Covenant de le Poer

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Covenant de le Poer is a member of Inferni. The daughter of Priest de le Poer and Symera Villisca, she was raised alongside her siblings to view wolves and high-percentage wolf hybrids as the enemy, and to hold service to her family, pack, and God in high esteem.

However, despite her crude exterior, Covenant is one of the more pacifistic and friendly members of her family. When she isn't harassing boyfriend Kennedy Fisher or mouthing off to acquaintances, she acts as one of Inferni's cooks.





  • Date of Birth: 7 June 2014
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Inferni
  • Rank: Tirones


Inferni members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General conversations (e.g., greetings, chats about interests).
  • Seeing Covenant around Inferni: hunting, working with pelts, butchering carcasses, cooking, patrolling, etc.
  • Covenant may have good-naturedly harassed or pulled a prank on your character -- with or without cooking some nice meat for them as an "apology." She can be very annoying!

PM to discuss:

  • Specific conversations, especially conversations which may later affect RP (e.g., arguments, revelations).
  • Trade assumptions

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Appears full-blooded coyote.
  • Fur: Thick, plush fur pulled from her Northeastern blood.
    • Optime Hair: Cropped short and messy.
  • Facial Features: Somewhat blunt-muzzled, masculine.
  • Build and Size: Among the tallest of her siblings, mid-sized for a coyote, with a thicker build -- though nowhere rivaling a wolf.
    • Optime: Her Optime form is thickly built, ample of breast and hip, but far more muscle than fat.
  • Humanization: Low; shirks accessories and clothing, has feral stature.
    • Tattoos: Fire Red (#AA0000) chaos star on right shoulder


  • Fur: Coffee
  • Markings:
    • Dune saddle, half-"collar," upper eyeliner, ears, tail tip
    • Tide underbelly, legs, lower eyeliner
    • Driftwood muzzle snip, wash on front legs
  • Eyes: Zest
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Night Rider


Dune (#332D27)
Coffee (#736756)
Driftwood (#A1784F)
Tide (#B9B2A9)
Zest (#E08D1C)
Night Rider (#211614)

By Raze

1.2  Miscellaneous



30 lbs (13 kg)— 24 in (31 cm)

Frequent use. Most comfortable hunting, traveling, miscellaneous "lounging."


133 lbs (60 kg) — 40 in (101 cm)

Infrequent use. Covenant will shift up to Secui to fight or otherwise take advantage of size.


161 lbs (73 kg) — 5ft 10in (70 in) (203 cm)

Frequent use. Covenant often takes this form when crafting or sometimes socializing.


  • Speech: Covenant has a deep and almost boyish voice, quite rough around the edges though it can dip into a feminine, sultry tone. She speaks, more often than not, in a wry deadpan.
  • Scent: Coyote, de le Poer, Lykoi, Massacre, wet earth, bone, wood, sour.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Covenant always keeps her hands busy, generally working with simple craft materials while holding a conversation with others. Sometimes, this escalates to touching people -- especially roughly patting others.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Covenant stands in a manner that suggests she ain't goin' nowhere, stolidly anchoring her feet to the earth. She is very confident and it shows in her posture.

2.  Personality

  • Loud, somewhat brash, though not altogether friendly. Covenant likes jokes and she likes 'em crude and mean. She constantly taunts others, though unless someone is blatantly stupid or childishly naive, she doesn't usually mean anything by it. Mischievous, she is fond of pranks -- which can be downright cruel if someone deserves it.
  • Forms strong bonds with others, though never shows it. She prefers rough shoves and affectionate insults to lovey-stuff, but in her quieter moments she will express her affection with softer touches. Largely, she shows her love through action rather than word. She won't say she cares about anyone, but she'll walk through fire if she does.
  • Industrious to the point of restlessness/anxiety when not working. She needs to feel productive and is generally working on her own small projects.
  • Obedient in the face of rank. Unless a superior's order majorly conflicts with her beliefs, she obeys any command no matter her personal opinion on it -- though she knows when her obedience is being taken advantage of and punishes accordingly.
  • Nonviolent. Pranks aside, Covenant dislikes conflict in most of its forms; she largely sees it "below" her. However, she will not shy away from fighting if it means protecting her loved ones.
  • Feels "called," in a sense, but does not know what that is. Covenant is intensely private in her faith and does not share her thoughts or beliefs even to her family.

