The Addiction Family

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  • Creator and contact: Tammi
  • Species: Coyote
  • Family Origin: ‘Souls, Nova Scotia; New Brunswick
  • Surname: Latin: "the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming"
  • Archetype (Group): possessive, war-mongering, violent, collective, ordered, disciplined
  • Archetypes (Individuals): addictive, stubborn, vengeful, conniving

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  1.   1.  'True Addiction' Adoptable Characters
  2.   2.  Members
    1.   2.1  'True' Addiction lineage
    2.   2.2  'False' Addiction lineage
  3.   3.  About
    1.   3.1  Culture
    2.   3.2  Influence and Influences
  4.   4.  Defining Features
    1.   4.1  Physical

The Addiction Family is a coyote-dominant family that converged with the Massacre family in the early 2000's. The two families were close, but the children borne by Bittersweet Massacre and her mate, Sanguine Addiction, were outcast after Bittersweet took Voltaire Cavil as a lover. The union between the Addiction and Massacre families, through Bittersweet, were intended to strengthen the bonds between the two coyote families; however, the Addiction family felt betrayed when Bittersweet sought other lovers.

As a result, only Sanguine Addiction's children with Scion Morte are considered 'true' Addiction members. To exact revenge on the Massacre family, Chapel Morte joined Inferni with the intentions of destroying their remaining members in a perceived stronghold. Chapel was killed instead.

1.  'True Addiction' Adoptable Characters

Only members of the 'true' Addiction family are shown here. For members of the 'false' Addiction lineage, see the Massacre family.

Iron Rephaim
Heavy-hitting basic bro

2.  Members

The parent that contributes the Addiction genes is bolded. Note that the offspring of Sanguine and Bittersweet are no longer considered true members of the Addiction family.

After Bittersweet Massacre's betrayal to Sanguine Addiction, only Sanguine's litters with Scion Morte are considered legitimate members of the Addiction family. Therefore, the family is split into two branches, shown below.

Δ indicates a character is an Open Character

2.1  'True' Addiction lineage

First Generation

Second Generation

2.2  'False' Addiction lineage

Please see the Massacre family for the line descending from Bittersweet Massacre and Sanguine Addiction.

3.  About

Members of the Addiction family are almost always 100% coyote. There are two distinct lines: the "untainted" Addiction family, headed by Sanguine Addiction and his mate Scion Morte, and the "tainted" line of Sanguine Addiction and his earlier tryst's children with Bittersweet Massacre.

The Addiction family is one of the five coyote families that hailed from the Maritimes that joined with the Massacre, Holocaust, Dusk, and Destruction families during pre-'Souls times. The union was intended to unite the disparate, often-warring coyote families into one great warrior clan.

The Dusk and Addiction families were the first to join, with Forgotten Dusk and False Addiction bearing one son, Sanguine Addiction. Prior to his birth, Sanguine was determined to be mated to the son of the Massacre family, Bittersweet Massacre. Bittersweet descended from the Massacre and Destruction families: her parents were Pristine Massacre and Vindictive Destruction.

Bittersweet and Sanguine had one litter of puppies, two sons, Naloxone and Venomous. The Holocaust family was the last to join the union, with Venomous Massacre and Asphyxia Holocaust becoming mates. However, the Addiction family later forsook the offspring of Bittersweet and Sanguine when Bittersweet took Voltaire Cavil as her lover.

Bittersweet's betrayal led Sanguine to remove Bittersweet from the family tree and does not consider any children by Bittersweet, even his own, to be true Addiction family members. Therefore, all children of Venomous and Naloxone are not seen as legitimate successors.

3.1  Culture

The culture of the Addiction family is one of violent 'strength'. They follow the following core concepts:

  • Strength — The founding element. One has strength in the mind, body, and spirit and uses this to conquer desire and their enemies.
  • Skill — The secondary element. One has skill in the mind, body, and spirit. One hones their skills through their strength and through practice, choosing to excell in a certain area of warfare
  • Possession — Possessing skills is seen as important, but possessing physical items is seen as worthless and a distraction from the important things in life.
  • Violence — Violence is seen as a way to better understand oneself and therefore it is encouraged as a tool of self-discovery and self-actualization.
  • Warfare — One may choose to find a certain type of warfare that suits them personally. Some may practice forms of coercion and extortion as indirect means, use proxies for wars, use guerrilla tactics to engage the enemy, or engage the enemy in full-out attacks.

The culture of the Addiction family differs from that of the Massacre family. The Addiction family is more organized and more willing to follow rules. Whereas the Massacre family tends to value individuality, the Addiction family is precise and disciplined. Similar to the Massacre family, they do not tend to let grudges go forgotten, hence the years of bad blood since the singular betrayal between the two families.

3.2  Influence and Influences

'True' Addiction lineage

  • Morte — Sanguine's children with Scion: Chapel, Dusk, and Scion.
  • Stitch — Dusk Rephaim's children with Sable Stitch: Lacuna Rephaim, Sliver Stitch, Reseda Rephaim, Iron Rephaim, and Kestrel Hook. It was through this line that Dusk re-invented the Addiction name as 'Hook.' The heir to the family, Kestel, was given the new name.

'False' Addiction lineage

  • Massacre — These two families were intrinsically tied through Sanguine's children by Bittersweet, producing Venomous and Naloxone. Sanguine and Bittersweet's union was arranged prior to their birth to consolidate the two coyote families. When they had their two sons, they also sought to find them reputable mates in one of the other coyote families. Venomous' union with Asphyxia was seen to be a strong continuation of the union between these families because their children were a part of the Addiction, Massacre, Holocaust, Dusk, and Destruction families. However, with Bittersweet's betrayal of Sanguine, she and her children were outcast from the family.
  • Lykoi and de le Poer — Faolin's children by Gabriel, Hybrid and Talitha's children, and Valkyrie and Helotes' children.
  • Winters — Talitha's child, Cernunnos, by Caillen.
  • Ganesa — Hybrid's children by Aeron: Wraith, Lucilla, and Pride.

4.  Defining Features

4.1  Physical

  • General — 'True' Addiction members are pure-blooded coyotes and resemble a coyote. The 'tainted' Addiction members are a mix of wolf and coyote and have some dog influences.
  • Fur — Tawny colours, especially browns, rusts, greys, blacks, and tans are popular.
    • Chapel has dusty brown and grey fur
    • Hybrid and Faolin had fur with strong red overtones, perhaps attributable to their mother, Asphyxia
    • Valkyrie has ochre fur with black accents and her daughter, Kára, inherits her mother's notable ochre fur in certain sections and is predominantly a mix of tan and grey colours
    • Lucilla and Wraith have fur colours leaning toward the tans and browns
  • Eyes — Some have the 'tainted' red eyes of the Massacres, but yellow and orange eyes are common among 'untainted' Addiction family members. Bi-coloured eyes are very uncommon.