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Further Reading: Ranks, Old Caledonian Gods and Fashion

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  1.   1.  Rules
  2.   2.  Earn Your Points
  3.   3.  Spend Your Points

In New Caledonia, the pack game is where your character collects points is referred to as Honor. Honor can be accumulated by various means, as indicated below! Start earning your way towards some pretty shinies today~

1.  Rules

  • The Honor System does not follow normal completion rules.
    • Threads that are still active can have their posts submitted for points; in other words, threads do not have to be archived in order to claim points.
  • Honor points must be tracked separately for each character accepted into the pack. However, points may be combined to claim prizes, i.e. Custom icon costs 500 Honor. Player wants to take 250 from Wolf and 250 from Dog. This is acceptable.
  • Submit your points in the Maintanence thread! Please explicitly mark where and how you are getting your points when you submit; while a spreadsheet is not required, it's a good way to keep up with everything and not submit the same posts more than once. C:
    • If there is a discrepancy with your points, leadership will reach out with a PM to get it sorted out!

2.  Earn Your Points



2 200-299 word count post
3 300-399 word count post
...and so on for every additional 100 words in a post!
5 Create an AW or AW+ in or outside of NC Territory
Greet a joiner
Create a pack pride graphic
10 Have a thread that uses or features your character's co-rank
Complete a thread prompt
Update the New Caledonia History page
Third place Top Poster for the month
15 Second place Top Poster for the month
Make a substantial update to the Membership Directory
25 Earn a new co-rank or the next tier of an existing co-rank
Complete a ritual involving one of New Caledonia's Gods
Contribute a tradition to New Caledonia from your character's culture!
First place Top Poster for the month
50 Recruit someone into New Caledonia
Win a pack contest
75 Create a pack plot
100 Complete and claim your Grand Quest
Earn three Tier III co-ranks

3.  Spend Your Points



50 Move or change a title, or move an icon
250 Permanent Title With NC color fade
350 Permanent NC Icon
400 Permanent Custom Title
500 Permanent Custom Icon
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