2.1  Details


  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted
  • Expression: Self-confident yet submissive in context


  • Industriousness, creation
  • Inferni, obedience, service
  • Protecting family
  • God, faith
  • Annoying the shit out of Kennedy, apparently!


  • Disappointing Inferni
  • Damnation
  • Losing her siblings
  • Spiders, man.


  • Heterosexual
  • Covenant is extremely private about her attraction. She is self-conscious about whether or not she is found attractive, and so she generally anticipates the worst. She therefore rarely acts on her crushes.
  • If in a relationship, she would likely be the dominant partner and constantly mock and beat up her boyfriend, but also kill for him.


  • Likes: Coyotes, crafting simple things, her family, Inferni, bone and fur, skinning, pranking, Kennedy, Ferret
  • Dislikes: Wolves, violence, disrespect to her family/Inferni, loudness and chaos, stuck-up bitches


  • Not fond of alcohol or hardcore stuff
  • Will bum smokes off others


Brought up by extremely fanatical parents, Covenant took their lessons of coyote supremacy, expiation, and sin to heart. She is very religious but also very private about her beliefs. Nonetheless, she feels "called" in a sense and struggles to understand her place and her purpose when she is not so violent as many of her siblings.


  • Packs: Inferni is the best.
  • Gender: Some envy toward coyote females who fit a standard of beauty.
  • Species:
    • Short version: wolves bad, coyotes good.
    • Covenant treats everybody equally to their faces, regardless of their wolf content. She would appear to have no problem speaking to a wolf and even joking with them. However, she is extremely racist. If one asked her point-blank about her beliefs, they would likely be shocked by her passionately hateful answer.
    • The same generally goes for coyotes. She sees kinship in those who are high-content coyote and share her beliefs, but wolfish coyotes or wolf sympathizers are regarded with the same deep disgust and hatred, if not outwardly obvious.
    • Indifferent to other species. She could care less about their beliefs and motivations; they are inconsequential.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Relations

  • Vicira Tears: Covenant spends much of her time with the leader's daughter, though no one knows why. Cov likes to harass her and is happy when Vici demonstrates her backbone. She is also secretly jealous that Vici is "prettier" than her.
  • Antioch de le Poer: Her stoic brother whose nerves Covenant likes to get on. She respect him, however, and wants to make sure he does well in Inferni.
  • Kennedy Fisher: Harassing Kennedy is like Covenant's favorite thing ever. She gives him shit constantly but, oddly enough, doesn't seem to care that he's transgender and sees him for what he is, a boy -- if a "pretty boy." She is the typical obnoxious cling-along teenage girl to Kennedy.
  • Vesper: The "big bad leader" of Inferni. Covenant is tentatively suspicious of Vesper's role in the death of her older brothers, but for all intents and purposes seems to respect the Centurion and often asks her for orders.
  • Ferret: Ferret thinks Covenant is sexy and this makes Covenant feel nice. Plus he's cute, in a total-moron way.
  • Nex de le Poer: A more easygoing brother that Covenant likes to tease and hang out with without the expectation of being tough or good for Inferni.
  • Maddox Rowe: Inferni's resident cook whom Covenant hopes to apprentice under!
  • Conrad Nielssen: Covenant thinks Conrad is handsome and loves to gossip with him.
  • Harosheth Kimaris: Covenant sometimes helps Harosheth with her patients, doing simple tasks such as fetching water and watching them when Harosheth is away.

