Osprey Fleurine

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Osprey Fleurine was a member of Inferni. In early 2016, the acceptance of two Outsider dogs and the "trend" of increasingly wolfish or doggish hybrids being born into and tolerated by the clan drove him to act against Inferni's leadership; he was executed following a trial for setting traps for clanmates and poisoning one of the dogs.





  • Date of Birth: 20 April 2011
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Coy-dog (75% Coyote, 20% Wolf, 5% Dog)
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Subspecies: Unknown

1.  Appearance

by Gen

  • An average coyote for the most part, of small-medium size. His build is scrawny, with a clear disparity of muscle definition between his upper and lower body. His hands, forearms, and shoulders especially appear much stronger and more thickly built than his legs.
  • 3 huge scars on left hip / thigh, several on maw, noticeable. Two on his back and three decreasing in size on his left side.
  • He has a very noticeable limp, favoring his right leg significantly more. Often walks unaided, but will resort to a staff or cane if his left hip hurts too much.
  • Shadow (#8C784C) his base coat color
  • Mongoose (#BAA77E) on his ventral half
  • Millbrook (#5A4B2F) intermingled with Shingle Fawn (#5E4D29) along his shoulders and haunches
  • Birch (#362F25) intermingled with his ruff and along his haunches near his tail
  • Punga (#483616) intermingled on his face, ruff, shoulders, and flanks
  • Brown Rust (#B86C3F) eyes

2.  Personality

  • Brusque and to the point, Osprey does not beat around the bush. He is outspoken and says what he means, politeness or correctness be damned.
  • Rather stubborn, and can be derisive -- especially where it concerns critiquing him on pretty much anything. He's very likely to bark back with something sarcastic and snappy. Virtually the only kind of critique that doesn't make him angry is that which concerns his woodworking. He'll happily accept advice where he's done something that could have been better, etc.
  • Incredibly racist against non-coyotes of any kind (wolves, dogs, jackals) but especially dogs.
  • Aggressive, and can get angry very easily, especially if he perceives someone else is interfering with him unjustly or unfairly.

3.  Skills

  • Woodworking (Master): Pretty much the only thing Osprey has ever really devoted himself to, besides grumping on wolves. Better than simple carving and building things, he's a teacher, too. While some students might find his nature too abrasive, he is unabashed with critique, and pushes any who wish to apprentice with him toward excellence.
    • Whittling (primarily decorative -- all of his woodwork has a distinctive flair and decoration, the result of having many hours of recovery to kill), carving (primarily functional items -- e.g., blade handles), carpentry (primarily small functional items -- e.g., small chests), wood construction (small shacks, etc. -- not physically capable of building them, but Osprey can command laborers very well)
  • Fighting (Apprentice -- Teacher Only): Osprey can also offer pointers on Lupus and Secui form fighting -- though is unable to do so himself thanks to his lasting injuries.
  • Animal Products (Apprentice): Hoping to expand his repertoire, Osprey has begun to experiment with carving antlers and bones, either for decoration or into points for weaponry.

4.  Residence

5.  History

Half-brother to Veine von Rosnete through their father, Condor Fleurine. He picked up a lot of his father's extreme coyote-preference and was briefly militant about it before being hurt in a skirmish against some wolves. He picked up carving and woodwork while he recovered and ended up keeping it as his profession.

5.1  Threads

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    Osprey joins Inferni, greeted by Snapdragon Lykoi