Lucia Amarok

Lucia Amarok is the daughter of Kiara Amarok and Alonso. She was born non-Luperci into Ichika no Ho-en in 2012, and grew up in New Dawn after her father and brother left. Lucia was forcibly converted into a shifter when a rogue Luperci attacked her pack in 2014. She spends most of her time with her family and pack, learning the ways of true wolves and those of the Luperci.

Lucia Amarok

By Kiri



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Date of Birth

26 March 2012





Loo-see-ah Ah-MAR-ok








Birth place

Ichika no Ho-en




50% Mexican Wolf
50% Arctic Wolf




Pack New Dawn
Rank Delta


New Dawn May 12 2012
Puppy, Subord, Delta
Ichika no Ho-en Mar 26 2012


Art by Rat


  • The majority of her body is a pure white.
  • Her muzzle holds a Twine (#C29A70) color over the tip of her nose, spreading into a cap, splashing up the bottom half of her ears. The brown coloration continues to extend over her back, a stripe over her spine and partway down her tail.
  • On her chest another small splash of brown exists, creating a dipped brown spot.
  • The tips of her toes, as well as a small part that covers from the brown cap partly down her face forming an outline around her eyes is a Bud (#AAABA9) coloration. It appears in the center of the brown splash on her chest as well.
  • The very tip of her tail is a Storm Dust (#727370) color.
  • Her eyes are a deep Danube (#6AA7D9).

Lucia is a wolf hybrid, a pleasant mix of her mother and father. Her eyes are a deep blue like her mother's. She takes on her mother's thick arctic coat that provides a strong pristine white base for her father's distinguishing marks. Soft, but brilliant, sea teal blue eyes look out from under a subtle two-toned brow. Her forehead, the end of her tail, top of her dainty paws, and small sun-kissed spots around her body are splashed conservatively with a slate blue-grey that sprawls along the top of her feminine form. From the tip of her ebony nose to the back of her tail runs a ruddy cinnamon stripe that drapes along her spine. The stripe spreads along each of her sides, blending back into the white along her ribcage and belly. The same two colors are mimicked in a birthmark along her chest, creating a little twine and ashen target. Lucia is the leggier descent of her mother, and between her parents grew into a curvier and very feminine physique. Her hips and shoulders are rounder, but her waistline is tiny and her muzzle tapered. Despite her mother's dirtier influences, she keeps her long, fluffy fur clean and kept and since her adventures into adulthood are rarely seen without proper care.

Sizing Chart





95 lbs
(43 kg)

28 in
(71 cm)

She cannot shift.

Build & Species

Lucia is a smaller wolf, but her body has obtained the slender build of a young wolf. She appears almost delicate at some points, paws tiny in comparison to the rest of her body. Her build is more similar to that of an arctic wolf, taking after her mother that way. Her coloring and slighter build are a throw back to her father's mexican heritage. At 8 months, Lucia is just a hairs breath shorter than her mother although her weight has yet to catch up. Lucia will grow larger in time to be approximately the same size as her mother. Her fur is long, with the brush feel of an arctic wolf. It looks very thick and silky, a deep fluffy coat in there. Her fur is straight.


Up to the player - Lucia has been portrayed as open, friendly, and spirited around those she trusts; often quiet and hesitant around new faces. She is motivated by instinct and curiosity.


Changes allowed. Lucia is usually quiet, remaining in the background when first introduced to someone. She watches her mother for cues of what to do in most situations, using it to know how to treat others. When by herself, she is more friendly and open to family and friends. She usually involves herself to the best of her ability with what's around her.

Since her brother got kidnapped Lucia has been more shy around strangers. She's unsure what to think about them, and has a quieter nature around them. She will warm up to them quickly, but the first hesitancy is always there. She does act slightly more bossy when around those who submit to her, quick to use that to help boost her own confidence and help her feel secure in a situation. She does easily submit when corrected. At first glance she seems like a typical sweet confidant puppy, the deeper part of her that is uneasy hidden.


