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  3.   3.  October Thread Prompts

Each month this page will be updated with cyclical monthly Thread Prompts. Thread Prompts are a fun and fluid system for the accumulation of Honor points to use to claim prizes in the New Caledonian pack game. They can consist of actions, themes, colors, dialogue, and sometimes even music. Thread prompts are designed to inspire you and present fun new challenges and Honor point rewards.

Occasionally we will have a Storyline (comparable to a random event that would transpire in an rpg) in which your character will be able to interact with the situation and resolve it with no strict timeline.

Additionally, this is where Guild prompts will be posted so that you can earn renown for your Guild!

1.  Rules

  • Completion defines that you have written 1000 words, regardless of how many posts you have made.
  • Try to complete threads in a timely fashion. There are no penalties for late completion, but you should aim to finish your threads over a period of 1-4 months.
  • Do NOT include thread prompt points in your Honor log unless they meet completion standards (i.e., 1000 words)
  • New Caledonia encourages the use of NPCs; however, RO threads are disqualified and may not collect Honor points. Threads need to be with another player.
  • When participating in Storylines, players may choose to interact as Guild Members or Individuals. Threads that meet completion requirements as individuals net +10 honor.

2.  Points

  • Points contribute towards the New Caledonian Honor system.
  • Completed thread prompts award 10 points each.
  • Completed Storyline threads award 10 points each.
  • Complete all 5 thread prompts for a bonus of 10 points.

3.  October Thread Prompts

Head over to our Spooktober 2021 newspost for this month's Halloween-themed prompts!

Guild Challenge: Prepare goods or knowledge with your Guild that can be shared with the Realm at large. It can be distributing leftover spoils from your collective storage, offering training in a particular skill to prospectives, or anything that you deem a staple of your Guild that can be shared and enjoyed by all!

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