Spotlight Soul 2015

1.  Winners

1.1  January - Leela Amarok

Leela (Hannah) is the Spotlight Soul for January! Since returning, Leela has been incredibly active in and around the pack. She's even managed to get herself into major trouble with the Alphas, causing rifts between pack members who don't agree with the harsh punishment she's received, and generally shaking things up for even the most loyal of pack wolves. Leela has taken everyone by surprise this month, earning the title of Pariah for her out of character actions and even from her forced solitude--whether on purpose or not-- inspiring others to break and bend the rules on her behalf.

1.2  February - Arno Rousseau

Arno (Alex) is the Spotlight Soul for February! Alex recently had a plot where Arno's mother, Aimée, died and he ended up getting turned into a Luperci. Alex's posts for it have been very compelling and well-written; Arno's array of emotions from panic when Aimée was lost to utter grief at the funeral, and anger in yet another thread have been palpable. Arno has gotten involved in a lot of interesting and well-thought-out plots, and is a stellar member of Vinátta!

1.3  March - Océane Aston

Océane (Ann) is the Spotlight Soul for March! Océane has been in AniWaya since September 2013; recently, she's been involved in interesting plots, posting up all welcome thread prompts, and generally being a great and consistent member. Océane has been interacting with pack members and non-members alike, telling a lot of outsiders about the tribe she's a part of. Océane has made lots of long-standing contributions to AniWaya, and definitely deserves the place of Spotlight Soul!

1.4  April - Loki Jade Lykoi

Loki (Raze) is a wonderfully active character, and is very involved in pack and plot threads in Salsola, mandatory or non-mandatory. Loki has been eventful and fun to thread with for many pack characters, and is particularly good at sussing out and welcoming new characters to Salsola! Considering Loki is not even Raze's primary character, his reliable activity is notably commendable!

1.5  May - Akantha

Akantha (Amanda) has been a consistently active member of Sapient for some time. She is usually always found right in the middle of things IC'ly; whether it be diplomacy matters, pack run events or just general pack goings on! She is also a frequent participant in threads focused on pack culture and more, and she is generally is always part of fun plots! Keep being awesome!

1.6  June - Constantine von Troy

Constantine (Cheshire) has been bringing a lot of drama to the game, especially within Sapient itself. Beyond that, it sure seems like Constantine is involved with more goings-on than you can shake a stick at. Keep it up, you're fabulous!

1.7  July - Nikita Volkov

Nikita (Poppinz) is our July Spotlight Soul! Although he's not been a member of 'Souls for very long, Poppinz hasn't hesitated in tossing Nikita into several well-written and interesting, juicy plots - not to mention quite a few all-welcome threads, too! He also dove into joining a pack, and is now participating in many an interesting thread in Sapient. :) Yay for Nikita!

1.8  August - Ares Knight

Ares (Sam) is the Spotlight Soul for August. Ares has always been a steady member of d'Arte and, after CdA disbanded, Midnight Shores. Consistent in activity and still involved in awesome plots after such longevity as a member, Ares has never let the pack down! As a solidly awesome presence in the pack, Ares definitely deserves Spotlight Soul! :)

1.9  September - Galilani Adahy

Galilani Adahy (Laura) is the Spotlight Soul for September. Galilani has only been with the 'Souls AniWaya tribe for a few months, but she's been involved in many threads and plots, interacting with canines all over the place, in addition to developing juicy tidbits about her time with the Great Tribe. A spotlight well-deserved!

1.10  October - Kennedy Fisher

Kennedy Fisher (Shann) is our Spotlight Soul for October! Kennedy has been very active in the Inferni-Cour des Miracles plot, signing up for several threads and posting consistently. He's been earning co-ranks left and right, as well as all three optional Rex titles in Inferni, and recruiting new members and ensuring that they're settling in. Kennedy's been very consistently active and is an exemplary example of pack participation! Hooray for Kennedy!

1.11  November - Inferni & Cour des Miracles

The members of these packs did awesomely in the IF / CdM conflict! From awesome participation in the main plots to interesting side scuffles and schemes, the plot was a huge success, and both Inferni and Cour des Miracle's leadership thought that every member deserved recognition for being so great. :) Hooray!

1.12  December - Tristan

This month our Spotlight Soul is Tristan Callow-Knight (Jazzy), who's been very active and involved in their pack, getting co-ranks and participating in the diplomacy initiative!