Hartt Attaya

Hartt is the daughter of Lyall Attaya and Sylva Attaya. She is currently a loner, mate to Darkness Hushhowl. She has two children with Dark. The oldest, Dusk Hushhowl, was born in June 2014 with her sister, Dawn Hushhowl, arriving a year later in June 2015. The small family unfortunately became separated after the Red Star, with Hartt and Dawn sticking together and hopefully Dusk with her father. The family was reunited and found a new home in Casa di Cavalieri, a new edition arriving January 2017 in the form of a little pup, Night Hushhowl. The growing family didn't keep their happiness too long unfortunately. Darkness traveled outside of Casa's borders one day and did not return. Dusk and Dawn left to search for their missing father, leaving Hartt to watch over Night alone. Weeks passed but there was still no word as to where Darkness was. Then came the day where Night would stumble upon a large amount of blood on the border along with Hartt's fur.

Hartt Attaya

by Nat



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Date of Birth

12 February 2010

Date of Death

17 August 2018







55% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
45% Arctic Wolf




Mate Darkness Hushhowl
Pack Loner

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1.  Appearance

Hartt’s lineage is clear in her features, with her pure white fur showing off her Arctic Wolf heritage and larger size showing the Mackenzie Valley Wolf blood. She's well built with lean muscles lying underneath her thick fur. She's larger than most other females, reaching the height of some males. If it weren’t for her somewhat large chest, she could even be mistaken for a male. Her hair is just a shade or two darker than the rest of her fur and is usually either left alone and falling freely down to the small of her back, or tied back into a long, loose braid. Hartt has dark blue-green eyes with a sapphire blue marking over her left eye and a matching, but much smaller design, over her right. The marks look like this. She has a scar starting at the base of her neck, moving down the middle of her chest, and ending just below her ribs. It’s an old scar though and is somewhat hard to see now that her fur is usually covering it. After a fight with a male from her birth pack, she ended up with many more scars. Four claw marks start just under her right eye and extend across her cheek, there are scars on her right forearm and wrist as well as very large scars covering her stomach, with a few smaller marks just barely visible anymore that litter her form. Ever since she had been separated from her mate and first born daughter, she had chosen to stay in her Secui form, wanting to make herself look even larger than she is so she can better protect her youngest in her large bear-like form. In Secui, her limbs are longer and her body is much more bulky than her other forms, making her truly look like some bizarre mix between a wolf and a bear. In this form, her mane has already started to grow out, longer fur starting at the back of her head, all the way down to her shoulder blades almost like a lions mane.

1.1  Coloration

Hartt's coat is completely white except for the markings around her eyes where the fur was dyed a Science Blue (#095FC8). Her eyes are a beautiful Eastern Blue (#2481B2)

1.2  Forms




80 lbs (36 kg)
28 in (71 cm)

160 lbs (58 kg)
35 in (89 cm)

190 lbs (86 kg)
6ft 2in (185 cm)

In her Lupus form, Hartt looks like any normal Arctic Wolf, but much larger in comparison due to her Mackenzie Valley blood.

Same as her Lupus form but larger and much more muscular. Her hair starts to grow out in this form, giving her almost a lions mane of sorts.

Even though she has two legs instead of four, she continues to move on all fours. Her hair falls wherever it may and is rather long, reaching her waist. She has a very feminine figure in this form.

1.3  Other


  • She has one scar starting at the base of her neck, moving down the middle of her chest, and ending just below her ribs.
  • She has four claw marks across her right cheek.
  • She has multiple scars covering her stomach.
  • She has claw marks on her right forearm and wrist.
  • Small scars are scattered across her form, though most are now hidden under thick fur.


  • Blue dye markings around her eyes.

2.  Personality

Having been born into a traditional wolf pack, Hartt became very old fashioned, showing respect to any who held a rank above her, and demanding to be shown respect by those below her. The white fae constantly strives to better herself, wanting to prove her worth again. She is still a very compassionate wolf though, willing to help others who need it. She is also extremely protective and will fight with everything she has in order to keep those she cares for safe. Hartt also tends to have a short temper but tries to control it, but if the right buttons are pushed, she will become very aggressive, especially if it has to do with someone or something she cares about.

