Thackary Village

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Thackary Village is located in the southern-most-corner of Musquodoboit Valley; its entrance is marked by a broken angel statue. It consists of a few weather-beaten residential houses, the Storm Tree Villa, a playground, an indoor training grounds (converted from an old sawmill), a large patch of land for gardening, a common room, and a few other structures. Thackary Village once provided residences for members of Anathema.

The small, rural village is surrounded by rolling hills and thick forests, and only contains a few houses and varying storage facilities. Thackary Village's pride and joy is the large garden located in the Village's center. This area gives canines the opportunity to add their own plants to the garden as well as trade some of the herbs and spices for personal or pack items.

On March 1st, 2018, Anathema disbanded and left Thackary Village abandoned.

1.  Images

A larger-sized house in Thackary Village A smaller-sized house. Rusted playground equipment was removed and the playground was converted into a puppy-safe environment. The broken angel statue that marks the entrance. (photo by Joseph Tursi)

1.1  Garden & Storage

Anathema's garden lies on the right-hand-side on Thackary Village. It has the capacity to house up to 250 plants, and so far there are only about 25 currently planted in the garden. The garden is not a greenhouse; it is an open-ground garden, which means the plants planted here suffer through each season. Anathema's gardeners try their best to keep the plants from suffering to much in the cold by laying down fertilizer and mulch to keep them thriving and producing even in the coldest months.

Anathema's storage, on the other paw, is divided between Thackary Village, the Training Grounds, and the Howling Caverns for all populations that live between these areas; though, certain items can only be found in certain places. For example, for a particular liquid in storage - such as water or liquor - one would probably best search the Howling Caverns for those kinds of things since one room is specific to storing liquids.

1.2  Common Room

The Common Room is situated in its own building, connected to houses #08 and #09. Inside this room is a dusty coffee table and a few dusty couches. It is obvious that this room was purposed for meetings and gatherings, but it is quite small within. Stained gray industrial carpeting lines the floors, while blue wallpaper peels off of the walls in large strips. An old piano sits in the farthest corner of the room by a broken window. Large wooden bookcases line each of the walls, packed with books ranging from economics to Beethoven's classics. There is a restroom located towards the back of the meeting house. The front room has a lot of windows, which let light in during the day when they are not covered by the heavy curtains that drape over them.

Axelle had previously held a Warrior's Meeting in the common room, where many of Anathema's current members sat around on the couches and listened to her instruction.

1.3  Storm Tree Villa

Dining Room

Description Here.


Description here.

Common Area

Description here.

The Stables

Description here.

2.  Subterritories

Storm Tree Villa

Mactara Sawmill (Training Grounds)

The Playground

Storm Tree Villa sits on a vast piece of land, decorated by an old willow tree in the front yard. The building itself takes on a U-shape, allowing many members to take residence here at once. A porch and old-styled French doors decorate the front of the Villa, giving it a crisp air even though the interior is quite weathered. The East Wing has been condemned due to structural damage, but there is plenty of room in the West Wing for canines wanting to live here.

Mactara Sawmill was converted into a spacious, weather-tight training area. Inside, there are various hooks and wall mounts for different weapons to be hung on the walls and a weapons rack for all other weapons. Outside, to the right of the grounds, is a fenced-in area used for bow training and sparring. This area provides a couple different landscape options; it starts off as open grassland, eventually becoming more rockier and tree-dense as one moves farther away from the fence. There are also wooden dummies situated outside, close to the building, for hand-to-hand practice.

A group led by Charm Sawtooth converted a once rusted over playground into a more puppy-friendly area. They removed the dangerous, rusty equipment and replaced it with logs and smooth rocks. There are various objects scattered around the ground like balls and sticks, some large bones too.

Despite removing the old, rusted equipment, they could not remove the basketball court that lay adjacent to the play area. The concrete is still in fair condition, no major cracks and no weeds growing through the asphalt.

3.  Rooms and Residents

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  5. If your character leaves Anathema for whatever reason, their room reverts to unclaimed and is open to any current member that wants to live there.

