Wallace North

Wallace North is the son of Lillian Kowl, and Rodger North, born in New Hampshire. He is a member of Midnight Shores.

Wallace North

by Dialga



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Date of Birth

December 2nd, 2011




Birth place

New Hampshire


Wolf-dog hybrid

20% Canis lupus (Wolf)
15% Canis familiaris(German Shepard)
15% Canis familiaris (Golden Retreiver) 50% Canis familiaris (Australian Shepard)




Pack Midnight Shores
Rank Pollux


He takes on the coloring of a German Shephard in all three forms, with longer, smooth fur, save for his Secui form which is significantly mangier and rougher. His muzzle, back and tail tip are black contrasting heavily with the brown fur that is on the rest of his body.

In Lupus form, he stands at above average height at 32", with short, smooth, fur.

In Secui form, he stands at 45", and his fur is longer, and rougher than normal. His teeth and claws are noticeably longer and sharper, as well.

In Optime form, Wallace is on the tall side of average, standing at exactly 6'8, with short, dark brown hair.

Wallace prefers to stay in Optime form the majority of the time.



  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars:None


He is usually found with his woodcarving knife, which he brought with him on his journey, as well as a fishing rod.


Wallace is a dog with a grumpy demeanor, refusing to sugarcoat anything as he speaks. He is aloof, although it is not totally intentional, and even though he doesn't seem to be the most outgoing and friendly canine around, he tries to do what is right most of the time. He usually tries to be more approachable if he's feeling up to it, but his attempts are mildly unnerving, however he is much less aloof to those he is close to, cracking rather dry and sarcastic jokes. He is often quite dim-witted, and can be a bit lazy at times. He's kind of an idiot and likes sleeping a lot.

Wallace is skilled at carving wood, as well as fishing. He does not enjoy being told what to do, especially by lower ranks, strangers, and younger canines as he is stubborn and seems to think he is right a lot. He thinks that he knows the best way to do things, however he will not hesitate to respect higher ranks and canines, or at least try to.


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  • Likes: Carving, sleeping, fishing, reading
  • Dislikes: Being told what to do


Lazy, slow, dim-witted, honest, socially awkward.

  • Outlook: Realist
  • Expression: Comes off as introverted due to his aloof demeanor, doesn't actually care about socializing one way or another
  • Alignment: Neutral Good


  • Being trapped or lost
  • Not being in control of a situation


  • Carving
  • Fishing
  • Sleeping








Wallace is agnostic. He doesn't fully believe in a higher being, but he doesn't completely rule out the possibility either.


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  • Speech: Wallace speaks in a somewhat low, rough voice, with a grumpy undertone.
  • Scent: Wood, Midnight Shores


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  • Woodcarving (Journeyman) - Wallace is skilled at carving wood, and does it in his spare time, being able to carve wood into several different things, from animals to objects. However, he isn't the best at it, and is still improving over time.
  • Woodworking (Apprentice) - Unlike carving, woodworking is not his strong point. However, he has a strong ambition to get better at it and is not afraid to dabble in the subject, successfully making simple objects such as shelves and staffs.
  • Fishing (Journeyman) - Wallace is good at fishing, at least enough to rely on it for food instead of hunting, albeit he hunts rarely. He still has room to improve on this though.
  • Strength - Wallace is definitely on the stronger side, being about to move heavy objects with ease, however, this doesn't mean he is good at fighting.


  • Hunting - Wallace is loud and clumsy when it comes to hunting, either scaring the animal off or not being able to catch it in time as he is quite slow, even though he is on the strong side. Because of this, he prefers to rely on fishing for his main source of food.
  • Dancing - He looks like an Old White Dad at a Barbeque when he dances.
  • Singing - please dont
  • Drawing - git is kindergarten level, but that doesn't mean he wont try
  • Fighting - Although he is on the stronger side, he is terrible in combat, and is slow, making for an easy target. He is not good at evading blows and even though he has rather average endurance for his size, he can and will get worn down by a quicker enemy.



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