Atalanta Kartal

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Born in Athens to Agape Kokinos, Atalanta Kartal was raised on tales about her merchant father, Levent Kartal. Flighty and idealistic, she chased her father overseas when she came of age -- but lost him to a slave ship upon her arrival. She decided to wander throughout North America to sample as much of the land as she could, and helped many people on her travels, learning how to survive in the wild.

She found her way at last to Nova Scotia, the distant land that held her father's secrets. She lived for a while in Halifax, striking up a friendship with a Courtier, and was later nursed to health by a giant in Krokar following an injury. She left to roam again -- always flighty and always looking for others in need of her help or her stories.

Her wandering paws and the changing seasons brought Atalanta back in early 2016. In the spring, in the chaotic aftermath of the meteor impact, Ata sought sanctuary in Casa di Cavalieri and worked to help the pack, finding comfort in community and routine. When approached with an friendly ultimatum -- join or leave -- Atalanta made the difficult decision to stay. For months she fought against her instinctive desire for solitude and freedom, adapting to pack life and striking up a friendship with the pack's leader, Alistair Callow-Knight.

However, Alistair stepped down from leadership and left the pack in November, and Atalanta found herself lacking a reason to stay with the Cavaliers in the wake of his departure. Scarcely able to admit this to herself, she too left the pack and began to wander once more, secretly hoping that she would run into him again.





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  • Date of Birth: 07 June 2011
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Casa di Cavalieri
  • Rank: Bracciante Seconda


Anyone may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Meet-and-greets with Atalanta in eastern Canada (e.g., greetings and general conversations about interests).
  • Other non-plot-intensive encounters: cooperative hunting, brief travel together, learning about 'Souls and its packs, and other plots without character development.
  • Short-term training and cooperation (e.g., Ata teaching someone archery) with no lasting interpersonal connections.

PM to discuss:

  • Plot-intensive encounters: fights, rescues, revelations, and other plots with character development.
  • Training and cooperation that is long-term or has a lasting interpersonal connections (e.g., Ata tutors your character and they become good friends).
  • I'm easy, but I want to keep track of what Atalanta is doing to reference in LASKY threads. :)

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Her dog heritage is very dominant, her build and slightly curled tail reminiscent of various spitz breeds and even the land-race hounds developed in Greece. Her fur and facial features are more wolfish, as is her lean durability.
  • Fur: Her fur is short but thick and double-coated.
    • Optime Hair: She wears her hair in a Greek hairstyle -- long in the back, braided around, with dangling curls on either side of her face.
  • Facial Features: Ata has a pretty, long-muzzled face and large ears.
  • Build and Size: Small but long-legged and slender, she is a born runner, made for speed and endurance over long distances.
  • Humanization: Yes, sometimes -- Atalanta was raised in a humanized culture but also appreciates her feral roots.


  • Eyes: Bali Hai
  • Fur: Atalanta is Sand Dune with a Cocoa Brown dorsal stripe, Swiss Coffee face and underside, and Leather accents.
  • Markings:
    • Her Cocoa Brown stripe spreads to cover her shoulders and hips. Cocoa Brown tips her ears and tail.
    • On her body, Leather heavily accents her legs, tail, and ribcage.
    • Leather also streaks around her eyes and freckles her muzzle.
  • Optime Hair: Cocoa Brown with Sand Dune streaks



Cocoa Brown (#322726)
Sand Dune (#7E6760)
Leather (#9C745B)
Swiss Coffee (#D7D0D2)


Bali Hai (#8F93B8)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Curving, long claw marks on left upper arm
  • Superficial scars hidden by fur


  • Crescent moon necklace
  • Bearskin cloak with crescent moon clasps
  • Deerskin dress, very plain and loosely fitting



71 lbs (32 kg) — 26 in (66 cm)

Atalanta is a small, rangy wolfdog with a slightly curled tail.


140 lbs (64 kg) — 38 in (97 cm)

Her Secui form is far more wolfish, bringing the bulkier structure of the typical Eurasian wolf.


170 lbs (77 kg) — 5ft 6in (66 in) (168 cm)

Atalanta has an athletic build, with lean but ropy arms and legs. She is trim, with a small chest and only slight hips.


