Zuri is the eldest daughter of the High Lord Pythius Absinthe Trombetta and his Queen, Esmeralda Acidic. She was born at Esmeralda's Inn along with her siblings, Lotus Acidic-Trombetta and Morana Trombetta. After the meteor crashed in Nova Scotia, burning down her Inn, Esmeralda and her children fled to Mortimer.

From her birth, she was hailed as a rare beauty within Mortimer for her pure pelt, but possessed devilish eyes. Although loved equally by both of her parents with her sisters, Zuri seemed favored by her father for her exotic look compared to his other daughters. Zuri grew a closer connection with her father, but cared for all of her family as well as her adoptive brother.

While growing up, Zuri caught on to the way her uncle, Viper Arsenic Trombetta, treats her father and the rest of her family. She hates that they are viewed as inferior to his own queen and heirs. She sought to prove her uncle wrong, and show that her family is just as good as his, and that her father could be just as good as he could be.

Zuri currently lives with her family in Mortimer as one of Pythius' heiresses. She, along with her sisters, are tutored on the finer workings of Mortimer and the proper appearance to have when they become the face of Mortimer. Zuri is fond of following her father around while he is working, asking him as many questions as she can. She works hard and often makes competitions with her cousins, wanting to rub it in Viper's face that she's just as good as them, if not better.

Having grown tired of the prison Mortimer set her in, Zuri helped her cousin escape from the kingdom, assisting him and his lover to western Canada. Once she was sure they were safe, she began to head back in the direction she came, branching out in the direction of Nova Scotia. It was here she was sure she would find her freedom she sought for so long.







  • Date of Birth: 14 Feb 2016
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Toronto, Canada; Mortimer Castle
  • Mate: Baelish D'Angelo
  • Pack: Mortimer
  • Rank: Heiress
    • Co-Rank: —
  • Pronunciation:
    • 'Zur-ri'
    • 'Ah-sid-ik'
    • 'Trom-beta'
  • Nickname: None
  • Epithet: '?'
  • Etymology:
    • "Beautiful" - Swahili
    • "Poison" - Latin
    • "Trumpeter" - Italian


  • Alexandros is a male Big brown bat.
  • Found by Zuri on the outskirts of Mortimer shortly after finding Darion.
  • Acts protective of Darion.
  • Curious and sometimes known to get into trouble. Plays along with Zuri to cause some trouble for others.


  • Darion is a male Northern long-earred bat.
  • Found by Zuri on the outskirts of Mortimer after learning to train and speak to bats.
  • Likes keeping close to Zuri and will sometimes hide in her hair and dresses.



  • Zuri is open to Mortimer/Canada area threads in Canon LASKY. Want to have a thread with her outside of Nova Scotia?

Mortimer members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Hanging out around the castle either by herself, with her siblings, or her parents.
  • Following Pythius around.

Outfit Assumptions:

  • Wearing her prized bat-winged necklace.
  • Adorned in roses, red flowers, and other decorative items.
  • Usually wearing either a long or short white dress.




  • Species: Zuri is a hybrid of wolf, coyote, and dog. There are small features of each heritage that show through her physical appearance. Her body is slim and angular like the coyote she inherited from her father, though her face looks more wolf. She has one upright ear and the other is flopped over like a dog. There is a slight curl in her tail from her dog heritage.
  • Fur: Zuri's fur is a bit on the short side, though grows thicker in the colder months. It's very soft and well kept to Mortimer's standards.
    • Optime Hair: Zuri has long, flowing white hair. She puts it up herself, using a couple strands near the top of her hair to hand just below her ears. There are a few stray stands in the front, but most of it flows towards the back.
  • Facial Features: Zuri's face has mostly wolf features, though the one flopped over ear shows her dog heritage.
  • Build and Size: Zuri has a bit of a lean build compared to her parents and siblings. She doesn't have that much muscle, though works to gain a little more in her arms and legs.
  • Humanization: High. Much like everyone else in Mortimer, Zuri is almost always wearing clothing and accessories. There are some times in private where she chooses not to wear anything, but they are few and far in between.
    • Clothing: Zuri loves to wear dresses, especially ones that are all white, just like her fur. She will wear a range of dresses, whether they are short, long, have straps, or are without them. For formal occasions, she will wear a long, white, strapless dress.
    • Accessories: Zuri has one accessories that she treasures more than anything else, and is almost always seen wearing it. It is a red-gemed necklace with bat wings and a hanging pentagram. It is held together by two chains, the shorter of the two having small silver bars hanging from it. She is also known to decorate herself and her hair with roses and other accessories.


