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Looking for a way to get involved? New Caledonia is a land of both tradition and new ideas waiting for a renaissance to be born. Members are encouraged to submit their own ideas to grow the Realm and provide Caledonia with a strong foundation on which to thrive. What better way to get involved than by starting your very own Pack Project? We're always open to your ideas, so let us hear it!

If you have an idea for a pack project, it's best to take a few things into consideration first. Pack Projects involving other packs need to consider the impact of all those involved, and the the extra work it might entail given a larger pool of people. It's also best to consider whether it makes rational IC sense for your character to head a particular project. How many people would it involve? What materials are needed and what are their availability? How long will this project take? These are all relevant and necessary details one should consider before submitting an idea. As always, the more research you put into a project, the better! It allows both us and you to come up with a strong viable plan to move things forward. If you're still unsure whether your idea is viable or a good fit for Caledonia's narrative, feel free to contact NC leadership at the NC OOC account. We'll be happy to discuss it with you!

Current Projects

Memorial | February 2022 - TBA

Project Lead: Iomair & Fennore
An area just outside of the City Square has been chosen as a location for Caledonians to come and contemplate and reflect upon the Conflict. The project sees artisans being relied upon to create the overall structure. Large stones (etched with the fallens names) and logs create a perimeter with interplanting of flowers lain between. Benches could be built to face out towards the sea.

Project Application

Player Name(s):

Project Name:

Project Lead Character:

Description of Project: PM should include a detailed description of your project, a timeline for completion, an outline of materials and/or resources needed, skills required for completion, and any assistance your character would require. A vague outline of threads is encouraged, but not required. If your project involves other packs, please take current pack relationships into account. Feel free to send any and all additional research you have on your project.

Additional: Does it utilize a co-rank? Will this effect New Caledonia long-term? How-so?

Ongoing Projects

While there may be large projects now and again, there are a few tasks that are constantly ongoing that may be assumed without needing to set up a full-scale project.

Clean up of Fort Louisbourg & Haven

General cleaning, weeding, and minor superficial repairs to structures, streets, and miscellaneous parts of the town.

Past Projects

Dye Studio Project | April 2020

Project Lead: Calan Brecours (Nocturne)
Project Topic: [NC] Dye Project
New Caledonia’s numbers might be rapidly increasing, but without any major source of income, the Realm is heavily reliant on the handouts of other packs to survive. For a group with big ambitions and even bigger potential, this simply won’t do! Drawing from his background in fine wares, Calan Brecours has been floating around the idea of opening up a dye studio in the newly minted Deadlands. Now that he has the permission of the King, it’s time to get cracking and usher in a new era of prosperity! Who knows what untold riches await...

The Stable Project | June 2020 - August 2020

Project Leads: Toraberā Tanaka (Smike) and Kadir Ahearne (Mads)
As things become more... stable in New Caledonia, it has become clear that Rhovanion needs an upgrade. While the pasture has some temporary paddocks and lean-tos, we lack a proper barn! Torabera Tanaka and Kadir Ahearne have formally proposed a stable for our collection of livestock and communal horses -- in order to protect them from the elements and offer them respite when sick or giving birth.
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