  • Speech: Atalanta speaks fluent Greek and English, though the latter is distinctively accented. Nonetheless, her voice seems fluid and musical, especially when she's telling a story.
  • Scent: Spruce and wintergreen, deer, rivers and river plants, wood; Casa di Cavalieri.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Restless legs; bounces them if they dangle, re-positions her feet, paces.
  • General Posture and Body Language: --


2.  Personality

  • Atalanta is a free spirit, settling down only when it suits her and never for long. She cannot stand to feel restrained and often makes a point to do her own thing, subtly rebelling against expectations. Her romanticized view of freedom can be empowering, but it's also a flaw -- leaving her more flighty and irresponsible than admirable.
  • Much of her fickle behavior comes from a powerful desire to drive and shape her own life. She wants to be an active force and take initiative rather than let external forces, like other canines, control her life. Her rejection of concepts such as a "domestic life" come from her fear of being out of control of her life.
  • She has a powerful sense of justice and had a reputation for empowering the females of more feral, traditional packs when she journeyed on her own. However, she has gotten into trouble more than once because of this, and often some canines are better off for having not listened to her.
  • A storyteller, she loves creativity in all its forms. She appreciates the fine arts, such as music, and respects those who can think outside the box.
  • She is extremely competitive and headstrong, enjoying games and races -- and is sometimes a sore loser.

2.1  Ideals


  • Outlook: Upbeat, idealistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted, dauntless
  • Expression: Dominant, confident
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good


  • Likes: Freedom, running, hunting, archery, deer and wild pigs, feminism, rivers and forests
  • Dislikes: Being restrained or in one place for too long, strong ties, temptation, sexism, horses


  • Independence
  • Helping the less fortunate
  • Self-improvement


  • Commitment: Atalanta fears commitment in all its forms, but she most obviously shirks romantic commitment. She worries that committing herself to a person or a group will strip her of her freedom and independence, and that her life will cease to be worth living.
  • Horses: Large, cumbersome beasts that have always rubbed her the wrong way. She'd rather use her own paws, thank you.
  • Injury: Specifically, Ata fears the loss of use of her legs -- and considers the day she stops running as the day she dies.


  • Gender: Complicated. Atalanta generally gets along with and befriends men easier, but previous experience has led her to encourage the growth and power of women, and distrust men's ultimate intentions. Her core belief is that of equality, though it presents itself in different ways as she attempts to sort out her own ideals of what is just.
  • Species: Atalanta believes that jackals (and coyotes) are weaker and are primarily scavengers -- not a bad thing, just different, and yet the cause of offense to many a jackal or coyote. Wolves and dogs are simply more familiar to her, so she thinks she understands them more.
  • Non-Luperci: Honestly doesn't believe that they exist.


  • Heterosexual, biromantic
  • Emulating her virgin goddess Artemis, Atalanta has sworn an oath of chastity. She struggles with this and very much is attracted to other canines, drawn especially to strong-willed females and powerful males (though only the latter physically).
  • She likes mutually affectionate, platonic relationships -- and shies away when things get more serious.


  • Refuses most substances, wanting to always be in control
  • Fond of celebratory wine and will drink with trusted friends


  • Raised with stories about the Greek pantheon
  • Atalanta once celebrated the gods, believing that they guided her life. Fed off stories of wonder and danger, she believed their will guided her. However, reality crashed down on her quickly, and so she's abandoned this childish worship.
  • Regardless, Ata happily peppers her conversations with allusions to the myths, and the gods have a soft spot in her heart even though she doesn't believe in their true existence. She'll often go through minor rituals out of habit, even if she doesn't think they'll do anything. She likens it to silly superstition rather than true fear.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Levent Kartal is her father, and her whole reason for coming to North America. Fueled by the ideal of an exotic, long-lost father, she crossed the sea to seek him out -- and their paths crossed for only one meeting. Atalanta eventually figured out that she'll likely never run into Levent again, but she holds fast to her ideal of him, thinking of him fondly.

Past Relations

  • Skoll Haskel was a close friend. Their relationship was uncommitted but mutually affectionate, bordering on romantic, but when Skoll professed his love for Ata, she abruptly left him -- terrified of the thought of settling down. She harbors slight resentment toward him for "ruining a good thing;" time has not been kind to her opinion of him, though this might be a defense mechanism for potential regret.
  • Octavius Poer de Angelo rescued her and brought her to Krokar when she was injured in a rockslide. She did not him as a threat to herself or her morals and was very comfortable with him as a result. She considers him -- and others in Krokar -- dear friends though they've parted ways.
  • Agape Kokinos is Atalanta's mother. She believed Agape's expectations restrained her and therefore rebelled -- but she is not bitter and still loves her mother.
  • Achilles Kokinos is Atalanta's brother. She believes him overly serious but loves and misses him dearly; she assumes he remains in Greece.
  • Coin was a friend from her past -- one whom she suffered through a terrible ordeal with.