Coloration and Palette

  • Fur:
    • Primary Merino.
  • Markings:
    • Some small shades of Can Can on her muzzle, elbows, and the bottoms of her hands and feet.
  • Eyes: Crimson
  • Optime Hair: White and Merino
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Can Can
Crimson (#D71827)
Can Can (#DEA1A5)
White (#FFFFFF)
Merino (#F6F0E4)



75 lbs (34 kg)30 in (76 cm)
Zuri will rarely use her lupus form. She normally only uses this form when the rest of her family is in it, or it is required of her. She sill sometimes use this form for hunting, but would rather hunt in optime form. Her lean figure is noticeable in this form.


140 lbs (63.5 kg)41 in (104 cm)
Zuri never uses her secui form. She doesn't see the use for it, and chooses to fight on two feet rather than four. She also finds it a bit too bulky for her tastes.


210 lbs (95 kg)6ft 4in (76 in) (193 cm)
Zuri is rarely seen outside of her optime form. She finds it the perfect form for her everyday tasks and the skills she pursues. When in this form, her slim figure is more visible, giving her a nice curvy body. She gains her long hair, which she stylizes herself.


Medical Note

Due to her albinism, Zuri suffers from photophobia, making her eyes very sensitive to the light. She has other vision problems due to this, and therefore limits her time in the day, preferring to be awake during the night. Her fur and skin act in much the same manner as her eyes.

  • Piercings: -
  • Tattoos: -
  • Scars: -


  • Confident, Calm, Relaxing, Caring
    • Zuri displays herself in a confident manner, though keeps herself calm and level-headed. She sees no point in losing her temper unless there is a reason to. She likes to keep up her image in public around Mortimer.
    • Though not seen as often in the public face, Zuri can be a very relaxing person to be around, especially if she is with another member of her immediate family.
    • Compared to the rest of those in her family, Zuri can be a gentle and caring heiress. It is clear to everyone in Mortimer how much she cares for her family, but even with the regular members, she can share her caring side when she feels it is needed or will help to better those in Mortimer.
  • Proper, Respectful, Law-abiding
    • Being a daughter of the High Lord, Zuri makes sure that she is respectful to those above her, but also shows it to those below her if they are aiding her with something. She keeps herself in a proper posture and image to the public eye, and prides herself on showing the teachings of her parents.
    • Though probably not seen desirable, Zuri abides to all the laws within Mortimer, and makes sure the rest of the coven does as well. If anyone tries to get out of them, including the Overlord and his family, she is the first one to call them out on it.
  • Manipulative
    • Zuri learned fast from her father how to be manipulative. She mostly reserves this side of her when it comes to making deals, or speaking to those outside of Mortimer, but if it will help her personal gain, or to expose corruption, she will use it on others in Mortimer.
  • Outspoken, Unafraid, Tough
    • Zuri is not afraid of anything, least of which speaking her mind when she sees something that is wrong. Pythius urges her to keep her mouth shut at least around Viper, but she will tell him straight to his face what is wrong with everything he does, and accept whatever punishment he gives her for it. No one will silence her and her freedom of speech.
    • Even though her father is the weaker of the two leaders, Zuri has taken up to learning how to fight, and is tough enough to face those who either try to challenge her for her rank, or to beat those down who are misbehaving. She has no problem with killing others, as long as it is called for. This rule does not apply to outsiders not allied with Mortimer.


  • Speech: Zuri always holds a confident tone with others, but it becomes much more relaxed and care-free with her family.
  • Scent: Blood, and Roses. Disguises her scent with the heavy smell of roses when outside Mortimer.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Nothing special.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Dominant and confident posture when in public. When she is with her family, except for Viper and his children, she is much more relaxed.



Confident, Proper, Law-abiding, Manipulative, Outspoken, Caring.

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted, dominant
  • Expression: Dominant, confident, relaxed
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
    • "Lawful evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents methodical, intentional, and frequently successful evil."
    • "Once given, they break their word only if they can find a way to do it legally, within the laws of the society."
    • "A lawful evil character will define his terms and live by them, whether anyone else likes it or not."


  • Family
  • Mortimer
  • Personal Growth
  • Leadership


  • Loss of Family: Since growing up in Mortimer, Zuri has learned never to be afraid of anything. Still, the one fear she can never let go of is the loss of her family. Her family is very important to her, and she cares about every single person, with the exception of Viper and his children. She hates the idea of something happening to any of them.


  • Non-Luperci
    • Actively dislikes and treats with disdain, as is the norm for Mortimer.
  • Age
    • Elders are considered to hold a larger quantity of knowledge, thus giving them cause to be given a little extra respect.