Changes allowed. Lucia has a slightly dominant attitude. It works alongside her need to be safe and have things under control. She follows her mother on everything, sharing the beliefs and values that her mother has. She believes adults have the answers to everything. She is wary about strangers, not trusting them to necessarily have her best interests at heart.



Big Bias

Lucia believes luperci are extremely weird. She thinks that they look strange with all those long arms, and prefers it when they're on four legs. She doesn't know why anyone would want that, though she sometimes thinks about it, wondering what it would be like to have that form. Her nervous nature comes out more fully around those in optime form.

Other Biases

  • Species: Lucia doesn't like coyotes. She thinks they're horrible beings that act wrong. Prey is something that she'll eat no matter what form it takes, and usually has to be informed quite clearly when something is not meant to be eaten. She is unaware that dogs are really different from wolves, as the ones she has seen tend to be wolfish in appearance.
  • Non-Luperci: They're rare, something to be treasured when another is seen. Lucia enjoys being around them, and wonders if she'll remain like them.
  • Human Behaviors: This behavior really weirds her out. She tends to avoid them at all costs, though she has on occasion replicated it when by herself to try and understand it.

Puppy avatar by Raze


Lucia is a entering her teenage years and will be experimenting.


Lucia has never been exposed to any substances, and would probably avoid them or ask her mom about them if they were presented to her.


In some ways, Lucia has been exposed to the spiritual aspects of the world. Her mother occasionally talks about the beliefs of the arctic wolves, although Kiara does not subscribe to them.



Kiara Amarok

As her mother, Kiara is the center of Lucia's young world. Lucia adores her mother with all her heart, following her around when she can and mimicking her behavior at times.

Tharin Lupei

A friendly wolf that cares for Lucia and Kiara. He provides food for them.[1] He lives with them now as her mother's mate.


Kohaku Amarok

He was Lucia's brother and playmate until the day he disappeared. She has seen him only once since then and Kohaku was not friendly to her. [2]

Various Minor Aquaintences

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Lucia doesn't know many wolves outside of the pack. She is generally enthusiastic about meeting new people, if obedient when shooed off to go do other things. Her closest friend is her rag doll that she carries everywhere with her, usually dominating in her play.

Key Relations


As her mother, Kiara is the center of Lucia's young world. She is the source of most of her meals, entertains the pup, and rules her life. Any time Lucia causes trouble Kiara is quick to step in and put her back in place. Lucia adores her mother with all her heart, following her around when she can and mimicking her behavior at times. She trusts Kiara with all her being, and is unlikely to ever lose that absolute trust children hold in their parents as a pup. While pushy she acts much more gentle with her mother around, wanting to please her and make her mother happy.


Lucia never met her biological father, Alonso, but packmate Tharin Lupei became her mother's mate and has assumed that mantle. He brought them food after the collapse of Ichika No Ho-en, and invited them to live in New Dawn with him. He was lost in a wildfire in the summer of 2013.


New Dawn

When Kohaku disappeared Kiara decided that it was no longer safe for them to remain in the den. With Ichika's collapse, Kiara had been forced to care for the pups completely on her own, and with the pups at an age where they were wandering around Kiara sought out the safety of the pack for them to stay in. Lucia hasn't had much of a chance to explore the pack, but to her senses it is extremely large, overflowing with various members. There are more wolves gathered there than she has ever seen in her entire life, with some of them wearing a strange form that she doesn't completely understand. She is slowly getting along with them, but finds the den rather crowded compared to how she used to live with only her brother and mother.


Family is the center of Lucia's world. They are the only ones that she knew for most of her young life, with the exception for the occasional outside wolf that acted frightening and one that provided food. Lucia is deeply attached to her family and fears losing more of it as it has been the one constant in her life, making her attachment to her mother an even larger one than a normal pup would have.

