Stigmata de le Poer

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Stigmata de le Poer is a high-percentage coyote hybrid and member of Inferni. He is the son of Priest de le Poer and Symera Villisca, born of their first litter in the spring of 2013. A sharply intelligent child, he was raised to believe wolves are enemies. He seeks to promote coyote supremacy in the world, and -- in particular -- his families (Lykoi, de le Poer, Massacre) and Inferni.






  • Date of Birth: 1 April 2013
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Inferni (07 June 2014)
  • Rank: Civilis
  • Mate: — (07 June 2014)



  • None
  • None

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Stigmata is virtually indistinguishable from a purebred coyote. The wolf heritage did not express itself well in Stigmata, and the sliver of dog and Red Wolf were all but swallowed up in the generations between Stigmata and the last purebred member of these species in his heritage. His coat is perhaps the only thing to truly mark him as hybrid -- and at that, dark coyotes are not unheard of.
  • Fur: Stigmata's fur is thin and short. It is almost always in impeccable condition, as Stiggy brushes and tends to it frequently.
    • Optime Hair: Mostly natural, with short bangs hanging over his eyes. Again, like his fur, Stigmata keeps after his hair and makes sure it is brushed and well-cared for.
  • Facial Features: Sleek and coyote-like, with startlingly green eyes that teeter on the precipice between spring and olive. The pale fur about each of his eyes gives him a particularly haunting look, accentuating the color of his eyes and drawing them from his dark fur. They are virtually the same color as his mothers, but their size, his facial features and markings, and their general animation make them much more remarkable than Symera's eyes.
  • Build and Size: Stigmata is larger than most of his siblings, but he is still a smaller example of a coyote. He has a lean, athletic build -- not exceptionally well-muscled, but not without some very slight definition.
    • Lupus: 35 lbs (16 kg) — 23 in (58 cm)
    • Secui: 145 lbs (66 kg) — 36 in (91.4 cm)
    • Optime: 160 lbs (73 kg) — 5ft 5in (65 in) (165 cm)
  • Humanization: Mild.
    • Clothing: He is rarely unclothed in public. Generally wears a simple robe of very pelts (brown rabbit, etc.). He has a cloak with a hood made in the same material, traded for in Freetown.
    • Tattoos: Fire Red (#AA0000) chaos star on each forearm.
    • Piercings: Two earrings on each ear, gold with purple glass beads and gold chimes. Slight sound of tinkling/clicking of metal when he walks.
    • Jewelry: Carved wooden Chaos star necklace, painted red.


  • Eyes: Stigmata's eyes are Pesto.
  • Fur:
    • Much of his fur is Zeus, including most of his dorsal half as well as each leg.
    • Lighter Taupe colors the lower parts of his face, his throat, his chest and lower shoulders, along his ribs, each haunch, and the lower half of his tail.
  • Markings:
    • A deep, Night Rider saddle decorates his back and the tip of his tail.
    • Pale Sanddrift colors each eye, his muzzle and lower jaw, and each paw.
    • A tiny strip of Potter's Clay, a fraction of the typical Lykoi muzzle stripe, decorates an inch or two above his nose.
  • Optime Hair: Night Rider, so dark as to be black.


Zeus (#2E2823)
Taupe (#40332b)
Night Rider (#14110f)
Sanddrift (#A98E7A)
Potters Clay (#855539)
Pesto (#667333)


  • Speech: Very flowery speech, long and complex sentences; occasional monologues; excellent orator
  • Scent: Smells clean, slightly salty (he has taken to prefer bathing in the tidepools left by the receding high tide), and distinctively coyote and Infernian.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: He is very dedicated to appearing put-together, clean (cleanliness = godliness). He is not a germophobe or vain about his appearance, but he bathes daily and strongly dislikes appearing ill-kempt or poorly put together.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Shoulders straight and back, spine rigid-straight, chest out. His arms are nonetheless loose, open, welcoming -- he does not sit rigidly, but relaxes easily into a chair or even on the open earth. There is little overt dominance in Stigmata's posture, but he nonetheless commands attention by the way he carries himself.