  • Heterosexual. Although Zuri has no problems with same sex relationships or even incest, she chooses not to partake in it. She wants to find one prince to have as her own mate, and him alone. She strives to be the dominant one in the relationship, but can be gentle if she needs to be.


  • Likes: Family, Mortimer, self growth, manipulation, doing what is right.
  • Dislikes: Disrespect, corruption, non-luperci, rain.
    • Viper


As not to ruin her image, Zuri normally does not partake in any kinds of substances, at least not in the public. When in private, and with those she trusts, she may try some, but even then, it is not often she does this.


Zuri follows Mortimer's religious beliefs, though in her spare time she explores Paganism, the old religious practice and takes part in some of it.


Family: Acidic, Trombetta, Behr, & Ganesa

Family Relations

  • Esmeralda Acidic: Zuri has a close connection with her mother, and enjoys spending time with her. She is happy to know that with Viper's mate not living in Mortimer currently, her mother is the most powerful woman in the entire coven. She likes taking lessons from her mother, but they don't hold as much interest as her father's lessons do.
  • Pythius Absinthe Trombetta: Probably the single most important person in her life, Zuri adores her father and spends as much time with him as she can. She pays attention to all of his lessons, and asks him as many questions as she can. She wants to show her father how much good she can do for Mortimer, thanks to him, and prove the coven will be left in good hands for when he steps down.
  • Viper Arsenic Trombetta: Zuri hates her uncle. She has seen the way Viper treats her father and the rest of her family. Zuri is the first to defend all of them against the Overlord, and believes he is corrupting Mortimer with his leadership since he sees himself above everyone else and the law.
  • Mysterious Prince: Esmeralda's oldest son is Zuri's half sibling. Even though he is not Pythius' son, she is happy her father treats him like he is, and she does just the same, as if he were her birth brother.
  • Lotus Acidic-Trombetta: Lotus is the middle sibling, and the one that looks the most like their mother. Zuri loves her sister and defends her happily whenever Viper calls her out on her short tail and hair.
  • Morana Trombetta: Morana is the youngest of her siblings, and the one that looks the most like their father. She loves and protects her little trouble maker, and is the one who influenced her decision to dye her hair a shade of red.
  • Griffith Trombetta: Zuri's cousin, and the one she hates the most. He takes so much after her uncle and claims that one day she will be his. She does her best to keep away from him, but competes with him the most to put him and her uncle in their own places.

General Relations

  • Acquaintances: None

Positive Relations

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations

  • None to note
  • None to note
  • None to note

Minor Relations

Combat Log

  • Win:
  • Draw:
  • Loss:

Skills and Inventory




  • Reading (Journeyman): Zuri can read things written in both English and Italian. Her reading is average, but not that great when it comes to some big words.
  • Writing (Journeyman): Zuri can write just as well as she can read. She is good at writing, but nothing too fancy and has trouble with big words.


  • Daggers (Dabbler): Zuri is still too young to hold a weapon, but she sees the use of daggers and has been sitting in on some lessons on how to use them, so she can practice when she gets older.
  • Polearms (Dabbler): Zuri is still too young to handle a weapon, but has grown an attraction to the reach and power of polearms. Knowing Viper's primary weapon, she seeks to learn one to counter his should he come after her family.



Zuri currently doesn't partake in any trading.

  • Offering: —
  • Accepting: —


Personal Items

  • A small dagger she keeps hidden under her longer dresses.
  • A decorated polearm.
  • A red-gemed necklace with bat wings and a pentagram.
  • A white corset.
  • A variety of white dresses.


Zuri was born at her mother's Inn on February 14th with her siblings, Lotus Acidic-Trombetta and Morana Trombetta. The three of them, along with their half brother lived at the Inn for two months, learning about their mother's slave trade and how she ran it.

When the meteor crashed in Nova Scotia, Esmeralda's Inn caught fire, threatening to burn her family along with it. She managed to get them all out alive, though the same could not be said for her slaves. Having nowhere else to go, Esmeralda and her children made their way to Mortimer, meeting up with Pythius. He allowed them to stay in his quarters, though Esmeralda decided to stay perminantly as his mate and queen. Zuri and her sisters began learning how to act properly under Pythius as his heirs.



  • February: Esmeralda gives birth to her's and Pythius' three daughters: Zuri, Lotus, and Morana.
  • April: After the meteor crashes and burns down Esmeralda's Inn, she journeys along with her son and daughters to Mortimer, where they now live as royalty. Zuri grows a close bond with her father.

Post Log



  1. That day is not today (Jun 25)
    After getting in an argument with her uncle, Zuri and her father, Pythius Absinthe Trombetta, have a little talk and bonding time.



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