Veri Secanti

Veri was born of Solomon Secanti and Iona. Currently she is a member of Casa di Cavalieri ranked not only as a member of the elite Brotherhood, but the Council in which makes sure Casa runs smoothly.

Veri Secanti

by Nina



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Date of Birth

8 October 2011




Birth place




100% Canis lupus (Wolf)


25.5% Tundra Wolf
40.5% Tibetian Wolf?
34% Arabian Wolf




Mate Rurik Ivanov
Pack Casa di Cavalieri
Council Rank Chief Cleric
Brotherhood Rank Lionheart
Co-Rank Healer
Ambassadorship Cour des Miracles

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  3.   3.  Coloration
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    1.   4.1  Lupus
    2.   4.2  Secui
    3.   4.3  Optime
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1.  Appearance

Veri carries herself comfortably, her submissive/dominant posture varies on which canines she's around, but most of the time she's neutral unless one of the other is demanded of her. Her stance is straighter, more human-like, although her mane remains free and unbraided or otherwise tampered with. Her sapphire like eyes express many emotions that might be hidden from her face, her bane sometimes. Her fur is mostly a slightly dark cream with a dark underside and light grey points along her digits, ears, and tail.

2.  Build and Species

The Tundra Wolf brings in a dense soft fur that keeps out the cold an gives her a slightly rougher appearance in her Lupus and Secui forms than her fairer Tibetian and Arabian Wolf blood might. However her color, her delicate ears, slender muzzle and small stature come from those genes.

3.  Coloration

  • Optime Hair: Cream Brulee (#FFE5A0), with some highlights of Domino (#8E775E) and Double Spanish White (#E6D7B9)
  • Eyes: Azure Radiance (#007FFF) mixed with Bahama Blue (#026395)
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Cream Brulee (#FFE5A0) with kisses of Raw Sienna (#D27D46) down her chest and belly
    • Markings Ash (#C6C3B5) kisses the tips of her ears, hands, and tail

4.  Forms

4.1  Lupus

4.2  Secui

4.3  Optime

136 lbs (62 kg)
26 in (66 cm)

165 lbs (75 kg)
38 in (97 cm)

149 lbs (68 kg)
5ft 9in (69 in) (175 cm)

Veri's Lupus form is rarely used. She's fleet of foot due to her size and sleek furred.

This is where the Tundra Wolf in her blood kicks in. The mane thickens and makes her look bigger, longer, and meaner. Veri uses this form for big prey hunting or traveling on all fours.

Optime is what Veri uses the most, especially due to the pack she calls home is warrior based and quite humanized. Her hair is wild but straightish; she tends to leave it alone, although she will comb it through with her fingers ever now and then.

5.  Other

5.1  Modifications

  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars: The most prominent is the one circled around her muzzle and her wrists, others crisscross all over the rest of her body. Good slice that carves a trail from the left juncture between her neck and shoulder down to the top of her left breast. Also has three furrows that drag down her right eye and swipes across the bridge of her muzzle. She is blinded in that eye now, with her iris being a paler blue than her left.

5.2  References

  • It is okay to mention her presence in the stables, gardens, Medico rooms, riding around the territory borders.
  • Interactions are okay if limited to a general hello or something of that ilk. For something more in depth, please pm me. :D

5.3  Accessories

  • A pair of softened leather cuffs are occasionally worn on her wrists as a cover for the scars there. They are tightened and held in place by leather laces. <--Worn less often now.

5.4  Clothes

  • There are times Veri wears clothes and others she does not. She does not own many, and there are none meant for special occasions. Her wardrobe consists of a leather padded jerkin/shirt and adjustable leather pants that she can lace up the sides. Actual clothing is a blue halter top and off white trousers she scrounged while she traveled. She also inherited a wider range of things from her father, although she has not explored each article yet.

5.5  Images

Credit from left to right: Ariel, Nat (for coloring) and RuneDraconis (for lines), Lin, and Nat


Veri was originally quiet, docile, meek, and submissive, although very attentive, a listener rather than a speaker. This was the wolf her father molded her to be. Since joining Casa di Cavalieri her confidence in herself has lifted and she will no longer shrink away from any canine that comes close. Maybe if they are an exceptionally large male, but her tail no longer cowers at the sight of such a man. Her ways are peaceful, however she is now a warrior in a pack of warriors, still with the heart of a healer. She won't let herself be bullied or put down, nor others she sees getting the same. Respect is always given to those who are above her or have earned it. Once a higher rank is hers she'll pride herself in going toe to toe with her leaders if necessary, however she'll never be belligerent. She's still a listener despite her more outspoken habits. If her side is wrong she'll back down and support her superiors, and if not...we'll see what happens if it does.

6.  Demeanor

Since having children of her own she's grown comfortable around them. Elders are respected. Those who think they are entitled will perhaps see a little of the temper that lies in wait beneath the surface.

