Camp Gagetown

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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Landmarks
    1.   2.1  Abandoned airplane hangar
    2.   2.2  Armory
    3.   2.3  Bog and Swamp
    4.   2.4  Hidden Training Grounds
    5.   2.5  Abandoned Airplane Hangar and Runway
  3.   3.  Likely Encounters
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An expanse of Gagetown flatlands
Credit stephen_downes@Flickr


Region Northern Tides
Territory Miramichi Wilderness
Major Waterways
Size 1,129 sq km / 436 sq mi


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1.  Description

Camp Gagetown is a massive military base, operational until the human apocalypse. Camp Gagetown has a 1,129 km sq (436 sq mi) area -- it sprawls over the southern portion of the Miramichi Wilderness territory. Much of the terrain was landscaped significantly, as the military "designed" forests to create various training zones; additionally, in the early 1980s, strong herbicides were tested in the base's southern extremities. This particular patch of land is barren and very flat; nothing -- not even grass -- grows. These southerly "mudflats" are wide and the mud is very deep -- it is difficult for horses or canines to cross, and one is well-advised to avoid mess and other worse disaster by skirting the flats entirely.

Thanks to its diverse wildlife and proximity to the Acadian forests and two separate rivers, Camp Gagetown is a popular resting place. The typical assortment of forest fauna may wander in or near the camp, the most unique including wild turkey, moose, otter, and porcupine. The forests around Camp Gagetown are home to both brilliant autumn foliage of maple trees and thick pine trees, like much of New Brunswick. Flowers in the area include yellow lady slippers, star flower, bluebead lilly, twinflower, and Canada Mayflower. Blueberry patches can be found in later summer months, although they often attract bears. Former cottages of agriculture and forestry workers dot the surrounding territory, most of which are still suitable for residency or still bear treasures to pick clean, and a number of small serpentine deposits lay in small patches throughout the southern forest, perfect for aspiring jewelers.

2.  Landmarks

2.1  Abandoned airplane hangar

A few small- to medium-sized planes are docked within the large, empty hangar, battered and beaten but easily accessible.

2.2  Armory

Within the hangar is an old artillery hold, once kept under lock and key but now its grand safe door swings open. A grisly sight lies within: The sparse remains of two human bodies can be found along the inner walls, dead of disease despite having taken refuge within the safe while humankind died away. Most of their bones are missing. The armory bears few weaponry left to claim, mostly guns that no longer work, a few spears and swords and some daggers. The fleshless arm of a man wraps around a gun as if deterring intruders from theft.

2.3  Bog and Swamp

To the east of Camp Gagetown are small wetlands, dangerous all months of the year: Flooded, murky and sticky in the summer, with a thin and easily brokem sheet of ice in the deeper regions during the winter. Lovely flowers sprout throughout, and a few well-positioned but spread out stones enable a risky route through for those who will not walk around.

2.4  Hidden Training Grounds

In its later years the training area of the camp was landscaped by local foresters to create large shapes of woodlines recognizable from the air. The last image before the camp's abandonment was in the shape of a very large maple leaf, and following a few wildly overgrown but still accessible paths into its heart are open, flat clearings once used for training. Nowadays, tangles of thorn and rose bushes have grown thick throughout the overgrowth.

2.5  Abandoned Airplane Hangar and Runway

A lone, abandoned runway strip runs a length behind the camp, its tar broken and splintered with flora over time. A few small to medium sized, decrepit planes have been parked along it, and a few others are docked within the large, empty hangar, most fitting only one to two passengers each. Though the doors have rusted open, the windshield is shattered and the planes are not the safest to enter.

3.  Likely Encounters

  • Members of northwestern packs such as Krokar and Sapient may be more common around Camp Gagetown.
  • Stray loners have also been seen creeping through the grounds, rooting through the armory or exploring the hangar.
  • The occasional coon, weasel, rat, etc. can be occasionally found scavenging about inside the hangar. In the winter, a few small animals make their nests inside.

4.  Sources

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