Elvira Winters


Date of Birth6th February, 2011
Subspecies56% Canis lupus familaris
25% Canis lupus
12% Canis latrans thamnos
6% Canis rufus rufus
Birth placeArbres de la Falaise?[1]
Cour des Miracles [2]

'Souls Profile

Elvira Winters is the daughter of Alaine Winters and Gabriel de le Poer. She was previously a member of the Cour des Miracles pack, along with her brother Elijah Winters and her adopted sister Odette Winters.


Though an adult, Elvira is still mentally a small child. She is emotionally and mentally stunted, with a streak of cruelty to top it off.



See the Winters, de le Poer and Lykoi families for more information.


She's lithe and delicate with the appearance of a strawberry blonde border collie. Wispy fur blankets her lean body, with erect ears, dainty features, and a sickle tail. Her eyes are a fierce, piercing yellow rimmed in dark fur that belie the otherwise innocence about her. Though an adult, she is physically very small and could pass easily for a creature far younger than she truly is. She dresses in black lace and bows, with the girlish elegance of a bisque doll. She adores poisons, for her small, fragile build could easily be smashed, and she requires cunning to survive rather than strength. In a basket at her hip she carries around jars of deadly black widow spiders.


Her soul was sick and tainted from birth. Wicked and cruel, Elvira tormented her brother and reveled in causing misery. In her youth she realized a strong penchant for masochism, drawn toward self-harm through the actions of others. Her family abandoned her, her mother disowned her, and Elvira was left alone while still young. She was drawn toward abuse, chasing creatures who would mistreat her, seeking affection in a backward manner. Around her first birthday she gave birth to a litter of puppies, with one surviving only a few hours. She cradled the corpse, refusing to accept that it was dead, until it became nothing more than bones. This was only the first of a pattern, for Elvira was incapable of actually caring for children, but constantly she aimed to create and give birth to them, desiring something helpless to love her unconditionally.

  • Claudia Winters: This is the name of the first living daughter that Elvira had whom died a few hours after birth. Her bones Elvira still carries around with her, as she refused to part with the corpse even as it rotted away. In her mind, she is still a beautiful little girl. She has sewn the remains inside of the stuffed rabbit doll that she was given, and held onto, since she was a small child herself.