7.  Ideals

7.1  Interests

  • Likes: Veri likes to spend time with the horses in the stables. Tending to the garden behind the Courthouse relaxes her. If she can spend time with a canine she calls friend, she enjoys that greatly. Sparring is fun for her.
  • Dislikes: Mistreatment of horses. Losing plants to the weather. Being underestimated because of her size or her occupation as a healer. Seeing others hurt. People who bully or belittle those below them.

7.2  Traits

Veri has a gentle touch with her patients however she expects them to obey doctor's orders.

  • Outlook: Veri is a healthy balance of optimism and pessimism.
  • Expression: Although largely introverted, with the right canine she will open up. Once comfortable Veri can be dominant but respects her elders and superiors
  • Alignment: Neutral Good

7.3  Fears

  • Failure, powerlessness, losing someone she loves, Solomon

7.4  Motivations

  • She won't be weak again and she will protect her pack and her home.

7.5  Biases

  • Packs: Salsola is not particularly her favorite due to their tendency to have slaves. She is very loyal to Casa.
  • Species: Her mind is an open one here.
  • Non-Luperci: She hasn't spent much time around a non-Luperci, but she suspects they aren't much different than her, just stuck on four legs.
  • Gender: Big men are not her first choice to be around but she does not hate them and gives them a chance.
  • Color: She hasn't found any.
  • Sexuality: You love who you love, is there more to it than that?
  • Age: Elders are respected for their experience and pups are protected and cherished.

7.6  Sexuality

Veri has little sense of a libido unless it's during her heat, in which case she does have a desire to be intimate with another canine however it is not unmanageable. She believes her partner should be a one time thing. Veri isn't into flings or one night stands or anything of that variety. And if that canine were to transition from lover to mate then she would prefer to hold them until only death parted them. Her experience with other canines is limited, as she's shy if she likes someone, however her actual experience in bed is quite extensive.

7.7  Substances

If alcohol is considered a substance, she has tried it and was not impressed by the taste. What she had was whiskey, so perhaps not the best first attempt choice, but it left an impression that won't allow her to drink were anything to occur.

7.8  Spirituality

Veri has grown to believe in the god of her pack leaders, Fenris. She doesn't necessarily pray to him, but she does thank him for good fortune and sends him pleas in the middle of a fight or for the sake of someone she cares for.


8.  Key Relations

  • Rurik Ivanov: This canine is Veri's closest friend and something like a therapist, since they were both tormented by the same person. They saved each other from their selves and continue to do so. Years of being on the cusp of a relationship have finally come to a resolution; they were mated just recently, bringing their evasive, secret relationship impasse to a close
  • Alistair Callow-Knight: The ex-Lune and ex-Sole of her pack is someone she feels she could trust both personally and as her superior. Although he's disappeared without a trace, she'd help him within a heartbeat if they were to cross paths. Her faith in him remains strong, even if his own has not.
  • Lola: This silver vixen was among the first to win Veri's trust, she loves Lola to pieces and greatly misses her friend.
  • Morty: As the Medic for Casa it was natural to meet Morty and bond with her. The greyed canine can have a mean temper and a tongue like a viper but she knows her stuff and gets the job done.

9.  Family: Secanti

10.  Minor Relations

11.  Former Relations

  • Solomon Secanti: This man was a living nightmare to Veri for the first year and a half, or so, of her life. She doesn't mourn him and she's glad his presence is no longer a weight on her mind.


  • Speech: She has no accent from another land, although sarcasm or anger can make her sound slightly British.
  • Scent: Pack- Salt water, earthy, slightly metallic. Personal-Softly of herbs, horses, and lilacs.

12.  Residence

  • A large wall surrounds and protects the Fort. There is many homes and shops, a library, racetrack, training rings, stables, barn, and the Courthouse, where Veri sleeps. Most of her time is spent in the gardens behind the Courthouse or in the Medico rooms sorting through the herbs. Recently it's been in the stables with her personal mount, Seeker.

13.  NPCs

13.1  Seeker

  • Species: Horse
  • Age and DOB: 8 years, 5 April 2009
  • Description: About 16hh, dapple grey thoroughbred stallion with black mane and tail and dark points at his muzzle and legs. Due to age he's started to go white in some areas.
  • Personality: A well trained war horse but still with a gentle heart. Loves treats, hence his name.

13.2  Elda

  • Species: Horse
  • Age and DOB: 6 years, 2011
  • Description: Stands about 17 hands, buckskin with white splash; white mane and a faded tail.
  • Personality: Friendly towards Luperci but free spirited and slightly aloof. Quite intelligent; she will test her handler's patience when asked to perform tasks and needs to be shown who's boss.