2.  Personality


  • Stigmata is extremely charismatic. While he is rarely intentionally manipulative, he can be persuasive. He possesses a natural salesmanship -- coupled with his grand ideas regarding coyotes, wolves, and their interactions, Stigmata often has sway over those with less intelligence, flimsy morals, etc. He is by no means irresistible: someone who finds species-hatred repugnant wouldn't get along with Stigmata no matter how charming he is.
  • Stigmata is very social, and has a deep understanding of interactions and social situations. He is perceptive and spends a lot of time thinking quietly; thus, his social insights are great. He generally knows -- albeit often subconsciously -- what a coyote's motivations and desires are.
  • He is prone to overburdening himself -- he may neglect his needs for the needs of others, or the needs of "the cause."

Lawful Evil:

  • "cares about tradition, loyalty, and order but not about freedom, dignity, or life; plays by the rules but without mercy or compassion."
  • "comfortable in a hierarchy and would like to rule, but is willing to serve."
  • Doesn't really take *pleasure* in most of the acts he commits. While perfectly willing to kill a wolf or order them killed, he doesn't gloat over it, boast about it, etc. He views it as his duty/responsibility more than anything, though to say it displeases him is equally inaccurate. He is called/driven, and revels in the purpose granted him.
  • Yielding/giving/consorting with wolves "is seen as an excuse to promote the mediocrity of the whole and suppress the better and more capable."
  • Believes "in using society and its laws to benefit themselves. Structure and organization elevate those who deserve to rule as well as provide a clearly defined hierarchy between master and servant."
  • No torturing (of the repenting, of coyotes), no lying, no harming of good coyotes, no aiding of the weak (heavily hybrid coyotes), no disrespect toward authority/law

Sinister Minister:

  • "Sermons that alternate between gentle reminders of the importance of virtue and scalding fire-and-brimstone rants commanding their followers to rise and smite heathens in the name of the Lord, amen." (Demands changes made to the chapel to be more accomodating to different religions/more nondenominational)
  • Seldom works closely with anyone, prefers "to rely instead on his own usually very devious brain for scheming." (Sort of distances himself from both brothers, especially in areas where they disagree / they won't heed him)
  • "keeps his own hands relatively clean." (Doesn't actually kill anyone or do anything himself, though not for lack of desire/ability -- keeping hands clean, primarily)
  • "Well-educated and cultured, the Sinister Minister is nonetheless unspeakably evil and regularly engages in acts of sexual depravity ... and, if not outright violence, threats and intimidation."

2.1  Ideals


Extroverted, charismatic, righteous, virtuous, strong belief in order and tradition, charismatic, well-spoken, intelligent, somewhat educated

  • Outlook: Optimistic.
  • Sociability: Extroverted. Stigmata thrives on interacting with others. He does not, however, grow lonely easily, either. He is content to spend time reading, reflecting, and praying alone.
  • Expression: Dominant, though not consciously. Most of Stigmata's dominance simply arises from the way he acts toward others, the way he carries himself, etc.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil


  • Coyote supremacy
  • Bloodlines (Lykoi, de le Poer, Massacre): His familial lines, while possessing legendary strength, need purifying as per his supremacy beliefs. They have been tainted by wolf blood.
  • Inferni: Stigmata strongly believes in his fellow Infernians, and believes it is his duty to protect them. These beliefs are intertwined with his beliefs regarding Inferni and coyote supremacy.
  • Learning and educating: Related to the above, Stigmata believes the best way to help is to learn and educate in turn.


  • Sin: Stigmata fears sin and temptation to sin. Examples:
    • He has been attracted to wolves and coy-wolf hybrids both before.
    • He believes himself inherently sinful for even the sliver of wolf heritage he carries.
    • He believes killing of innocent wolves -- children, the sick, old, weak, etc. -- is a sin, but also believes his unique position (that of an inherently sinful being) frees him from obligation to avoid this sin. Besides, all is forgiven in the end anyway...


  • Species:
    • Very loyal, generous, and protective toward coyotes who he believes "walk the right path."
    • Mistrustful and pitying toward coyotes who are more sympathetic to wolves.
    • May be extremely mistrustful of coyotes with a heavy percentage of wolf hybridization. It depends on the coyote's action: those who choose Inferni walk the right path, though Stigmata believes they are more prone to temptation and giving into it, and the most likely of any in Inferni to carry wolf demons across their borders.
    • Hateful of wolves; views them as backwards peasants and brutes who understand little and refuse truth.
    • Virtually indifferent to dogs who go their own way. Dogs who live amongst wolves are "slaves" -- unintelligent brutes to be pitied.


