominated by an ancient and rusty bell with a chain for ringing still attached. If it still works it's certain that the whole pack will know about it... and the ringer may risk losing their hearing temporarily.

2.6  Ashena Apple Orchard

Four untended rows of apple trees are interspersed with other trees and brush and long grass. The scent of apple blossoms wafts over the area in late spring and early summer, followed by the crisp scent of apples closer to harvest time. The apples that grow are small and sour, partly due to competition for resources, and partly due to the age of the trees.

3.  The Underthing

The Underthing has two entrances if one knows where to find them. The largest entrance is a tunnel that has been carved out of the mountain side over the course of many years by the mountains run off. In the spring this entrance can be more dangerous depending on the seasons snow fall. Another smaller entrance faces toward the sea. It is to be noted that the Underthing is by no means developed, and that it is made up of a cave system of varying sizes, and those who choose (or are forced) to live in its depths must bring their own light, as the depths are known to be very dark and very treacherous.

Those who live within the Underthing sometimes live in tents or dens.

4.  The Highlands

4.1  The Steppes of Belfalas

Some say that in the old tongue, Belfalas was the name of a forgotten noble -- a man who on the Longest Night was turned to stone. In New Caledonia the Steppes of Belfalas stretch along one side of the territory in peaky ridges of coniferous trees and flat parcels of rock that act as perfect vantage points to peer into the valley far below.

There is a Shrine for Dúr at the base of the Steppes.

4.2  The Teeth

The mountain range that encircles New Caledonia is named for its peaks of craggy stone. Some whisper that the mountains are left over teeth from a time where dragons still roamed -- while others assume it is due to the often snow capped peaks.

4.3  The Mordotir

Known locally as the "Shadow Watchers," these distinctive peaks, which are admittedly lower in altitude than the highest stretches of The Teeth, maintain a prominent admiration (and sheepish disquiet) from the Realm. Standing clear from the mountain range that it calls family, these sharp and jagged pinnacles almost appear as though sentinels of New Caledonia, watching both its people and its enemies for evidence of wrong-doing.

4.4  Sugar Loaf Resort

If a curious Caledonian follows the line of ski chairs up to a mountain peak, they will be surprised to find an abandoned ski resort. The resort is in disarray from the many harsh winters that it has seen, and many of the once beautiful rooms have mostly been destroyed. It is evident that for the winter months there were squatters in some of the dirty alcoves, and much of the exposed concrete has been desecrated with paint and grime.

5.  The Lowlands

5.1  Enedwaith - The Silver Strip

The Silver Strip as it is so often called is a beautiful patch of forest that is made entirely of birch trees. Often noted as a peaceful place, the Enedwaith is crisscrossed with trails for meandering.

It is possible to hunt small woodland creatures that oftentimes find shelter in the thick ferns that gather around the trees.

5.2  Lebennin - The River Valley

Set at the bottom of mountains colloquially known as "The Teeth," the River Valley is a beautiful stretch of land that is made up of gentle hills and flat areas of grass. A river cuts through its center and runs out towards the sea.

An excellent place for hunting, fishing, and tracking game.

5.3  Lochan Glas

Saddled up against one of the meandering trails in Enedwaith leads to a peculiar pond. It is stagnant and ripe with algae, the likes of which are so pervasive and dominant of the body of water that no Luperci efforts can ever hope to rid the pond of its presence. While it offers little in the way of fishing, it is indeed an awe-inspiring sight, a freak incident of nature not ordinarily displayed in other ponds of the area.

There is a Shrine for Nín against the shoreline.

5.4  The Sword Coast

Where the rivers meet the sea is referred to as the Sword Coast. Known for its uneven edges and uneven shoreline, only those who are comfortable with the turbulent waters come down to the waters edge to explore during low tide.

