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New Caledonia Rank Portal
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Moose (aNPC) Entertainer I, Heartward I
Shale (aNPC)
Ambrose Rose (pNPC)
Fleur (pNPC)
Pilin (pNPC)
Amal Naifeh (cNPC)
Reblin (cNPC)
Ronin Solberg (cNPC)
Shiras Pyr (cNPC)
Láidir (cNPC)
Beth Cormier (cNPC)
Luka Stryder (aNPC)
Kibi (yNPC)
Wojo (yNPC)
Jira (yNPC)
Smokescreen (yNPC)
Smokewisp (yNPC)
Smoketrail (yNPC)


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Game Scores
First Place: Arran Fir-Chlis 1,234
Second Place: Kalypso Savoy 1,152
Third Place: Dorian Savoy 968
Níndari 679
Lossë Fir-Chlis 104
Toraberā Tanaka 75
Woodsmoke 75
Sólveig Dawnrunner 75

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