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Special transportation is required to reach Midnight Shores.


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1.  Territory

The landscape of Midnight Shores, as well as Prince Edward Island in general, is a pastoral and breathtaking haven. Gentle, sloping hills, soft grass, and wild northern forests make up a large portion of the Shores pack’s territory.

The island’s natural ocean cliffs and famous brightly hued sand makes the territory a beautiful landscape to see and to live in - and due to preservation laws during humanity’s reign of the Earth, much of this land has been largely undisturbed save for quaint, sprawling towns.

Note: As Midnight Shores stretches from coast to coast, there is a small path manned by a Gerard in the Kingsweald forest that loners and outsiders can pass through to get to the other side. Merely have your character howl at the start of that path, and Gerard will soon appear to help him or her cross!

2.  Images

Sandstone Arch on the Scarlet Coasts Lighthouse on the coast The Harbors of Charlottetown A lighthouse on the outskirts of Kingsweald Shores Sea cliffs Misty forests Flower fields Red sand Birds on the water

3.  The Scarlet Coasts

Bordering Midnight Shores on the south side, the Scarlet Coasts stretch from end to end of its territory, providing a barrier in the form of the Northumberland Strait. Prince Edward Island’s famous red sand attributes to the name of these brilliant coasts.

Near the city, the beaches begin as gentle, sloping sands, perfect for a picnic or a day of fun in the sun. As one goes south, however, the landscape transforms into stunning beach cliffs of an almost alien orange color. Some ocean caves can be seen dug into the face of the cliffs by the sea; during low-tide, they are wet and sometimes vast, and are perfect for exploring. Come high tide, however, some of the lower caves fill with water and can become dangerous. On the rockier beaches, one can see wildlife not commonly seen in other packs, such as Atlantic Puffins and Harp Seals.

3.1  The Lighthouses

There are various lighthouses that make themselves home here; some are more worn down than others, and some can reach as high as three stories. All are defunct, and can be used as living space for Luperci.

  • Victoria Rangelight: A small, slim lighthouse of two stories west of Charlottetown. Once a museum, this lighthouse is now vacant.
  • Bywater Light: A tall and sturdy lighthouse of three stories. It is easily the largest of all still-standing lighthouses in Midnight Shores, and can house up to three families.
  • Little Delving Light: Only a short jaunt away from Charlottetown, to the east, this lighthouse is only one story high and is stationed on a grassy, sloping hill on the beach.
  • Enigma Light: A short, humble lighthouse of two stories stationed on a hill close to the beach. Its base is brick, and the rooms are small and cozy.

3.2  Point Prim

Just south of Charlottetown peeks a small peninsula into the bay. Bordered by ocean on all sides, Point Prim is an hauntingly beautiful part of the island; when the sun sets, an orange glow is cast over the main landmark of the area, the Polly Cemetery.

  • Point Prim Light: At the tip of the peninsula, just past the cemetery, is an old and deteriorated lighthouse, punished harshly by time. Its height is impressive, if only because it has been able to withstand years of erosion - other parts of the lighthouse were not so lucky, and gaping chunks are missing from its sides. The stairs inside are mostly intact, save for a large gap just before the light room; some have heard gentle sighs come from the uppermost section of the house, and have even claimed to see light shining from the tower at night, although such things are, of course, impossible. It is advised not to try to pass the gap in the stairs - those who do seem to always meet an ill fate.
  • The Polly Cemetery: The cemetery is a solemn place, but beautiful and rich with life despite its atmosphere. The rich soils have lent themselves to flowers and other flora, giving a peaceful vibe; large headstones and statues litter the small peninsula, bearing memories of the lives of those who have been lost.

3.3  Sea Caves

The Sea Caves on the central part of the Scarlet Coasts find themselves buried in tall sea cliffs - they would be intimidating if not for the gentle slope downwards. These caves can be shallow, or they can run quite deep into the cliffs, branching off and twisting into each other. Some are too shallow and awkwardly positioned to explore, but others are quite available to be searched in - just remember to return before the waters rise and you have to look for shelter!

3.4  The Blue Holes

The Blue Holes are aptly named for the large, wide, shallow tidal pools that appear at low tide on the southwestern side of the Scarlet Coasts. The flatness of this area lends itself to small dunes, which collect water at night and reveal themselves in a most particular way; they're wide and don't hold much sea life, but look almost like small, perfectly-circular holes cut into the ground, depositing a small ocean there. They're perfect for splashing around.