5.5  Shadowatch Pass

This path is a stretch of mountain that has been blown out to allow for trains to pass easily through the range without being forced to go a lengthier and more dangerous route. Much of the train track itself has been overtaken by foliage after so many years of being abandoned, but if one peels back the underbrush far enough, you can follow the iron rails until they disappear again into the forest. Shadowatch Pass was discovered soon after Haven was formed, and it allows for easier travel (weather dependent of course) between the City Square, the smaller town, and to the neutral territories which lay beyond. At both ends there are large banners signifying the winding path, colored a deep purple courtesy of the Dye Studio.

6.  The Town of Haven (Districts Lanya & Nethias)

A small "blink and you'll miss it" town complete with a post office, bar, and scattered homes all in different states of disrepair. Haven is a town that is very loosely shaped like a horse shoe, with a dilapidated church at its centre and small homes that all face towards it. In olden times it acted as a hub for ranchers and wary travelers, and as nature has laid claim to it once more, it has turned the town into a sleepy sanctuary for those who stumble across it. Everything is mostly overgrown, with gnarled trees cutting through many of the cottages. Strangely enough, the church seems to have escaped much harm, though its front door and windows are missing. A bar lays on the edge of Haven, a new place where members of New Caledonia may congregate and share stories away from the bustling City Square.

Haven is most beautiful in the spring -- dotted with wildflowers that breathe color into every corner.

6.1  The Dye Studio

Outfitting a brick building that was once a classroom, the Studio is close to a small body of water that cuts by near the outskirts of the town. Often there is steam billowing from the chimney, and the pungent smell of natural dyes emanating from inside. There are several large vats and fire pits for heating up water, as well as an area set off for storage with shelves that hold loose material, dried plants, paddles, and other tools for dyeing and seamstressing. Currently, the colors the Studio can produce easily are shades of indigo and blue, reddish-orange, violet, and various shades of yellow. There is a small garden at the back of the building where Pippa Resnor grows plants suitable for dye.

See the Fashion page for more information.

6.2  The Garden of Bones

The graveyard, named the Garden of Bones, is a shadowy piece of land on the outskirts of the Realm. It is recognizable for its overgrown tombstones and the wrought-iron fence surrounding it on all sides. Looters and thugs have dug up many of the would-be grave sites, and a ravenous bear has broken into one of the large tombs which has left a gaping maw in the craggy hillside. The central mausoleum has a stairwell that leads you deep underground, where you can explore ancient tombs crawling with spiders and littered with dust. Just be careful -- some of the paths are long caved in.

6.3  Goldvein Mine

A path into this long-abandoned mine was revealed by recent seismic activity, opening up a dark shaft for exploration. By torchlight one can find old, rusted equipment and a plethora of small caverns, but the real treasure glitters among the quartz veins running through the mine: deposits of coarse gold.

6.4  The Messenger Tree

Deep within New Caledonia’s forest stands an ancient and gnarled tree known colloquially as the Messenger Tree. The Messenger Tree is a large imposing tree whose looming branches have weathered many a season hidden in the Enedwaith. Covered in woodpecker holes, gnarls, and knots, members of the Realm often hide written secrets and messages between its branches for others to find. Sometimes the messages are protected by being stuffed in glass bottles to preserve them from the elements, while others care less about the longevity of their words and place the note wherever is most convenient for them upon the body of the tree.

6.5  The Brass Potato

Image by Michael Steeber

Established in the summer of 2021, the Brass Potato is the Realm's communal tavern, retrofitting and renovating a large building in the heart of Haven. It serves as an entertainment hub for all Caledonians to enjoy, and boasts a humble supply of alcoholic drinks that are free to members (visitors escorted to the tavern are required to trade for their fare, however).

The building's exterior is lightly decorated with purple banners boasting its name and images of crude unicorns. The main area is open with an array of tables and chairs strewn about, and colored tapestries cover the more egregious holes in the wall. Crates sometimes play double duty as storage and seating, or slabs of wood lean across the tops to create modular tables. The only light for the tavern comes through broken windows, lit torches, and candles that have been arranged to reflect as much light as possible. Some mirror-like objects are placed about the space to reflect light and twinkle ethereally at just the right angle.

