Aemon de le Poer

Aemon de le Poer

Aemon, by Fred
Date of BirthJuly 26 2010
Age~1 year
Subspecies62.5% C. latrans
25% C. lupus
6% C. rufus
6% C. l. familiaris
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeScintilla
Current packInferni

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Joining dateNovember 5, 2011
Previous RankTirones


Joining dateJuly 30, 2007
SignificanceBirthpack, member

Aemon de le Poer is the son of Gabriel de le Poer and Jezebel. He was a member of Inferni.


70 lbs26 in
150 lbs34 in
170 lbs6 ft 0 in

Prefers Optime form.

Despite being a hybrid, Aemon's body displays his coyote heritage prominently. While his coat is mainly wolfish-- mainly a medium, silvery-gray, with an off-white underside--, his angular features and large ears give away his blood. His eyes are the same deep crimson found throughout his family's history. Aemon's ears, nose, mid-back, and tail are covered in darker, slate gray fur.

Both of Aemon's ears are pierced, but he is most often seen wearing one black cross dangling on a thin silver chain.

In Optime form (which he is most always found in), Aemon's hair is medium-gray, with paler roots. Since he has been able to shift, he has been keeping his hair in inch-thick dreadlocks. He likes to keep them as clean as possible, and often wears his hair back in a loose ponytail just below his shoulders.


Traits: loyal, protectful, proud, observant, friendly, dutiful

Aemon is, for the most part, an easy-going man. He is, however, rather highly prejudiced against wolves. When meeting strangers on neutral land, he may or may not be civil, depending on his mood. If a wolf comes near his home, though, he has been well-trained to attack. Similarly, at any threat to his family (in particular his brother, Ithiel), Aemon will not hesitate to become violent.

With most, Aemon is a pleasant young hybrid, quick to jest among friends and eager to please. As a religious man, he believes in the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and the presence of the Spirit in his own life. Baptized as a child in Scintilla, he was raised to believe that the Spirit guides him in his life and duty.