Lucia with Kiara and Kohaku, by Nat

Immediate Family: Amarok

Maternal Ancestry

  • Grandmother: Shunkaha Amarok
  • Grandfather: Chogan Amarok

Paternal Ancestry



Lucia is a young teenager and has entered her more rebellious phase. She tests her world and boundaries, as well as who she is on a regular basis. Her accent is that of an eastern Canadian, though on occasion her accent reflects more like her mother's dipping into a northern one.

Further details up to the player and changes permissible.




Lucia is an adorable puppy, able to melt hearts!


Lucia is more lucky than her brother. She doesn't get kidnapped or cause nearly as much trouble.


Up to the player. Lucia has seen a lot of things in her young life, not all of them good.


Lucia resides in the territory of New Dawn in the communal dens (see map) with her mother Kiara Amarok and the rest of the pack. It is a simple place with moss and lichen lining the inside, giving a warm welcoming feeling, small worn places that can work as alcoves at the top. It was formed during a volcano, leaving a smooth path that plants live in and a series of various dens where most of the pack sleeps and stays together, providing Lucia with a wider range that she can explore. Private areas have been marked off with scent, the den she stays in with her mother smelling strongly of her mother and her mother's mate Tharin Lupei.


  • Lucia has a rag doll that her mother had won in a magic show. When she was younger, she was rarely found without it, usually playing with it or sleeping with it.


Photo by Dawnthieves
Manip by Miyu

Lucia was born in a litter of three. Her mother, Kiara briefly met with another wolf that had avoided infection. When Kiara went into heat she ended up mating with him, resulting in the pregnancy. At the end of March she came into the world, along with two other siblings, Kohaku and Annabelle. Without a mate Kiara spent a fair amount of time out hunting. Just over a week old, Lucia was given her name, as per the tradition of the arctic pack that Kiara came from, waiting for the pups to be strong enough to survive. Unfortunately her sister Annabelle passed away that night, leaving only Kohaku and Lucia to grow. together.

As she grew Lucia began to learn how to walk, eyes opening to see the world. With these new abilities Lucia began to tease her brother, establishing herself as the more dominant of the pair. The rag doll became her close friend at this time, pushed and played with when her brother was pushed too far. She met Tharin Lupei briefly at this stage, though not allowed any true interaction. Her life took a more difficult turn during a storm when her brother was kidnapped for the first time. While Kohaku was rescued, it made her more reluctant to leave the den, acting much more obedient to her mother.

Tragedy dotted her life again when the pack she was born into, Ichika no Ho-en, collapsed. With her mother stretched even more thin more rules were given out. She spoke her first words at this point, "Mine" being the first, rapidly followed by other simple words, such as "Mommy" and "Haku", developing faster than her brother. As disobedient as he was, Kohaku did wander off, despite Lucia's cries and insistence on being obedient. With only one pup left, Kiara took Lucia and headed for New Dawn to take the pack's protection.

She has lived in New Dawn for most of her life, remembering very little of those first lonely months. Her memories of her lost brother are vague. In her short life, she has seen many wolves injured and an entire war started to reclaim her brother. Although she did not participate in any of the fights, Lucia has witnessed their aftermath as well as the changes that her brother underwent during his capture. Tharin Lupei became her mother's mate and her father figure, and eventually the father of her half-siblings Leela, Marrok, and Altair.


Puppy ref by Ariel



  • Lucia is born! [4]


  • Lucia gains her name, and Annabelle dies [5]
  • Lucia begins to walk, and establishing her dominance [6]
  • Lucia's brother is kidnapped, leaving her alone and frightened during a storm [7]
  • Ichika collapses [8]


  • Lucia speaks her first words! The pups also begin to experience more of the outside world. [9]
  • After Kohaku's kidnapping Lucia is taken to New Dawn to live [10]

Luperci design by Nat



  • Lucia's half-siblings are born. [11]


  • Lucia continues to help raise her siblings. [12]


  • A wildfire erupts during a pack hunt, while Lucia stayed behind in the den to watch her siblings. Kiara returns and tells her Tharin will not be coming home; he was lost in the blaze. [13]



  • Lucia was converted by a rogue Luperci attack on New Dawn borders. [14]