4.  Charlottetown

Although it does not rival Halifax or St. John, Charlottetown is a formidable reminder of humanity’s past. Rather than tall skyscrapers like a city would have, Charlottetown is a large, sprawling suburban landscape of shorter, quaint houses and buildings. Based on the coast, the town has many harbors that are ideal for storing ships to cross the Northumberland Strait. Charlottetown also has several distinct neighborhoods with different attributes to them. Check out its wiki page to find out more or click the button below!


The village of Sherwood is located in northeast Charlottetown, and was largely middle-class when it was built, sporting various upper-end, larger homes. Sherwood is divided into three different subsections.

Division 1: Skyview

Skyview is the westernmost division in Sherwood, and has the easiest access to the harbor. Although much of its residences are old, time-weathered, and broken down, a few sturdy brick and cobblestone houses remain. The houses in this area are spread out with large plots of land around them, and tend to be large and multi-storied.
  • The Harbors: The harbors contain the ships and boats of Midnight Shores; the ship is kept in the center of the harbor, and smaller canoes and boats surround the harbor in spades. The harbor's shed, a small building off to the side, contains sailing supplies (such as oars, paddles, extra tools, and material for sails).

Division 2: Kingston

Kingston is the central division of Sherwood as well as the largest. It occupies a small section of the harbor. Kingston contains most of Sherwood's houses that are still largely in tact. Its houses and plots of land are smaller than Skyview's, but are also sturdier and closer together, creating a sense of community. Many of its buildings have been reclaimed by nature, although there are certainly some well-preserved homes to be found in the division.
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital: Close to Point Prim, this spooky abandoned hospital lies in a seldom-occupied area of Kingston, creating an eerie atmosphere as one heads to the graveyard. The inside is dangerous, full of old dust and rotting floorboards, but there are interesting treasures to be found if one looks.

Division 3: Falconwood

Falconwood is the easternmost division in Sherwood, and is also the smallest. The houses in Falconwood are largely rotted, dilapidated, and reclaimed by nature; they are still habitable by Luperci, however, and more feral Luperci may appreciate nature's claim on the abodes in this division.
  • Falcon's Peak Nature Park: A leftover sanctuary from before the fall of humanity, this park has now grown wild. An oasis of true nature amidst the town, it's a vast expanse of greenery, trees, and man-made lakes that still contain some fish. Some strange, but nevertheless beautiful varieties of flowers and herbs grow here.

East Royalty

Situated on the southern coast of Midnight Shores, this small section of the town is dominated by the Hillsborough Park - a series of apartments and small residences built in the late 60s and early 70s to support smaller families and single residents. Although much of this part of the city has been destroyed by time and weather, some buildings are still intact.

Division 1: Brighton

Brighton is the central-most area in Charlottetown, and is also its 'main hub'. Home to the Province House, which is the main meeting hall of Midnight Shores as well as a main living residence, this area of the town is occupied by small, square houses that are packed tightly together as well as some apartment buildings. Although the higher floors of such buildings have fallen away in disrepair, the main floors are still able to be occupied by Luperci.
  • Province House: Province House is the main meeting hall of Midnight Shores, and is also home to any performances that might be made.
  • The Stables: Next to Province House lie the stables, home to many of the pack's horses and domesticated animals that don't roam the pastoral fields.
  • Old Charlottetown Airport: The ghost of an airport that once was stands here, empty and slowly being reclaimed by nature. Although these planes can no longer fly, and they're difficult to enter, it's still possible to enter and live in the smaller ones for Luperci who like a quirky home.

Division 2: Belle's Heights

Belle's Heights, the central division of East Royalty, is home to most of the apartments and tiny living areas of Charlottetown. Although most of the living areas have been eroded away by weather over time, there are a few complexes that are still habitable - not to mention the various shops that litter the area.
  • The Rises: The Rises are a rare apartment building that hasn't been largely destroyed by time. Squarely in the center of Belle's Heights, it boasts a tall view and a sense of communal living.
  • Ember's Cafe: Just north of the Rises is a small, abandoned restaurant. Ember Stormfall saw potential in it, and decided to fix it up - now, it's a renovated, modest cafe, where Luperci can come sit, order liquors and teas, and relax within the city. Although she doesn't require payment, it is nice to leave a trinket or good in thanks.

Division 3: Yorke

The smallest of all the divisions in Charlottetown, Yorke seems to be an extension of the Ruins, largely overtaken by nature and lending itself to broken down homes and unrecognizable buildings. However, there are gems to be found; smaller houses made of stone can still be found in-tact, and the soil here is quite fertile for those who like to garden. The pastoral fields are also close by for those who work with livestock.