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities

Animal Products

  • Education and Learning: Desiring to keep her hands busy, Covenant found an outlet upon shifting and learned how to work with dead animals to create products from them. While this often involves carving up cuts of deer and skinning them, she occasionally creates things with wolves her siblings give to her.
  • Skinning: Covenant is skilled with a knife and able to remove pelts from prey (or wolves) with adequate skill. She understands the process well and can do it without real thought.
  • Butchery: Tying in with skinning, she is knowledgeable about how best to carve carcasses to serve for meals. She has adequate knowledge of large prey anatomy -- as well as canine anatomy -- and knows which muscle is best to eat, which is tougher, etc.
  • Cooking: She is beginning to learn how to cook and is skilled at choosing the best cuts of meat to serve.
  • Carving: She is good at carving antler, tooth, and bone to create weapons or decorations.
  • While quick and adept at skinning, Covenant is not a master and so her pelts usually need a little more work before curing, etc. She is also somewhat clumsy with smaller animals, such as rabbits, and often has holes in her smaller pelts.
  • Her cooking is basic and experimental. Most of it involves simply charring choice cuts of meat to serve, but she experiments with herbs, salts, and spices as well; she often overdoes it, making her cooking useless.
  • Her carving is limited to simple shapes and is slow and deliberate.


  • Education and Learning: Growing up with fanatical parents and a lot of siblings, Covenant has picked up on several more minor skills.
  • Reading: Covenant has learned how to read, mostly religious texts.
  • First Aid: With siblings more violent than herself, she's learned how to patch up small wounds and care for the injured. She can provide very basic medical care, such as stopping bleeding, knowledge of how to comfort the hurt, and assisting more skilled medics with patient care.
  • Fighting: Covenant has some knowledge of how to fight in her four-legged forms. She is bulky and strong for her size, able to hold her own against smaller wolves. She is calm and focused in battle, not letting her emotions get the better of her unless it's fueling her drive to hurt enemies -- though outwardly she will taunt and harass her opponent to distract them.
  • She is a slow reader and has difficulty with new words and concepts. She is inexperienced outside of religious texts.
  • Her healing is extremely limited. She may make mistakes with wounds and cannot care for serious ones or complications. She is better at being support for other medics or for patients, such as helping keep them calm and rested, keeping them hydrated, etc.
  • Covenant is not a very skilled or practiced fighter. She generally only fights others in defense of herself and her siblings, relying mostly on instinct -- and at that, generally only to fight long enough to get away rather than kill.

4.2  Inventory


Covenant enjoys keeping busy and practicing her talents, and she frequently trades among other Infernians to provide for the clan and receive items that will help her pursuits.

  • Offering: Animal (and wolf) products: pelts, bones, antlers. Small carved trinkets and weapons (bone, tooth, antler, stone). Butchered meat, cooked.
  • Accepting: Herbs and spices. Carving lessons or example trinkets and weapons. Sharp skinning knives. Useful scavenged items.

5.  History

5.1  Thread Archive

  1. thicker than the water of the womb (May)
    Covenant joins Inferni. She is given a cool reception at the borders by Vicira Tears -- the first hints that something is wrong.
  2. the water's rising up (June)
    Covenant meets Kennedy Fisher. Between playing with and harassing him, she tells him about [[Packs/Inferni] and extends a sort of invitation to stay.
  3. you got to stick to your guns (June)
    Glad to see her brother, Covenant accosts Antioch -- but the siblings are interrupted by Vesper. An awkward meet-and-greet/interrogation ensues, but when Vesper leaves, Covenant tells Antioch about their dead siblings.
  4. I’ll give it as fast and high as the flames will rise (July)
    Vesper addresses the impending Inferni and Cour des Miracles War. Covenant is present, excited at the prospect of honor that could fall upon her warrior family.
  5. Ain't no sunshine where she goes (July)
    Covenant chats with Vicira about the possibility of war. She makes violent jokes, but admits to Vicira that she doesn't like fighting.
  6. 'Cause the world might do me in (It's alright, 'cause I'm with friends) (September)