  • Heterosexual, reserved but not prudish. He's never had sex before, but he's not completely inexperienced.
  • Sex and sexuality are not sinful to Stigmata -- unless there's a wolf involved.
  • Not exclusively attracted to coyotes. In every instance when he has been attracted to a wolf before, he was disgusted with himself afterwards. He has, however, only ever acted on attracted to coyotes.


  • Likes: Reading, learning, working, helping
  • Dislikes: Wolves


  • Inexperienced, and unlikely to partake outside of very rarely and recreationally.


  • Coyote supremacy
  • Small Secret Circle of Secrets (known more generally as a Mystery Cult or mystery religion).
    • References the path, the way, truth, secrets, mysteries frequently; refuses to speak much about them outside of his sermons. Not especially preachy regarding specific ideals outside of sermons. Primarily works by inviting/driving likely others to his temple.
    • Belief he knows the true will of god, though not by any action or belief on this part (it was conferred to him before birth, was always/will always be kind of thing).
    • Knowledge of the truth is pure, irresistible; those who seek it and those who find it are forever changed, irreparably and for the good
  • Ritual and actions
    • Ritual is different from witchcraft: ritual is sanctioned. Pretty much anything that has to do with wolves, wolf spirits, protecting from them, strengthening the living coyote's spirit, etc. are acceptable to Stigmata. Examples: sprinkling ground wolf bones on Inferni's borders to cast out wolf spirits, painting symbols in centers of power (e.g., Inferni chapel)
    • Strong belief in witchcraft, magic, ghosts, etc.; references and implies magical powers, though these things are not godly. They have power, but it's a dark power, an easily abused and seductive thing that always destroys the user and their spirit, etc. Examples: reading the future in any means, hexes, curses, invoking a wolf spirit/ghost/dead coyote, etc.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Family: Stigmata always felt "called" -- he distanced himself from his siblings at a young age, and was only marginally involved with his parents. He followed their teachings, but did not really love them or anything but his siblings. As he grew older, he realized the truth: they all were simply misguided, and it was to him to show them the way.
  • Messiah: Stigmata's feral brother is important to him, though it is less a loving relationship than one might hope for. Stigmata views Messiah as a tool -- an extremely useful tool, although one lacking finesse.
  • Nephilim: Stigmata's younger brother is pitied. He loves and wants to protect Nephilim by virtue of their blood, but thinks Nephilim's condition is as a result of their distant wolf heritage. Nephilim is punishment for their sins.

Positive Relations

  • Veine: One of the coyotes of Inferni Stigmata deeply respects, though he does not know her well. Their early interactions -- Veine's assertion of coyote supremacy -- endeared this cousin to him especially. He aided her in coming to Inferni shortly after meeting her.
  • Marlowe: Stigmata considers Marlowe a warrior of the faith, though possibly misguided. He does not entirely trust Marlowe, but neither is he mistrusting. They are cousins bearing the same name and in the same pack; this alone elevates Marlowe (and his sisters, but more so Marlowe, as the male sibling).

Neutral / Negative

  • darp

Minor Relations

  • Sex: --
  • Friendly: Inferni, coyotes
  • Unfriendly: Wolves
  • Murders: None

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: From his father Priest, Stigmata learned to read. As Priest's skills were subpar, so too are Stigmata's skills. Nevertheless, dedicated self-education bettered him. Upon joining Inferni, he systematically borrowed most of the books in the library. He didn't read through all of the fiction, but there was plenty to help him sharpen his skills.