A bar lies against one wall, and it is here that drink (and food from the cookhouse, when available) is served to the peerage. The bar is manned by a rotation of pNPCs (Ridgewell, and Pippa on occasion), but otherwise merchants keep the bar stocked and expect that supplies are evenly disbursed by those who partake in imbibing stocked spirits. Ambrose Rose is a common face at The Brass Potato, blessing everyone with his lovely songs, and Entertainers are encouraged to come and perform!

6.6  The Cookhouse

Image courtesy of Virigina State Parks

An effort spearheaded by Celaeno Bonecarver, the cookhouse is a dedicated communal cooking space for all Caledonians to utilize and enjoy. Multiple fire pits are stationed beneath a large pavilion just outside of the Brass Potato, available for general use by locals and visitors alike, as well as a larger central pit with a pot that can be used to make hunter's stew.

On special occasions, Caledonians are invited to bring their bounty to create a delectable soup for all to enjoy, made from the cuts of their hunts! In addition to the pits, a large earthen oven allows for baking, and a smoking station for preserving meats and other goods round off the area as a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen.

Outside of the pavilion, there is a humble selection of seating in the form of bench-style picnic tables.

7.  The Outlands

7.1  The Railyard

Image by Michael Steeber

The Railyard lies just above Bathurst and is a flat area of land that at one time was used to transport items from inland out further into the Province. Rows of abandoned commercial train cars in all manner of disrepair lay upon overgrown train tracks. There is a large open warehouse in the center that has been filled with trees as nature does its best to reclaim the land. A herd of deer like to call the area home and can often be seen bounding about and feeding on the grass that grows between the cars.

7.2  Bathurst

Image courtesy of Virigina State Parks

A small town left over from the before times, Bathurst is a collection of broken-down buildings and scrap that extends out past New Caledonia's territory. The Post Office in its center (the largest still-standing building) is built from red brick, though has a large hole in one side which leaves it exposed to the elements. The other main building is a Lighthouse that stands facing the ocean, a tall sentinel that once watched over ships and boats that would pull into the now ruined harbor. The Lighthouse marks the end of New Caledonia's claim.

7.3  Whispercreek Campground

Image by Michael Steeber

Whispercreek is a collection of small cabins around a body of water leftover from the before times. The little site can be a reprieve from the busy City Square. It is not for permanent residency, but characters are free to visit and fish, camp, hike, and hang out. Each cabin has its own fire pit, and a view of the lake. There are hiking trails and paths through the woods that Caledonians may use freely, and plenty of secret vantage points to view the water below. The lake is surrounded on one side by steep, rocky cliffs — though these happen to be the perfect place for any brave soul to leap into the waters below.

7.4  Lómëanor - The Forbidden Grove

Image courtesy of Virigina State Parks

Lómëanor is filled with ancient gnarled trees and thick brambles and thickets. The Forbidden Grove is a treacherous swath of forest that lies within New Caledonia’s South Western Corner and has been until now, mostly unexplored. It can be difficult to navigate, with its thick tree cover and lack of sunlight. If one is brave enough to endure its many thickets and brambles, the center has a peak tall enough to see out over the tree tops — though it is quite the hike. Other items can be found hidden in the forest, such as a rusty old school bus dilapidated and overgrown, and an old airplane, the tail end of which sticks out above the ferns.

There is a Shrine for Nanin hidden in the trees.

7.5  Salquenor - The Star Moors

Four untended rows of apple trees are interspersed with other trees and brush and long grass. The scent of apple blossoms wafts over the area in late spring and early summer, followed by the crisp scent of apples closer to harvest time. The apples that grow are small and sour, partly due to competition for resources, and partly due to the age of the trees.

There is a Menel Shrine in the grassland.

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