Asphyxia Holocaust

Asphyxia Holocaust

Asphyxia Holocaust, by Sara
Name Origin"lack of oxygen and excess of carbon dioxide in the blood; suffocation" / "any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life."
Date of BirthJuly 31, 2004
Age> 4
Subspecies80% Canis latrans ortus
20% Canis lupus lupus ortus
Birth placeUnknown
Current packLoner
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Joining dateApr 11 2008

Asphyxia is the mother to many of the Massacre and Holocaust lines, and once a member of Inferni.

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1.  History

Asphyxia was born into a clan of mindless destruction, where all their names were that of death or decay.

Asphyxia was born to Blind Anathema and Heartless Holocaust. Her family was closely tied with others, who bore other names of Massacre. She was raped by Venomous Massacre and gave birth to Faolin and Hybrid Holocaust. She left them to Segodi; abandoned them and moved on.

Some time later, she took Naloxone Massacre as her mate and bore three puppies: Toxic Destruction, Midnight Massacre and Garnet Massacre.

Venomous Massacre had long since abandoned her. Hybrid left Inferni for a short time to find Venomous and lived with him in an area south of Inferni. Faolin, too, left Inferni and found Venomous. She killed him, not knowing Hybrid was there living with Venomous. Faolin returned to Inferni with Hybrid hot on her heels, intent on killing the one who slayed his father. He came close, but had to cease in his pursuits of killing Faolin after she departed from Inferni again.

When Faolin returned, she had news of Asphyxia. After this, Asphyxia came to Inferni. Naloxone followed her some three days later with their children. They remained for some time and all but Toxic left.

When Asphyxia came back, she found Faolin in Inferni, heard about Gabriel and Faolin being mates and met her grandchildren, Talitha and Ezekiel. Getting settled in wasn't so hard but she was still doing drugs and was always drunk, and unfortunately one day she ran into Mew Sadira. Which in the end didn't turn out so great, Mew lost her babies after Asphyxia wildly attacked her whilst on a high/drunken state. In revenge, Haku went to the Inferni border where he met Asphyxia and raped her as payback. Slowly, Asphyxia began to run herself into the ground.

Eventually, Asphyxia learned that she needed to stop all the drugs, the booze and needed to take away the blood lust. Even if she doesn't want to, she saves herself the heartbreak of thinking Naloxone, Midnight and Garnet might be dead and she slowly starts to move on. Asphyxia needed to be by herself, and when she goes to the mountains, she runs into Skoll. After talking for a bit, the week following, she couldn't get the stranger off her mind. While wandering the Inferni borders, she starts to meet faces that she wasn't sure if she wanted to meet, it seemed everyone wanted her dead for what happened to Mew. Lubomir tried to question her, but she refused to cooperate, and so she made him leave. With everything on her shoulders, she finally got to see her son for the first time in what felt like ages. Although, instead of a little friendly conversation, he threatened her to get revenge on Haku, which she claimed she was going to do, but had no intentions of following her promises. A few days later, a rabid wolf attempted to attack her, leaving her in the arms of her hero and no longer stranger, Skoll and leading them on a road to romance. After talking to Skoll, she realized she didn't want to fight anymore, and she ran into Laurel, who after she talked to him made her decide that maybe it was time to hang up the weapons. After meeting up with Skoll once again, everything that she stood for, hating wolves, was gone in a quiet kiss followed by continuous meetings. However, after Dahlia de Mai attacking on the Inferni border she had no choice but to fight, although after the attack, a few days later she saw Skoll and gave herself fully to him. When they separated from their 'meeting' a wolf seeking revenge against Skoll kidnapped Asphyxia, locking her in a church to lure Skoll into attack. The mysterious wolves mission fails and Skoll saves her once again.

For the first time in forever, Asphyxia learns the truth about Naloxone and that he might not have been dead all these months and she sees Garnet, looking of a youthful mirror image of herself.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Love Interests

Past Mates

Past Lovers

3.  Appearance

Her coat is a mix mostly of blacks and browns, however it is starting to grey from stress and age. She has long legs as well, somewhat regular sized frame

3.1  Eyes

Asphyxia had bold, red eyes.