The white woman has a major soft spot for pups, no matter if they are hers or not. Hartt doesn’t trust others easily, having trusted the beta of her birth pack only to watch him kill her family, and later hunt her down and attack her, making her miscarry her unborn pups. Hartt is more than content with living life as a small family pack with her mate and daughters. After spending time in Casa di Cavalieri, Hartt quickly learned to become more humanized. While she still prefers being on all fours, she can and will walk on two and even wears clothes.

2.1  Details


  • Likes: Her family, cold weather, snow, hunting, puppies, self-improvement
  • Dislikes: High heat, criminals, slave owners,


Dominant, prideful, good-natured, nurturing, motherly

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, dominant
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral


  • Losing a family member, powerlessness, betrayal, failure


  • Protection of her pack and those she cares about, power, her family


  • Packs: Hartt currently has no bias towards any packs
  • Species: She see's every species as equals, with no one above the other.
  • Non-Luperci: She envy's non-luperci, wishing she was still in the only form she was born in.
  • Gender: No bias towards either gender.
  • Sexuality: Hartt doesn't understand how a same sex couple works but accepts it as it is
  • Age: She has a soft spot for pups and is very respectful towards elders.


Hartt is strictly heterosexual. She has a mate who is the one love in her life. She is strictly monogamous with him and doesn't seem to have eyes for anyone else.


Hartt has never tried any substances and likely never will.


Hartt believes in the wolf God Fenris but will not force her own beliefs on anyone else.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Darkness Hushhowl: Dark had been a part of her birth pack before the uprising of their Beta. She later found him again after she had found a new home with New Dawn. She has three children with him, Dusk, Dawn, and Night Hushhowl. He is the love of her life and has been her mate since December of 2013.
  • Ryga?: Ryga was the former Beta of her birth pack. He attacked and killed her family to force himself into the Alpha position and tried to force Hartt to be his mate. When she refused, he attacked her, causing her to become a Luperci. When she was pregnant for the first time, Ryga found her near New Dawn's borders and attacked her. All four of her pups were born shortly after the attack. They were far too early and were all stillborn. Zalen killed Ryga for attacking Hartt.

3.2  Family: Attaya?

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: A very soft feminine voice. She is outgoing and talkative but doesn't open up to strangers too easily.
  • Scent: forest-like scent, slightly floral, very earthy

4.1  Residence

  • She builds or finds a new den as she travels, no permanent home.

4.2  Abilities


  • Hunting (Master): Hartt was thoroughly trained by her father, intending for her to one day become the next Alpha.
  • Feral Fighting (Master): Again, trained by her father to fight before she was shifted.
  • Weapon Fighting (Apprentice): She has had some training with weapons and can defend herself well enough in a fight, but is by no means an expert when it comes to fighting with weapons.
  • Tracking (Master): Learned from her father and with practice.

5.  History

Hartt was the only female in a litter of three born from the alpha pair of a small pack. They were a much more feral pack, consisting of non-luperci wolves. It was tradition in their pack for the first born female of the alpha pair to become the next leader so Hartt was trained to take her fathers place once she was older, her mother having passed away trying to deliver her second litter, all of whom passed as well. The pack took in a lone male by the name of Darkness Hushhowl that was severely malnourished and likely close to death. Hartt helped heal him and get him back on his feet, her father giving him the choice to stay once he was strong enough. He did stay and he and Hartt grew very close, spending almost all of their time together. It didn't take long for the young female to fall for the man, but before she could express her feelings for him, he was gone. Just up and left one day and she never knew why, not until she met him again years later after she had traveled to Souls and joined New Dawn.

In her birth pack, Luperci were often seen as monsters, thinking themselves better than others and changing non-luperci without their consent. Because of this, Luperci were often avoided by all members of the small pack until the Beta, Ryga, was exposed to the curse. He felt the pack was weak and needed a new leader so he killed Hartt’s father and her two younger brothers. He didn't kill her though, intending to force her to become his mate. She refused to be his and the new leader didn’t enjoy being rejected though and attacked her in a fit of rage, nearly killing her and changed her into a Luperci. Once she shifted for the first time, Hartt found it difficult to shift back to her Lupus form and had stayed in her Optime form but continued to walk on all fours. Broken down, and just wanting to find a safe place to call home, she set out on her own.