3.1  Thackary Village Homes

HOUSE # OCCUPANT(S) DESCRIPTION (up to 150 words only please) FORMER OCCUPANT(S)

Living Areas

House 01 Lelouch Amarok

A small, three bedroom house with stairs near the back entrance that lead to the second story. Half of the second story is safe, but the other half needs to be avoided. The large room on the upper floor (the one safe to walk through) has a balcony that hangs over the front door. It lists slightly, but it can hold some weight. The balcony requires repair in order to allow for more weight and potentially a chair or two.

House 02 CONDEMNED Previously owned by Axelle Napier and her family, it was severely damaged by a fallen tree in the 2016 meteor strike earthquakes. Since then, Jackal Katruk has claimed and begun repairing the old villa. Once two stories with a basement, renovations will restore it to its former glory- just about. Currently, passers-by will notice the porch is looking rather lived on, with curtains up for privacy in the small corner that's left stable. Axelle, Lithia , Tzila , Itzal
House 03 Charletter-Ebony Leishman Medium-sized, two-story house. Painted white, and flaking in some places, but dirty virtually everywhere. At the front resides a creaky, sheltered wooden porch, the railings in shambles. The house has simple wooden siding. Additionally, the shingles atop the roof are moss-ridden as well as the overhang/roof of the porch. Consequently, all the roofing is almost completely green. There is one grimy window on the front of the house on the bottom floor, to the left of the porch. From outside, the living room can be seen. There are two more windows on the second floor, each one from a separate bedroom. The backyard is a cesspool of overgrown crab grass and demolished, white picket-fence. In the center stands a small, chipped bird fountain, filled with murky water. --
House 04 Besekel Greyfire and Uriah Greyfire Description here. --
House 05 Inca and May A one story building with a modest living room just through the front door, two bedrooms, and small kitchen area that isn't separated from the living room. Rotten wood makes for a relatively ugly exterior, the roof leaks in the kitchen, and one corner of the living room. In need of repairs inside and out, but livable. Lance
House 06 Bear Grylls Small rambling cozy cottage, made of brick and stone. Exterior is covered in Ivy and there's a small overgrown garden out back, the front porch is wooden with some rotten boards. Interior is old and worn. Kitchen is medium sized and living room is small. Second story is as of right now, unsafe, will update as Bear fixes it up. --
House 07 Lust?Greed? A humble two story house built entirely out of brick. There are holes where some of the brick has succumb to time, and other holes that have been patched by Greed. There is three bedrooms, one large bedroom upstairs and two smaller rooms downstairs. There are parts of the staircase where wood has been replaced to make it sturdy. Once there was a balcony, but there is nothing left but a few pieces of supporting wood. There is a larger hole on the back wall of the house that has a fur secured over it until repairs can be done. In the upstairs bedroom there is a bed, a small table, and a corner with piles of furs for reading and other acts. One of the rooms downstairs is soon to be converted into a nursery, and the other is simply storage for now. There is small kitchen and a small living room as well. --
House 08 Wrath Death A three bedroom, one story house painted light blue where the paint remains. The outside is solid and has been repaired slowly by Wrath. Inside there is a cozy living space in the center of the house with doors leading to each surrounding room. One room is shared by Wrath and Death and is used mostly for sleeping. The second room is used for studying. It has a desk, a small chair, and a pile of furs in the corner to relax on. The third room is dedicated entirely to Wrath's large arsenal of weapons. The inside is being renovated day by day. There is another large pile of furs in the living room to serve as a comfortable place to relax. --
House 09 Avinalora An intact two-story home with two bedrooms and a bath. --

3.2  Storm Tree Villa

ROOM # OCCUPANT(S) DESCRIPTION (up to 150 words only please) FORMER OCCUPANT(S)

Living Areas

Room 01 -- Description here. --
Room 02 -- Description here.
Room 03 -- Description here. --
Room 04 -- Description here. --
Room 05 -- Description here. --
Room 06 -- Description here. --
Room 07 -- Description here. --
Room 08 -- Description here. --
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