Venomous Massacre

Venomous Massacre

Name OriginEnglish
Date of BirthDecember 25, 2003
Date of DeathFall 2006
Age~ 3 years
Subspecies100% Canis latrans ortus
Birth placeBleeding Souls

Venomous Massacre is the brother of Naloxone Massacre, son of Bittersweet Massacre and Sanguine Addiction, and previous mate to Asphyxia Holocaust. He is father to Hybrid Holocaust and Faolin Mogotsi.


Venomous had a fairly normal life. After a year in his home clan, he and his brother Naloxone struck out on their own. They got involved in a gang and got mixed up in drug and alcohol abuse. After a few years, Venomous became leader of this gang with Naloxone as his right-hand man. It was here that he met Asphyxia and they fell in love (or as in love Venomous could ever be). Asphyxia left and Venomous went into a rage, abandoned the gang, and left it to Naloxone. They had puppies together, which Asphyxia promptly abandoned in Inferni to the care of Segodi Mogotsi.

Venomous began physically abusing Asphyxia until one Naloxone whisked her away from him. After that, Venomous was on his own. This solitude was only broken by the intermittent one night stands with other women, which progressively grew more and more abusive. Eventually when his son, Hybrid, found him, he had hurt a great number of women. However, he never bet that the one who would seek vengeance would be his own daughter, Faolin.

She found Venomous living on his own, unaware that Hybrid was also living with him. She murdered her father and left the body, which Hybrid discovered. Hybrid vowed to avenge his father's death and followed his sister back to Inferni, not recognizing the murderer as his sister since they had been apart at a very early age.


For more information, see the Massacre family.

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He looked like a coyote? Not sure on this.