Social Skills

  • Education and Learning: Naturally gifted, crafted amongst his family and the coyotes of Inferni. Stigmata's speaking skills are strengthened with each passing day as he engages in conversations.
  • Reading (Journeyman): When reading to himself, Stigmata reads moderately fast, and comprehends at about an eleventh grade level.
  • Teaching Reading (Journeyman): Stigmata is a decent teacher. He can help canines get started with the basics of reading, certainly, though higher level readers may not get much use out of his teachings.
  • Most of his experience is with religious texts, so he doesn't understand most technical writing, and he also finds human fiction baffling. Their society is of little interest to Stigmata, beliefs aside.
  • Oration and Speaking (Journeyman): Stigmata is excellent with speaking to others in groups. He is motivating and charismatic. He knows how to captivate a crowd by simple virtue of his personality.
  • Some may, of course, find the subject material on which Stigmata is most likely to speak distasteful.
  • He may sometimes dominate conversations unintentionally.


  • Carving (Apprentice): Stigmata carves baubles and bits from wood, primarily a skill picked up for want of something to do with his hands when he ran out of books to read in his birthplace. He does simple, small items in obvious shapes -- intricately beautiful carvings are not Stigmata's forte.
  • Horseback Riding (Apprentice): Stigmata began learning with his gentle donkey. This helped him prepare for Inferni -- his first encounter with horses. He prefers Hiba, the dappled black and white horse with a sweet disposition. He is not skilled enough for anything but a gentle horse.

4.2  Inventory


  • A few religious texts (the bible, a compilation of short stories of various Native American religions and beliefs, a dry text about Norse beliefs and gods)
  • A pair of knives and a blunt, chisel-shaped knife, primarily used for carving
  • Several carrying bags -- a one large and a few small pouches

5.  History

Previous Packs and Ranks

Inferni (07 June 2014–Present)
Tiro Misceleri, Civilis

Born to Priest de le Poer and Symera Villisca alongside Prophet de le Poer and Messiah de le Poer, Stigmata was a strange child. His puppyish play ceased far earlier than his siblings, though he was not sickly nor especially quiet. He took an early interest in his father's reading, and spent less time around his more feral mother. Instead, he absorbed all he could from his father. And, almost as soon as he had hands, Stigmata began to learn to read from the man. He was raised on the bible and stories of Inferni, where both of his parents grew up. Legend and mythology twisted for Stigmata.

He began telling his parents he was a prophet and had deeper knowledge of truths he could not yet comprehend. He did not take exceptional interest in his younger siblings, Deacon de le Poer, Nephilim de le Poer, and Bishop de le Poer. When his littermate siblings left in early 2013, Stigmata did not at first follow. He believed there was more to learn from his parents, and so he stayed. As the days passed, however, he began to feel he'd made the wrong decision, and set out after his siblings. His reading skill, as it turned out, was useful in other ways beyond learning. He taught a traveling companion to read, and netted himself a donkey and supplies for his trouble.

5.1  Thread Archive

  1. and when he had opened the seventh seal
    Inferni, borders. Marlowe de le Poer, Myrika Tears
  2. of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone
    Inferni, D'Neville Mansion, Vendetta Massacre
  3. he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth
    Inferni, Grimwell Caverns, Messiah de le Poer
  4. thy wrath is come
    Inferni, Grimwell Caverns, Nephilim de le Poer
  5. there fell a great star from heaven
    Halifax, Basil Butler, Kofei McGreggor
  6. See where the line ends
    Drifter Bay, Sunflower Sunsets, Veine von Rosnete
  7. in her was found the blood of prophets
    The Dampwoods Pride Tormenta
  8. and he had moved on to god knows where
    Library, D'Neville Mansion Avaiki Asylum
  1. whose pierced side flowed with water and blood
    Chapel, D'Neville Mansion
  2. Pleased to be lonesome, quiet and clear
    Eastern border, Inferni, Vicira Tears
  3. the great destroyer sleeps in every man
    Chapel, Inferni, multiple Inferni
  4. let the old covenant give way to a new rite
    D'Neville Mansion gardens, Inferni, Nathaniel King
  5. all glory, laud, and honor to thee, redeemer king
    The Waste, Inferni, Marlowe de le Poer
  6. Sticks, stones, and animal bones
    Hollow's Ruins, Inferni, Kara Lykoi
  7. Sticks, stones, and animal bones
    Hollow's Ruins, Inferni, Kara Lykoi, Micah Sunrise Lykoi
  8. just a red clay robe with red clay wings (and a red clay halo for my head)
    Quartz Shoreline

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