5.  Kingsweald

The Kingsweald is a vast forest stretching across the innards of Prince Edward Island. Although dotted with rural towns and farms, the area has since become completely wild again. The coastal areas of the Kingsweald forest boast sand dunes, beaches with pale sand, and a great number of bird species. Prey animals are in abundance throughout the area, especially deer and small mammals. In addition, the Kingsweald is home to various useful medicinal plants, as well as a few rarities found only within its bounds.

The forest itself varies in its density; in some areas, the trees are so thick that the area's overwhelmed in the musky, earthy scent of pine, and the sun is shadowed by the trees' leaves. However, in other areas, the trees thin out enough so that one can see through them quite a distance; in other areas yet, the trees thin so much that it creates patchy clearings in the forest - breaks from its continuous vegetation.

Not uncommon in Kingsweald is the sight of a cabin or a cluster of cabins, made from logs and left behind in the demise of humanity. Some are in worse condition than others, although many hold interesting things in their insides; some hunters of the past lay claim to some, leaving behind interesting hunting spoils.

5.1  Deephaven

Deep within the forests of Kingsweald lies a large clearing with a good-sized lake in the middle, full of fish and underwater weeds as well as lilypads. At night, the area gives a mystical, peaceful vibe; in the summer, fireflies can be seen sparking their lights over the lake. In the winter, the lake freezes over, and the trees, although barren, become heavy with the weight of snow on their branches. Sometimes, a low mist hangs around this area, exemplifying its cool nature.

5.2  Withywind

A thick river that runs from the west. The water starts out brackish, but tempers out into fresher water in its branches. Some fish can be seen here, although the river mostly runs shallow and clear, and rocks can be seen easily at the bottom. At the areas where the river tapers out, small 'tidepools' and smaller lakes can be found, housing some interesting life as well as springing small oasises of floral vegetation in the forest.

The Fork of Withywind: The main 'split' of the river has caused the land between its two branches to jut out over the river, creating a small, natural 'bluff' of sorts. The tiny cliff looks out at the river's main branch, and gives a neat view of the mid-tree section of the forest, granting sights that would be lost otherwise.

5.3  The Herbalist's Avalon

On the west side of Kingsweald lies a small clearing void of trees - in their place, however, grow dozens of types of undergrowth, herbs, and bushes of a great variety and differing rarity. Some are common, some bear fruit, and others are more rare yet; it's a medic's and gardener's dream.

6.  The Floral Meadows

Similar to the flower fields in the previous territory of Cercatori d'Arte, the Floral Meadows are a large expanse of flowering plants that took advantage of Midnight Shores's pastoral landscape. Overrunning part of the countryside, the plants have spread as far as the eye can see, giving life, beauty, and color to the large area in the pack. Some herbs can also be found here, as well as smaller animals that have made their homes among the flowers.

7.  The Cavendish Estates

The Cavendish Estates consist of both a sprawling piece of farmland and the second-largest town on the island. The Estates themselves are a sprawling farmland, once used to grow a wide variety of foods. Many of them can still be found growing, though the neat rows of planting have long since fallen into disarray. The town is low-slung and clustered around the two processing plants, boasting a racetrack and several decaying bars as primary entertainment. The sprawling complex's buildings tower above the housing, ominous and strange. Though not entirely unpleasant, the Cavendish Estates are a strange place for many Luperci.

8.  The Frigid Sands

The north coast of Midnight Shores lays claim to stretches of cool, white sands and a view of the northern sea. While the Scarlet Coasts speak beauty and fun, and give a vacation-like atmosphere and promise of the mainland across its strait, the Frigid Sands are more mysterious; the northern sea is as of yet unexplored, and the beaches here are smaller and more quiet.

8.1  Lonely Light

A solitary lighthouse on the northern coast. It is two stories tall, and rather mysterious. Although all the lighthouses no longer have working lights, some have mentioned rumors of seeing the Lonely Light's main light on, flickering in the distance. Upon closer inspection, however, the light is gone.

8.2  Scylla's Bluff

Although most of the Frigid Sands are flat, Scylla's Bluff is the exception. A large, imposing rocky sea cliff jutting over the northern sea stares, it appears rather difficult to climb, and promises a nasty doom if one falls from its heights. The sheer face on the sea's side is pocketed with small sea caves too minuscule to explore, but still able to house strange sea life. Although it can be intimidating, those who venture up the bluff are promised with a breathtaking view of both the northern sea and the forest of Kingsweald.

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