Liam Kaelan

Pack History



  • Residence: Onuba
  • Pack History:
  • Prior Rank History:
    • Novus

  • Birthplace: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
  • Family: Kaelan
    • Mother: Catrine Berthoud
    • Father: Sterling Kaelan
    • Siblings: Harper Kaelan, Bryson Kaelan
    • Mate: --
    • Offspring: --
  • cNPC:
    • --
  • yNPC:
    • --
  • Minor NPC:
    • --


OOC Assumptions

  • I'm a LASKY character!
  • Onubans may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:
    • Seeing Liam tend to books in a library.
    • Liam writing diligently in his journals, or studying botanicals or other various things.
    • Seeing him sketching birds.
    • Brief and nondescript social interactions, such as greetings or small talk.
  • For more specific assumptions, please reach out to Despi.



31 Aug 2013


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Liam Kaelan - countryman, gentleman, scholar - was born alongside brother Bryson and sister Harper. Being the second born did not spare him from being the runt of his litter, and his early development set him up for his wavering sense of self and inability to make decisions in favor of following the lead of both of his rather intense siblings.

The one constant that has remained was his utter disinterest in his siblings' more rowdy mannerisms. Liam embraced a more passive approach from the very start, adapting quickly to the mold set out for him as a follower while Harper and Bryson duked it out for the role of natural-born-leader. This attitude was nourished and fed by father Sterling's stern enforcement of the family's faith, though the only outcome this proved to serve was a quiet and oftentimes petty skepticism.

Once he managed to escape his awkward adolesence, the idealistic Welshman set out on his own into the world to broaden his own horizons. After his brief stint in Sapient (the only civilized place in Nova Scotia, it seemed), Liam boarded a boat, and shipped off to Onuba, where he now resides.

1.  Appearance




 Night Rider (#281713)
 Bistre (#3C2B1F)
 Quincy (#5B3E2D)
 Spicy Mix (#8B6148)
 Donkey Brown (#A38879)
 Westar (#E3DFDA)
 Amulet (#7B9C81)
 Eternity (#291A11)

Liam, in many respects, is utterly unremarkable.

His body shape is nondescript, but entirely dog, with the long-torso and somewhat shorter legs of a shepherd, and much of his lankiness is masked by the plush and thick double coat. His face is boyish and boxy, and ears are folded. Regardless of form, Liam is vain in the sense that he prefers to be well-groomed and manicured. His humanization is high, and he rarely trades between forms - who on earth would trade out hands??

Liam's optime form is somewhat on the stringy side, and his plush double coat is more sleek, though it does show off more of his skin's imperfections.


Distinctive Features

  • Fur: Predominantly Spicy mix, fading to Donkey Brown towards his underbelly, and Quincy towards his spine.
    • Markings: Bistre and Night Rider saddle. Night Rider ticking (and moles, so many moles). Expresses irish white spotting.
    • Underbelly: Westar, Donkey Brown.
  • Eyes: Amulet.
  • Optime Hair: Night Rider roots, fading out to a fluffy Bistre.
  • Nose, Scars and Paw Pads: Eternity.

Moles, moles, moles! Liam's skin is riddled with imperfections and spots, and subtle little bumps and raises beneath his skin.

Aside from his otherwise neutral physical appearance - Liam has the rather unusual quirk of leaning in close to books or pages whilst writing with mildly narrowed eyes, suggesting something of near-sightedness.


  • Speech: Soft, and rather were-spoken. Easily fumbles and stammers whilst flustered.
  • Scent: Ink, parchment, jasmine, tea leaves, dog.
  • General Posture: Predominantly impeccable, unless working or pouring over text. He's either straight-laced, or slouched, there is no in-between. Possesses a gliding, though slightly shuffling gait.

2.  Personality



Fastidious and detail-oriented, Liam is obsessive over perfection, and perhaps, more specifically, script and writing.

Utterly incapable of lifting a sword, Liam instead dedicated himself to learning rather than combative pursuits, which suited his pacifist nature just fine. Unfortunately, though, with little social expanding and a neurotic fixation, it's capitulated in an insufferable know-it-all attitude and a stunted perspective on what constitutes over-sharing. Whilst perceptive, Liam is terrible under pressure and does not cope well under attention. Good-natured and well-intentioned, some of his doting care can be construed as condescending. He just really loves to share.

A compulsive neat freak, Liam derives that Good Seratonin in keeping house, and maintaining tidy spaces - excessive clutter produced by others often is a detriment to his comfort and often provides a point of contention and strain on his relationships.


Condescending Compassion, The Finicky One, Innocently Insensitive, Brainy Brunette, The Ditherer


Prim, proper, polite and prudish. He's the whole package.


  • Neutral Good
  • Based upon his alignment, Liam is most likely to:
    • Feel guilt when he commits a wrongdoing and will seek to right his wrong.
    • Believe everyone should be treated fairly and kindly.
    • Keep his word.
    • Value his family, but will not heed their requests necessarily.




  • Likes:
    • Books, quiet, warm hearths, birds (from a very safe distance), the smell of charcoal
  • Dislikes:
    • Touching or being touched, mess, violence, hedonism
  • Motivations:
    • Order, calm, social standing, pursuit of learning and furthering society
  • Fears:
    • Horses, cats, (most "companion" animals, frankly), fire, violence, God


While undisclosed, and deep in the closet, it can probably be guessed by how sweaty bubbly and nervous his demeanor shifts when interacting with more masculine individuals. He's a romantic at heart, but his touch aversion and unwillingness to confront his sexuality make it difficult to form long-lasting and stable relationships.

Libido? What libido, he just wants to scandalously hold hands with someone.

  • Vague and nebulous fear of children - they're destructive, rowdy, messy, and difficult to communicate with, which is exasperating.
  • Wolves and Coyotes are generally seen as savage and ruthless.
  • Non-Luperci are pitiable primitives, like, can they even read? Poor things.


  • Loose (and speculative) Lutheranism Protestant beliefs.
    • Monotheism
    • The Bible (Old and New testaments) are the only 'divine' or 'holy' documents - and if true of course, are the direct word of the one true deity put into scripture.
    • Just a fun little healthy dose of Fear Of The Wrath Of God.

3.  Relations

Key Relations


  • Caterine was a sweet and doting mother, if a little bit shallow. She offered Liam much of his support in his youth in regards to his pursuits of being a little lamb, so he cares for her a great deal. c:
  • Sterling is a point of much confusion for Liam. His memories are fond, but twisted up with a mild and terrible, deep-rooted fright - he wants nothing more than to do his father proud, but is keenly aware over how every thing he does comes short of Sterling's expectations.
  • Bryson always had faith in him, in an over-bearing brother way. C'mon, don't be a wimp and wrestle!
  • Harper was... enigmatic. Pushy and snide, and the oldest of the litter, not only does she have the gumption to hold her own against Bryson, but her abrasive manners helped to keep Liam in line, right under her thumb.


Minor Relations



  • scribbles into his journal about you >:C

  • Intimate: Haha what
  • Violent: :C no thank you

1 100% Dog, Land race: welsh sheepdog, rough collie, border collie, english shepherd, labrador retriever

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