Western Tangles

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This area is defunct!

This territory or sub-territory has been partially or completely destroyed; it is no longer a playable area.

The Western Tangles were the westernmost ends of the Nova Scotian peninsula, consisting of a collection of islands, lakes, and some inland forest. The remaining areas within Western Tangles were re-imagined in April 2017 as Seabreeze Brink.

Much of the coast here is particularly cool and wet; as the Atlantic Ocean meets the Bay of Fundy, the area is subjected to some of the harsher tides and weather the cold waters can muster. Fog covers the coastline frequently, snaking far inland to serenely cling to the drier inland wilderness. Evidence of humanity remains in scarce traces, for most of it was scattered during the catalysmic events in the Spring of 2016.

In April 2017, the islands created from the meteor in Spring 2016 finally sunk, drastically reducing the landmass of the southern portion of Nova Scotia.

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1.  Statistics

1.1  Climate

The southerly parts of Nova Scotia jut out into the ocean, surrounded by the bay and Atlantic. While the southern climate may not match the north for its cold winter, the south can boast the thickest and most persistent fog.

1.2  Geography

The Western Tangles region is dominated by low, large hills. There are numerous rivers and small streams throughout this territory. Perhaps most interesting is the southernmost shoreline, with its numerous harbors, bays, and islands.

Former areas

Following the 2016 meteor strike, the area of Fellmoor Swamp was destroyed and with it, its sub-territories, The Ashlands and the Oasis.

In April 2017, Mersey Lake gave way to Mersey Cove.

1.3  Demographics

Traces of humanity can be found largely in debris, though a few notable areas remain.

2.  Common Flora & Fauna

2.1  Flora

2.2  Fauna

Abundant -- the vast swaths of inland forests, untouched even before humanity's destruction, provide extensive land for all manner of prey animals.

  • As far as large prey goes, Elk are the dominant species, though they do not frequent the coasts.
  • Peregrine Falcon and the Osprey as well as various species of cranes, plovers, and sandpipers are among the shorebirds found in this region.
  • Horses can be found on Cheval Island and, rarely, along the mainland coast close to the island.
  • As far as marine mammals go, Bottlenose Dolphins are only found around this area of 'Souls -- they do not occur in more northerly areas.

3.  Waterways

4.  Islands

5.  Links

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