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Tacita is currently a Loner







  • Date of Birth: 16 Sep 2011
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: —
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: Loner
  • Rank: Loner
  • Pronunciation: —
  • Nickname: —
  • Epithet: —
  • Etymology: —
  • Family: —
  • Birthplace: ??
  • Species: Coywolf (??% coyote, ??% wolf)
  • Subspecies:
    • ??
  • cNPC:
  • yNPC:
  • Companion Animals:

1.  Appearance

Tacita's fur is as black as mid-night. Her dark coat came from the wolf side of her genes. She uses the advantage of the night-time darkness to improve her stealth in hunting. Her eyes are the color of burning embers, a deep re-orange. When she became a loner she marked herself with white paint: -A long white strip starting from her nose and down to her rump. -Tiger-like stripes sprouting from said strip from her head to her back. -Rings of white on her arms and legs, four on her arms and three on her legs.

Her size is small, standing at only 5ft 2 in her optime. Although her form makes for little physical strength, it makes her skilled in the art of speed and stealth. Her bodily shape would attract the attention of any of the male gender, and she aims to use this to her advantage in manipulation when she gets the opportunity. She wears no clothes, but a metal brace on her right arm that has a small length of metal chain still attached to it. The brace was put on her at the age of 3 months, and has grown too tight to come off. She also wears a long metal chain as a necklace around her neck, as an example of her background. Her voice has a hint of her Latin origins, but she mostly hides it. She wears a belt with a clip to attach her cross-bow to and a small pouch for her bolts/arrows.

2.  Personality

Tacita is a strange girl; she can go from angry to happy at random moments. She acts like a male at some points, and never really acts like her appearance would make her seem. She is very manipulative, even those with distrust seem to warm up to the girl quickly. Perhaps it is her appealing appearance, or the way she acts. She doesn't know, but she does know whatever it is works. Because of the time in the tribe, she still believes she is incredible skill in her field, which is anything she can shoot or hurt with her crossbow. She acts like a cold bitch if she wants, and can easily turn to mocking or insulting someone if it pleases her. She thinks herself above those she doesn't think are special. Tacita has a very accurate first instinct, so when she first meets someone and guess what they are doing, their nature etc, she's normally correct. This trait had been carried down the line of females in her tribe, and was one of the many lessons she was taught straight from birth. In the tribe, pups were taught to expect pleasure and praise from the sight of blood, this still carries with Tacita, and she still finds herself becoming insanely happy when near or around the red liquid. She also, if no-one else is around, will talk and have pleasing conversations with herself, adding points to her weird image. But breaking through the cold and mysterious exterior, one can find a little pup, searching for a belonging and a friend. Friend, something thought at petty or weak in the tribe, but something Tacita truly longs for, and she plans to make one, one way or another.

3.  History

Tacita was born to a vile and corrupt tribe. From the moment she was born, she was paired up with another sibling, (If the number of births was odd, like one or three, then one of the pups would be killed to avoid exceptions.) Until the age of 3 months, harsh words and beliefs were forced on the pair separately. They'd be taught how to kill, how the sight and smell of blood was a good thing, and how to fight. Once the pair turned 3 months, a chain would be attached to one of their legs, linking them together. The pair would grow until the chain became too tight to move or take off. Hopefully anger would break out between the pair, and they would turn on each other. The pups would fight, and one would eventually kill the other. (If no pup was killed by 4 months, then both would be killed for being weak).

Tacita won, but unlike previous pups, she won to get revenge on the tribe around her. The tribe believed strongly in life was only for the purest canines, so the weak would be killed, and there were no family relations in the pack. So Tacita never knew who her parents were. The chain linking her to the dead chain-pup was broken, but the brace remained on her as a sign of the pack. Once she was 6 months old, capable of taking care of herself, she marked herself as an individual with white paint, and broke away from the pack. She lived some her life outside, but soon found her way into 'Souls, and plans to make use of the skill and lessons she learnt, but for a pack.

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