Maddox Rowe

Maddox Rowe

by Raze


None -- pNPC


Nat, Vida, Sylvey


Date of Birth

2 July 2006

Date of Death

12 January 2017





~60% Plains Coyote
~40% Mearns Coyote




Pack Inferni
Immunes Sanitas / Mercatura
Co-Ranks Cook, Carpenter

Maddox Rowe was a member of Inferni and most notably served as its cook and carpenter for many years. She was killed during the Second Boreas Conflict.

Maddox was created from submissions by Nat, Vida, Sylvey as part of the August 2012 Inferni pNPC contest!

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1.  Personality

  • Crass: Her primary weapon is sarcastic humor. Maddox has no inhibitions against telling dirty jokes, either -- her manners in general are lacking, making her sometimes loud and inappropriate, to the irritation of those around her. The only time she seems to stop is when engrossed in construction or cooking.
  • Friendly: Although somewhat blunt in her delivery and seemingly lacking in sympathy, Maddox is truly a friendly and warm-hearted soul. She thrives on companionship and company and has devoted herself to Inferni and its members early on. Though one's first impression of her may give assumptions of laziness or even outright rudeness, her dutifulness in attending to her tasks and her packmembers primarily stems from this trait.
  • Somewhat cowardly: Although Maddox hates wolves, she's not the type to go fighting them. She'd much rather simply avoid them, and would need to be cajoled into actually fighting for Inferni. Nevertheless, she's not so cowardly as to run away entirely.

1.1  Skills

  • Skilled mason and carpenter -- namely gifted at repairs and maintenance, Maddox is also able to construct simple, rough structures from the ground at a basic level. Her construction is simplistic and lacking in ornamentation or adornment, but quite functional. Her craftsmanship extends to smaller projects, but she doesn't "waste time making bullshit and chairs" (as she puts it) without complaining loudly.
  • Cooking is her personal passion and hobby; Maddox is always trying out some new combination of ingredients. It's commonplace for Maddox to deliver random gifts of some new concoction -- usually delicious, but with the rare misfire, too -- to an Infernian's residence. One of her best "dishes" isn't food at all, though -- it's moonshine, often flavored with many different things, which she readily shares.
  • Horse care is something she picked up on her journey north with the caravan -- her primary duties included caring for the teams of horses. She therefore learned feeding, basic grooming (brushing and hoof-cleaning), etc. She does not enjoy working with horses, however, and though attentive, will verbally insult any horse she's given care of.

2.  Appearance

Purely coyote and of one of the smallest subspecies, Maddox is small of stature and seems, at first glance, almost petite -- owing to her small size, no doubt. It would be, however, entirely accurate to describe her as a compact brick consisting primarily of muscle. Her upper body is especially strong, owing to her long years of work.

2.1  Coloration

Her fur is golden-brown in appearance, primarily Tussock. It ranges into Potter's Clay along her sides and the upper half of her body. She is dusted around her shoulders and spine with Metallic Bronze and Asphalt. Her eyes are Sushi.

2.2  Forms






2.3  Other


  • Scars
    • Missing middle finger of right hand.
    • Several miscellaneous scars from woodworking and attacks both.


  • Wears clothes of some sort.

3.  Residence

3.1  D'Neville Mansion

4.  Trade

  • Wants: She's very interested in obtaining any kind of cookware, spice, recipe, and anything else cooking-relevant. Building tools and anything else relevant to woodworking are especially prized.
  • Offers: Edibles, recipes, common spices, teaching and knowledge (cooking and building both), skill as a builder (she'll help with any project, pretty much, but if it's clearly something that will only benefit your character she might demand payment)
  • Outer-Pack Trade: Maybe; contact Inferni leadership

5.  History

Born in southern Texas into a small coyote pack, Maddox spent her time following her father and older brothers as they worked at carpentry and construction projects for the pack. Although her frail mother disapproved of her only daughter engaging in dangerous work, Maddox was not to be deterred, and followed after her male relatives adamantly. Her acceptance amongst the laborers of the pack was primarily due to her skill -- woodwork was her passion.

She entered into a relationship with a fellow laborer and things went south. Thereafter, Maddox was excluded from the laborers even by her own family -- her father and brothers mocked her along with the rest, though they pretended nothing was awry elsewise. Maddox's sickly mother died shortly thereafter, and the mockery and ostracization entered the home, too. Maddox left, feeling she had nothing else within her home.