5.1  Souls

Hartt entered Souls and chose to join the feral pack New Dawn. Shortly after joining, she ran into a familiar face Darkness Hushhowl. She met with him nearly every day and quickly learned that Ryga, the Beta of her birth pack, had forced Dark to leave the pack just a day before he forcefully took the pack over. The pair quickly began to continue where they left off, with the white female falling just as hard for him as she had the first time. When she entered her cycle, she fought with the Alphess Raeka Damaichu for the right to stand at her Alphas side, the effects of the heat cycle messing with her head and making her want the strongest male in the pack as her own. Seeing that neither female was going to back off until one of them was dead, Zalen Damaichu ended the fight, keeping Raeka as his mate and Alphess, but giving Hartt the right to bear his pups. Darkness came to find her since he hadn't seen her for a few days, feelings were admitted, one thing led to another, and after having spent time with both Zalen and Darkness, the white fae was left pregnant and unsure which male was the father. Her mistake cost her her position in the pack, Zalen having knocked her down to Pariah, but it also cost Darkness the freedom of being a loner. Zalen had given the pair a choice, Dark would join New Dawn and take Hartt as his mate and raise her pups, or he could refuse and Hartt would be banished for having broken New Dawns law. Knowing that pups wouldn't survive in the cold winter if Hartt was forced to care for them without the protection of a pack, Darkness joined New Dawn and the longtime friends were now mates.

Their happiness did not last long though. Ryga had been hunting down Hartt and finally found her just inside New Dawn's borders. He crossed into their territory and attacked Hartt because she was carrying another males pups and he still wanted to claim her as his. He tried to escape but Zalen ran him down and killed the male. Unfortunately, the attack forced Hartt into early labor. Her four pups were born lifeless, having been far too early. She couldn't be completely sure, but two pups were much darker in color while two were pure white, leaving her to believe both males had fathered two pups each from her. Hartt fell into a deep depression for a little while, though Darkness was able to cheer her up and slowly get her back to normal. After a little while the mated pair decided it was time to try for pups again and Hartt gave birth to a little girl on June 14, 2014, the couple naming her Dusk.

On their own

The small family lived in New Dawn for a little while before leaving to travel together as loners and start their own pack. While away, they had a second child June 10, 2015, another girl they named Dawn. Hartt was a much better hunter than her mate so oftentimes she would be the one to go out and hunt to provide food for their family while it was Darkness who stayed at the den with the girls. They were still just a small family pack, but they couldn't be happier, that is, until they became separated. Dawn was still with her mother and since she couldn't find Darkness or Dusk, the white fae could only hope they were together as well. The mother-daughter pair searched for the missing half of their family before eventually heading back towards Souls, having agreed long before to meet back up at New Dawn should they ever become separated. Little did they know, their old pack was long gone, the packs scent no longer even lingering in the old communal den.


Hartt and Dawn quickly found out New Dawn was no more, searching around Souls in hopes of finding the rest of their family. The reunion was bitter-sweet, seeing as Darkness had nearly starved himself to death trying to find Hartt and Dawn, but they were all grateful to just be together again. They needed a pack to help support the small family though, somewhere safe where Darkness could rest and build his strength back up. Seeing as Hartt had found some of their old pack mates in Casa di Cavalieri, the small family quickly made the decision to join the Cavaliers in October of 2016.

The Hushhowl family was slowly becoming accustomed to the much more humanized lifestyle. It was much different than what they were used to, but they adapted rather well. With their safe, comfy home, it didn't take too long for another member to be added to the family with Night Hushhowl being born January 12, 2017. Unfortunately, the Spring Sickness swept through Casa, infecting Night. Hartt was constantly afraid she was going to lose her little girl, but thankfully she pulled through, though she did still have almost asthma like problems with breathing every once in a while. Things seemed to get better and all seemed well with the growing family until Darkness suddenly disappeared at the end of May 2017. Dusk and Dawn left Casa to search for their father, leaving Hartt alone with little Night. The white fae did still venture off outside the packs borders fairly often to try to find any hint of what happened to her mate. On July 10, 2017 there was an incident at the borders that ended with Night finding a large amount of blood as well as bits of Hartt's fur. Circumstances made the pack believe Hartt to be dead.