Reyna Zaya

| Character by Mia

Name MeaningQueen
Name OriginSpanish
Date of BirthMay 16, 2010
Age4 years old
Subspecies25% canis lupus familiaris ortus, 25% Canis aureus moreoticus, 25% Canis lupus campestris, 25% Canis lupus arabs
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeItaly
Current packMidnight Shores
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Current Pack

Midnight Shores

Joining dateJanuary 23, 2015
Joining RankPollux
Most Recent RankPollux

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  3.   3.  Personality
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    2.   4.2  Past Relationships
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  5.   5.  Skills
  6.   6.  Appearance
    1.   6.1  Luperci Forms
  7.   7.  NPCs
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1.  Pre Souls' History

Reyna Zaya was born in the early morning hours of May 16, 2010, to Aisha Zaya and Luciano Accaio in their small Italian apartment. Aisha and her daughter spent two months with Luciano before they left for the Mediterranean Sea, to be reunited with the Zaya clan. Rayna separated from her mother's clan in Greece, when Rayna was about a year old, after learning all she could from the nomadic traders of the clan.

As the she wolf traveled, she fed herself and her mare by working many different odd jobs for whoever needed her help. A month helping a farmer build his house in return for twenty pounds of grain, two weeks digging a ditch in return for new tack, two months harvesting crops in order to receive a young unbroken gelding, six weeks helping a blacksmith shoe horses (until he finds out Reyna had been sleeping with his daughter for four of those weeks). She meandered her way through Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, and Switzerland in this way, working, loving, fighting, and earning goods. Steadily traveling over nine months, until she reached Italy reunited with her father, Luciano.

Reyna spent three months with her father, the captain of a merchant vessel, learning everything she could about his trade in that short amount of time. In September of that year, Luciano took a job to ship wine from France to Lisbon, Portugal, and took Reyna with him. While there, Reyna overheard a group of British sailors talking about a recent trip to the New World in a tavern. She decided then that she was going to go to North America.

Reyna bartered and traded, with her father's help, enough goods to receive passage to Barbados for herself and her animals on a cargo ship, so long as she also worked as a kind of ships boy, fetching supplies, cleaning, etc. The voyage was fairly easy, and they reached the island on schedule. The female stayed on the island for two weeks, working as a waitress in an inn to earn food and board froe herself and her animals, before she earne passage for the group aboard the Santa Maria by working as a cook. Once they arrived in Freetown, Reyna stayed for only a week, before leaving.

She spent the next two years traveling throughout New England, gathering quit the menangry during get travels, including a third horse, as well as two female cats, one calico, the other a tabby.

2.  Souls' History

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3.  Personality

Reyna is a very passionate person, who falls in and out of love with various females easily, and has no problem with one night stands or short flings. However, once she is in a committed relationship she expects full and complete monogamy from both herself and her partner. She can be jealous at times, but is more inclined to claim someone in a sexual way, than to scream and yell at a partner. Her mother raised her to be respectful towards her lovers, and to always accept any boundaries they set, so long as they don't prevent her from making her own choices. Her father reinforced this attitude with lessons in chivalry.

The she wolf has a short fuse, though she is more likely to ignore someone she is angry with than scream and shout, and will rarely if ever express her rage with violence. On the other hand, if a person attempts to hurt those she cares about, or bully those weaker than themselves, such as children, she will, and has, react with explosive violence, and is not afraid of speaking up about things she doesn't agree with. This can occasionally, and unintentionally, cause her to offend others.

She is incredibly loyal, and will not betray someone who has earned her trust easily or willingly. It is not terribly difficult to earn her trust and loyalty , but once it is lost, it's incredibly hard to get back. Part of this is that she values honesty and integrity above most other virtues, and will not tolerate liers, or fools.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family

Mother: Aisha Zaya Father: Luciano Acciao Half Siplings on mother's side: GiGi Zaya, Largo Zaya Half Siblings on father's side: Giovanni Acciao

4.2  Past Relationships

  • Rachel Delic
  • Anna Radu
  • Sara Varga
  • Billie Galli
  • Charlotte Colombo

4.3  Friends

4.4  Acquaintances

4.5  Enemies

5.  Skills

Reyna's skills, abilities, and knowledge

  • Can read Italian, and a simple English
  • Minor construction (she can't build a house, but she can repair one)
  • Navigating by the stars
  • Minor blacksmith ability (shoeing horses, making minor repairs of alterations of tools)
  • She's not a bad brawler, and can use a knife very well, but doesn't have skill to use a sword or spear
  • Bow hunting
  • Tracking
  • Horses! She knows a ton about them. Her mother's family taught her how to capture wild ones, how to tame them, as well as how to train them as riding, pulling, and hunting animals.

6.  Appearance

Reyna's eyes are a intense, dark violet. The base color of her fur is a copper red, one of the only marker's of her viszla heritage, with a thin black stripe down the center of her snout, And flecks of gray on the edges of her ears. Her underbelly as a greyish tinge, and the underside of her tail is flecked in grey. The outsides of her thighs are flecked with black, as are her sides. Her hair is mostly a cooper red, with black, grey, and tan streaks throughout it. She almost always wears a turquoise shawl with coins attached to the fringe an the bottom wrapped her waist in summer, and drapped over her shoulders in winter. In cold weather she will were a variety of other clothing as well.

6.1  Luperci Forms

Reyna generally prefers her Optime form, as it allows her to trade, build, ride, etc. She has spent most of her life in this form, though she has used her Secui form in fights, and after her first shift, has stopped using her Lupus form almost completely.


Reyna is rather small in all of her forms but especially so in her Lupus form. She only weighs about 48 pounds or 22 kilograms, and stands 31 inches or 79 centimeters tall at the shoulder. Her fur is about 1.5 inches long during summer, and 3 inches during winter


The female's Secui form weighs more than twice as much as her Lupus form, so she is still small compared to North American Luperci, but less so when compared to European Luperci. She is about 40 inches, or 102 centimeters tall, and weighs around 104 pounds, or 47 kilograms. Her mane is longer in this form than in her Lupus one, but is still shorter than is average.


The hybrid weighs about 120 pounds or 54 kilograms, and is 4 feet, 11 inches or a little over 1 meter tall in this form. She carries herself in a very upright position, emphasising her slender frame. Her shoulders are broad for a female, and look a little even more so because of her rather narrow hips. Her breasts are not overly large, and fit her thin body well. Tje female styles her mane more like hair than anything else. She wears it in many small braids with small feathers and beads scattered throughout it.

7.  NPCs

  • Twitch- 7 year old red roan mare, trained in riding, hunting, and pack.
  • Birch- 5 year old dapple gray gelding, trained in pack, draft, and riding.
  • Fig- yellow, black, and white long haired calico female cat.
  • Blu- female tabby cat.

8.  Notable Threads