Maddox never saw a wolf until then -- and at that, her first encounter was mockery from an adolescent wolf. Her encounters with wolves were only downhill from there. She's been attacked quite a few times, though her luck has run rather hot as far as avoiding lasting damage. She traveled north slowly, stopping in the occasional pack or village to practice her trade.

At one point, she was coerced into working on a trading caravan by wolves, and endured harsh conditions and the threat of constant violence. This was precisely how she got quite so far north: from the Chesapeake Bay to Freetown, to be exact. Maddox was able to slip away from the trading caravan before it departed Freetown. She darted north, and happened upon another coyote with word of Inferni. Delighted to find a clan of coyotes so far north, Maddox marched up to the borders and was accepted as a member in September 2012.

5.1  Threads

  1. The Wrath of the Lamb (07 Sep 2012)
    D'Neville Mansion, with Ithiel de le Poer.
  2. A Long, Long Empty Road (25 Dec 2012)
    Maddox is seen by Myrika Tears digging clams along Bass River.
  3. southern discomfort (08 Jul 2013)
    Maddox shows off her new flavor of moonshine to Odin Lykoi and others.
  4. i dream of dark on the horizon (13 Oct 2013)
    Maddox helps construct a stable in the D'Neville gardens.
  5. we'll be together while the planet dies (20 Oct 2013)
    Maddox cooks a feast for Inferni's birthday.
  6. dinner will be ready when you get home (24 Feb 2014)
    Maddox feeds (and crassly teases) newcomer Ehren Siegrist.
  7. if it's a drive back home (07 May 2014)
    Maddox and Ehren Siegrist work on repairing the D'Neville Mansion roof.
  8. no one turns the tide, everybody swims when the waters rise (26 May 2014)
    Maddox helps build a corral for rounding up the Drifter Bay horses.
  9. i sing a ragged and crooked song (07 Jul 2014)
    Gehenna Asylum and Snapdragon Lykoi steal some of Maddox's pies.
  10. the great destroyer sleeps in every man (26 Jul 2014)
    When Stigmata de le Poer preaches coyote supremacy, Maddox chimes in with her story.
  11. let the old covenant give way to a new rite (28 Jul 2014)
    Maddox brings food to woodcutter Stigmata de le Poer.
  12. the bird that caws and caws clasps creation with his claws (10 Aug 2014)
    Maddox brings loaves of bred to the Inferni ravens and gets wood for birdhouses.
  13. bad boys have the best toys (23 Oct 2014)
    Maddox lends Kali de le Poer her cleaver to butcher a ram.
  14. I could be your morning sunrise (23 Nov 2014)
    Maddox cooks for Kára Lykoi and Delilah.
  15. there's a cure comes with a kiss (10 Dec 2014)
    Kasia Salazar's seeming impatience for dinner irritates Maddox.
  1. there's a bridge across the river that i have to cross alone (10 Dec 2014)
    Gehenna Asylum bandages Maddox when she gets hurt.
  2. there's a light upon this house on a hill (15 Oct 2015)
    Maddox helps prepare for the return of the Inferni fighters from the battle with Cour des Miracles.
  3. [M] I only miss her when I'm breathin' (12 Jan 2016)
    Maddox is exasperated and abandons her kitchen when Covenant de le Poer and Basilio Lykoi start drama.
  4. Come out and witness the world (04 Mar 2016)
    Maddox enlists Saut Asylum and Crucifix de le Poer's help in finding spices.
  5. I wish upon a star that it might fill our dreams with dust (31 Mar 2016)
    Maddox and Versace Inferni cook for the red star celebration.
  6. [M] this tumbling stone (30 Apr 2016)
    Maddox offers some tips to Dorcas de le Poer on carpentry, and indulges in crude humor -- at Dorcas's expense.
  7. Fine feathers make fine birds (23 May 2016)
    Maddox enlists Antioch de le Poer's help on a carpentry project.
  8. a transitory enchanted moment (02 Jun 2016)
    Maddox teases expectant fathers Antioch, Cartier, and Jehan.
  9. She looks just like them girls in Vogue (19 Dec 2016)
    Helena Troy Lykoi finds a friend in Maddox as they talk baking and moonshine.
  10. The scars that come with the greenness (23 Dec 2016)
    Chaos ensues as Kennedy Fisher, Vicira Tears, and Covenant de le Poer chase a turkey into Maddox's kitchen.
  11. [M] My labour’s love now rest in the ground (10 Jan 2017)
    Maddox helps Clover fix up the archery stands.
  12. Break the moon in half again (12 Jan 2017)
    Boreas wolves raid Inferni, and Maddox is killed by Linae Daryle.