Profile Forum Profile Esmerelda de la Luz

Credit: Nat

Player: <:)
Creator(s): Mandi & Adel

Designer: Despi

Nickname(s): Esme
Birthplace: Del Cenere
Date of Birth: 7 January 2023
Sex: Female

  • Pronouns: She/Her

Species: Coyote 1

Rank: Chispa

Residences: La Pezuñaveloz & Woody's Wilderness Retreat
Animal NPC:

OOC Assumptions
Del Cenere Gang members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • ... Hearing that Esmerelda and her sisters were born!
  • ... Knowing who her parents are!
  • ... Up to Adopter!

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  1.   1.  Synopsis
  2.   2.  Characteristics
    1.   2.1  Appearance
    2.   2.2  Visual References
    3.   2.3  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family Relationships

1.  Synopsis

Esmerelda de la Luz is one of three children born to two high-ranking Ashen from prominent, well-respected families: Rafaela Tejada and Bennett Braithwaite. Her chosen surname, which translates from Spanish to of the light, is a nod to deceased aunt Luciana Escuella. This follows a semi-tradition, which started with the naming of uncle Calhoun de la Cruz, of naming children after deceased family members. Each of the girls will be immersed in the world of horsemanship and hard work at a young age but are expected to be raised in a warm and loving home environment.

2.  Characteristics

2.1  Appearance


Esmerelda is a full-blooded coyote of predominantly Northeastern Coyote heritage with smaller proportions of Plains and Mexican genes that are likely to play on her physical traits.

To help determine her size, please reference the following ranges from her respective parents. Note that Bennett is large for his species/family and horses are an important aspect of Del Ceneren culture, so careful consideration into equine carrying capacities vs Esme's height/weight should be taken when deciding upon a set size.

Mother's Size
Lupus: 28 lbs (12.7 kg) — 24 in (61 cm)
Secui: 123 lbs (55.8 kg) — 47 in (119.4 cm)
Optime: 138 lbs (62.6 kg) — 5 ft 5 in (65 in) (165.1 cm)

Father's Size
Lupus: 55 lbs (29.8 kg) — 30 in (76 cm)
Secui: 175 lbs (79 kg) — 45 in (114 cm)
Optime: 285 lbs (129 kg) — 6 ft 10 in (82 in) (208 cm)

Esme's color palette takes more after her father's pale, sandy Braithwaite hues. But she definitely owes her eye color to her mother.

  • Fur:
    • Optime Hair:
  • Eyes, Nose:


  • Forms:
    • Lupus: xx lbs (xx kg) — xx in (xx cm)
    • Secui: xxx lbs (xx kg) — xx in (xxx cm)
    • Optime: xxx lbs (xx kg) — x ft x in (xx in) (xxx cm)
  • Scars:


  • Speech: Up to Adopter!
    • Will be exposed to both Common Tongue and Spanish.
    • Can learn Equine Low Speech from mom if desired!
  • Unique Scent: Up to Adopter!
    • Also carries associative scents of Tejada/Braithwaite, coyote, Del Cenere.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Up to Adopter!
  • General Posture and Body Language: Up to Adopter!

2.2  Visual References

Credit: Nat

Credit: Despi

2.3  Personality

Summarized: Dutiful?, Assertive?, Crude?, Impassive? — change or expand on these!

Esme has the following suggested personality points, though we encourage expansion and/or alternative ideas from prospective adopters!:

  • Dutiful and industrious
  • A bit of a ladette; does not shy away from boisterous behavior or crude language
  • Adventurous and assertive
  • Impassive with a tendency to be quick-tempered






  • Motivations: Horses? Family? Politics? Adventure? Up to adopter!
  • Fears:
  • Likes: Animals are wonderful!
  • Dislikes:
  • Biases: Probable bias against wolves due to Ashen culture.
  • Sexuality:
  • Spirituality: Will have been exposed to Christian mythology and the idea of a monotheism but how much she believes is up to adopter!
  • Substances: Likely to be dissuaded by Rafaela against use of (and told of the dangers of) alcohol but its use (and other substance use) is up to adopter!

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family Relationships

Family Tree: Tejada, Braithwaite

Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.

Key Family Relationships

  • Parents: Both Esme's mother and her father are loving parents who dote on their daughters, though their parenting styles (and personalities) can be quite different! This may cause her to be closer to one parent over the other as she grows older.
  • Siblings:


1 50% Northeastern Coyote, 25% Plains Coyote, 25% Mexican Coyote