Garnet Massacre

Garnet Massacre

Garnet, by Swiftclaw
Name OriginDunno, probably because of her red eyes?
Date of BirthOctober 31, 2007
Age> 3 years
Subspecies90% Canis latrans
10% Canis lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeBleeding Souls
Current packNone (Loner)
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack


Joining Date8-05-08

Garnet Massacre was a former member of Inferni in 2008.

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  1.   1.  History
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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Friends
    3.   3.3  Acquaintances
    4.   3.4  Enemies
  4.   4.  Skills
  5.   5.  Appearance
    1.   5.1  Luperci Forms
  6.   6.  Art

1.  History

Garnet was born along with her brother Toxic Destruction and Midnight Massacre by Asphyxia Holocaust. Her father was Naloxone Massacre. Not long after she was born, Asphyxia went back (?) to the Inferni with her family in tow. Then “other” stuff happened, which caused Naloxone and his two daughters to leave. (I am not sure about this because nobody told me the time frame this stuff happened in, thus, I am assuming that they disappeared during the fire. I can not be sure, I blame Sara and Tammi X-X) They wandered around for four months, Naloxone poofed.

1.1  More Recent History

So, Garnet and Midnight got separated the day before Garnet showed up on the Inferni border, where she met her mother. They experience love and heartbreak. [1] After this, Garnet uses the rest of the day to meet her ass-hole half-brother Hybrid. [2] The next day she meets up with Nella Fantasia [3] and right after that Garnet is attacked by a strange wolf in dampwoods. [4] After that, she met Anselm who took her to Firefly, the PoW, whom she was supposed to guard [5] She went off to think, wandered into the mountains, and came across Skoll. He denied knowing her mother. [6] Asphyxia called Garnet and they talked, she found out about Skoll&Asy and the puppies. [7] Garnet shifted for the first time a night or so after this and met Corona, they two didn't get along. [8] Garnet met Trinity, who taught her a bit about fighting, and though Garnet left in a puff she took the other's advice to heart. [9] Garnet was working out when Asphyxia came to tell her that she was leaving; Garnet decides to go with her mother. [10] Garnet is training in Halifax, hears music, goes to investigate. [11] She meet Jazper, they talk, and then they leave. Garnet meets a lone Dahlia pack member. [12] Then she and Jaz meet up again at CD borders; Garnet meets Naniko. [13] Garnet finds a strange emo creature a few days later. [14] Another day passes, Garnet takes up Jazper's offer and spends a night in his mansion. The next day, the two paint the room and get high off of paint fumes; this results in a laps of judgement. ;) [15]

2.  Personality

Garnet is somewhat fiery in personality, except around Jazzy-pants. She can be brutely honest, and she doesn't really care about anyone but her family and close friends. Protective of her mother while Asphyxia is preggers, she strives to become stronger to protect others around her.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Friends

Jazper Rhiannon-Knight *cough*sexy*cough*

3.3  Acquaintances

A squirrel. Firefly? Anselm someone else...

3.4  Enemies

Hmm, probably Hybrid because he’s annoying 8O

4.  Skills

  • Huff
  • Puff
  • Blow house down

5.  Appearance

Black pelt, red eyes, three white dots below right eye. Slightly taller build than average coyote.

5.1  Luperci Forms


Height: 26" Weight: 91 lbs


Height: 32" Weight: 140 lbs


Height: 6'4" Weight: 179 lbs

6.  Art

All was made by Swiftclaw. Oooh. Burn. However, the quotes are GLaDOS's from Portal. o-o;; Portal is (c) Valve