Priest de le Poer


Character by Kiki
Name Meaningauthorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion, of the poor
Name OriginEnglish, French
Date of Birth1 August 2011
Subspecies73.75% Canis latrans
20% Canis lupus
3.125% Canis rufus
3.125% Canis familiaris
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeInferni, The Waste
IPB Profile

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Joining date01AUG2011[1] mature
Joining RankTirones Minor

Priest de le Poer is the son of Talitha de le Poer, who (in a desperate attempt to save face before her family) badgered her uncle into mating with her. His parentage is entirely unknown to all but Talitha, Hybrid and Talitha's cousin, Enkiel Lykoi. By Symera, he has several children.

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1.  History

Priest was born alongside one living, full-blood sister, two stillborn littermates and two half-sibling littermates, to Talitha de le Poer on August 1st, 2011 in Inferni. The first obviously coyote child of the litter, Talitha marked him mentally as the first true grandchild of Gabriel de le Poer. Despite the fact that Talitha openly steps on the idea of incest, Priest and his full-blood siblings are a product of it -- using her uncle almost in the sense of a donor, though she refuses to tell anyone this except for Enkiel Lykoi.

Priest since left Inferni with his older lover, Symera Villisca, and has several children by her.

2.  Personality

Taught by his mother, Talitha, to be the sort of man she always idolized within Inferni, Priest is a religious fanatic who harbors a deep hatred for wolves and knows little about his family. During his childhood, he was kept incredibly isolated from the rest of the world — during this time, he was taught to read (as well as Talitha could teach him) and draw, but never took an interest in it as much as he did killing other creatures. Whenever he was able, he would hunt small animals that he could catch and brutalize them, often pretending they were wolves to be feasted on.

He was regaled by stories of Inferni's great warriors — Gabriel de le Poer, Ezekiel de le Poer, Hybrid Holocaust and Halo Lykoi — through many of his younger months, which fueled a desire to be like them as he grew, and he took any opportunity he could to hone his skills in combat while on four legs. At first, it was through brutalizing his much larger half-brother littermate, Cernunnos; as time passed, he would try to play with Vermilion, but prefered to set his eyes on prey instead.

Due to his raising, he lacks most usual emotions, and has maintained a strict code of sin and virtue imparted on him (and in part, created by him) by his mother. Few others gain his respect or attention, most notable being his older lover, Symera Villisca, and his uncle, Ezekiel.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

For more information about Priest's family, check out the following pages: Massacre, Addiction, Holocaust, de le Poer, Lykoi

Nuclear Family

Extended Family

4.  Appearance

Reference by Sie

Unlike most of his family members, Priest is a mottled mix of dark shades -- despite this, he follows a rather typical coyote pelt style. His base is primarily shades of ARMADILLO grey, his underside a lighter mix of CHICAGO greys. Along his back, from head to tail, is a faded stripe of MONDO brown, which spreads onto his shoulders and ears as a redder SADDLE brown. His nose is striped in a BISTRE', topped with a dark, ZEUS color that creates the form of a crucifix that crosses above his eyebrows and ends at the base of his nose. His tail is tipped in COD gray. Like his mother and sister, Priest has THUNDERBIRD red eyes.

Though he's primarily coyote in nature, Priest is a relatively large male, but still retains the typical features of a coyote. His ears are large, his limbs are long and slender, his face is angular. He shows little of his wolf heritage, and even less of his dog heritage, taking mostly his larger size from those breeds instead of his smaller coyote blood. While he isn't incredibly large, he's broader than most of his peers.

The dark cross on his face was a mark he was born with, but over time he gained another mark: the Chaos star. This was scarred and then tattooed over his face, above his eyes and along his forehead and nose, tattooed in a bright red that all Chaos stars are tattooed in.