Anathema and New Dawn Conflict

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Anathema-New Dawn Conflict


August 2015


New Dawn


New Dawn is disbanded.



Kentaro Lykoi

Kiara Amarok

The Anathema and New Dawn Conflict consisted mainly of one fight, although there were several tense situations afterwards between Anathema and New Dawn's ally, Casa di Cavalieri. There was always tension between Anathema and New Dawn, although everything had been quiet leading up to the attack.

1.  Summary

The beginning of the conflict dates back several years to when the mother of Anathema's Kohaku Amarok, Amy Sunders, was killed by New Dawn Wolves. Personal tension from Kohaku simmered ever since.

Unrelated to this, Anathema sends out Lithia Napier and Pride Tormenta on scouting missions in the northern packs. Lithia returns but Pride does not. The only sign of her is a battered crow with a note asking for help. Kentaro calls upon Anathema's leaders and new Eligos to try to drum up a plan. Kohaku storms into the meeting and demands to be part of the attack. Kentaro was confused and angry because New Dawn's leader, Kiara, was friends with his mother and he cannot imagine her attacking an innocent. Still, signs pointed to New Dawn's involvement, and in their weakened state, Anathema chose to take advantage of fate's natural course and destroy New Dawn.

Anathema sends spies to gain intelligence on New Dawn's status and numbers. With this additional information, they finalize their plan, sending out four groups of five members. They regroup in Anathema's old territory and launch their attack from there. On August 15th, Anathema strikes New Dawn late in the evening, cutting to the heart of the pack. Chaos ensues, with New Dawn members being split apart and cornered. Members that are too young to fight are able to flee. Two New Dawn members die and the rest are scattered, several with severe injuries.

Pride is not recovered until after the scattering of New Dawn’s members, and is found surprisingly unharmed. She reveals it was all a ruse to give Anathema a reason to attack the feral pack.

Former New Dawn members regroup in several places, including Vinatta and Casa di Cavalieri. Upon hearing of the events, Casa leadership marches out, and is met by Anathema's members at Rabbit Lake as they return home. Tense words and threats are exchanged, though there is no bloodshed. The Cavaliers and Anathemans each return home.

2.  Timeline

2.1  Backstory and Tensions

2.2  The Conflict

Battle for New Dawn

DateAugust 15, 2015
LocationThe Communal Den, New Dawn
ResultNew Dawn is scattered and disbands.



Kentaro Lykoi
Theron Caine
Axelle Napier
Skana Creo
Kohaku Amarok
Lithia Napier
Nyx Greyfire
Lukos Greyfire

Kiara Amarok
Altair Amarok
Callum Knight
Veyra Damaichu
Marius Damaichu
Leigh Madresju
Vuk Amarok
Munroe Knight


Eight (9 NPCs)

Ten (2 NPCs)

Casualties and Losses

0 deaths
1 seriously injured

2 deaths
3 seriously injured

2.3  Aftermath

  • Aug 23rd:
    Casa di Cavalieri is informed of Anathema's attack on New Dawn.
  • Aug 24th: March to the Drums
    On their way home from the newly destroyed New Dawn, Anathema members are confronted by Casa di Cavalieri's Brotherhood members. Tense words, accusations, and threats are exchanged, but there is no bloodshed. The members of each pack return home afterwards.


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