14.  Abilities

14.1  Strengths

  • Horsewoman (Journeyman): Since Veri's gotten Seeker, her own horse, she has gotten far more involved in the stables. Seeker is a product of mostly just Veri's training. This skill is still a Journeyman despite her experience because with horses there is always more to learn.
  • Medical (Master): She's read every book in the Fort library that has to do with medicine or herbs and she's learned of all the new plants and trees that grow 'Souls and their medicinal properties when it comes to injuries, illness, or aching joints. She knows which ones taste good too.
  • Sword/Dagger (Master): She's fast, accurate, calm, and deadly. She trains constantly to improve and keep her skill as sharp as her weapons.
  • Staff (Journeyman): If a staff is the closest thing at hand for her to grab she can use it efficiently but the bulk of it has made her swing more toward the sword and dagger profession, but she still keeps her wits about her while a staff is in her hands.
  • Hand to Hand (Master): She could be willing to say that her up close combat skills are a little better than her sword and dagger but it's pretty even. Her limbs are used to flesh on flesh contact and are now hardened and battle ready. Veri is well versed in martial arts, although her wrestling lacks a little bit, but overall this capability is a fail safe she can fall back on.

14.2  Weaknesses

  • Due to her father, big scary males can make her freeze up, go on guard, or prepare to defend herself if they catch her unawares.

15.  Inventory

15.1  Trade

Veri isn't a big trader but if another member of her pack wants something she has (except for her horse, she won't trade Seeker), then she might be willing to accept in return for something of an equal value.

  • Offering: Things your character can offer.
  • Accepting: Things your character wants.

15.2  Items

Category of Things

  • Bow and arrow, with 20 arrows.
  • A sword.
  • Staff.
  • Knife.

Category of Things

  • Hooded cloak.
  • Medicinal bag.
  • Blue halter top and off white trousers.
  • Padded leather jerkin and adjustable leather pants
  • Two personally owned saddles for her horse.
  • One personally owned bridle for her horse.


15.3  Pack Game

Go get your Pack Game template and put it here; else delete this section.

15.4  Catacombs

Go get your Catacombs and put it here; else delete this section.


Veri was born in 'Souls but taken away from her mother by her father when she was very young. He used her for labor while she grew, but also enjoyed tormenting her in other ways, which she has a few scars from, mostly on her back, chest, paws, and muzzle. On top of labor and the occasional beating, her father taught her to fight with a sword, staff, dagger, and hand to hand, as well as some moderate martial arts, but never anything too heavy. Muscle built up in her frame, making her just a tad frightening if she changed to her Secui form. However, that just made her beatings worse to make sure she wouldn't try to jump on her father and run. But realistically, she couldn't leave him because she didn't think she had anywhere to go. That is, until her father captured another wolf. She didn't know for how long he was kept with them, but she was allowed a respite from her father's torments. However, instead of herself, they were directed at the male. It horrified her to see what was done to him, in some ways he was treated worse than she was. She tried to help him where she was able, give him morsels of food to boost his strength, a few more sips of water, even doctoring a few of his wounds a little so they didn't get infected. She was never sure how much he understood or remembered, but he did ask for her name, once. She gave it, and then he passed out cold. Eventually she learned his name from her father. Soon it actually became her job to care for him and make sure he didn't die before her father said he could. One night, he seemed strangely lucid, and, seemingly by accident, she left the door to his room open. The next morning, he was long gone. Her beating was severe that day, enough to where she couldn't move for a week, but her father didn't kill her, because he didn't suspect her of defying him and giving the male a way out. When she was well enough to move again, she decided she'd had enough and drugged her father so he'd sleep deeply all night. She took a black traveling cloak, a staff, a raptor sword, a jungle bowie knife, and a canteen of water, and left to search for the strange male. She'd known he was from 'Souls, so she headed there to start, knowing only his name. Rurik.

Since then she's found the dark furred male in the pack Casa di Cavalieri, and she's slowly healed from the damage her father has done, and she's helped Rurik too. She's made friends, moved up in rank, and grown to love her new home. She feels safe there.

More time has passed and Solomon has found her and Rurik. Her friend went out to attempt killing her father and nearly was killed himself in the process. In anger Veri confronted Solomon and ended up with Seeker as a gift when they parted. But the near death of Rurik was too much to let pass and she went after him. Her venture strung her out from Casa and upon returning home she must start over from the bottom and work her way up again. Her head is a little better on her shoulders now, but it doesn't help that the reason she'd returned, to be with Rurik, had left without a trace. Now she trains, she waits for Solomon to make a move, and she pines for her friend that means so much more to come back home safely.

During the flood of 2015 Veri found a young male pup next to the body of his mother that had given her life to keep the child alive. The Medico took the pup in as her own and raised him as best she could. After an encounter with Belial she became pregnant with her daughter Isobel. At this time is when Rurik returned home and their friendship/more than friendship speel started rolling again.

16.  Threads