Minor Relations

  • Unfriendly: --
  • Murders: hmmmm

4.  Assets

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: --
  • Hunting (Master): Atalanta knows her prey (mainly ground-nesting birds, rabbits, and deer) well, and excels in hunting them. She uses her Lupus form to hunt small prey, but will shoot just about anything with an arrow if she can.
  • Archery (Journeyman): Atalanta is a fast shot. She generally emphasizes speed over aim when "gunning down" running animals; while she might not be able to hit her precise target, she can get the draw on fleeing prey.
  • Endurance (Master): Physically, Atalanta is not very strong or very fast -- but she is built to be able to run for a very long time.
  • Atalanta is restricted to the use of archery when hunting larger prey, as her Lupus form is to small.
  • Atalanta has only once or twice used her archery on a Luperci -- and only when she's panicked. She is a non-combative person and so would only even think about turning an arrow on someone if she knows she cannot run away.


  • Education and Learning: --
  • Reading & Writing (Journeyman): Atalanta can read Greek very well, and English distinctly less well -- she can only write the former.
  • Storytelling (Master): Atalanta is born to be a storyteller. Her voice was made for it -- for dramatic pauses, rises and falls, stage-whispers and song. Her verbal memory is good as well.
  • Languages (Journeyman): Atalanta is a polyglot like her father, with a great skill for languages -- fluent in Greek and English, with a decent level of skill in Arabic and various Mediterranean traders' pidgins, and the ability to express basic needs in French.
  • She has to read very slowly in English, yet can read a little faster with help. Her Greek writing is not very clear, either.
  • Though she finds it easier to pick up on new languages than most, as well as rekindle her abilities, her language skills atrophy quickly without use. It's unlikely she will remain as fluent in languages such as Arabic, for example, without practice.

5.  History

  • Born in Athens to Agape Kokinos, raised in civilization and fed stories of her wandering father, Levent Kartal. Her father became an ideal, and she chased across the globe in search of him.
  • Arrived at Freetown in December 2012. Atalanta briefly encountered her father, who departed in the night.
  • Roamed North America throughout 2013.
  • Settled in Halifax in early 2014. She met and befriended Skoll Haskel and was his retreat from his pack for a while -- at least until he confessed his love for her. She panicked and abandoned him.
  • Late in 2014, a rockslide injured Atalanta, breaking her arm and destroying her precious bow. Octavius Poer de Angelo saved her and brought her to Krokar, where she spent time recovering. Once she was fit enough to travel, she left with Octy when he wandered from his pack.
  • More adventures throughout 2015; she and Octavius parted ways in late summer.
  • Atalanta returns to Nova Scotia in early 2016...

5.1  Threads



  1. When the Hounds of Spring Are on Winter's Traces
    Arcania Hashine climbs a tor after Atalanta, who babbles to her about her wandering life and her stories.
  2. The Mother of Months in Meadow or Plain
    Stopping by Krokar's borders, Atalanta reunites with August Cormier and asks after the pack.
  3. I Hunt for You with Bloodied Feet Across the Hallow'd Ground
    Atalanta and Ciara investigate the wild caribou herd near Krokar.
  4. And the Brown Bright Nightingale Amorous Is Half Assuaged for Itylus
    Spunky prince Tristan Callow-Knight chats up Atalanta near the Grand Lake.
  5. A Fallen Angel in the Dark Never Thought You'd Fall So Hard
    Atalanta meets a pair of Sapiens, Kin Collins and Vedetta Auditore, who are on the trail of a deer herd.
  6. Fills the Shadows and Windy Places
    Squatting at Fort Cumberland, Atalanta meets Nivosus Moineau.
  7. With Lisp of Leaves and Ripple of Rain
    Atalanta and a young AniWayan, Marsali Amarok, run through the woods and hit it off.


  1. For the Thracian Ships and the Foreign Faces
    Guinevere Callow-Knight shares her (somewhat idealistic) view on her pack, Casa di Cavalieri.
  2. Now We Are Stunned Minds
    After nearly shooting one another, Lyris Stryder and Atalanta chat and learn they are kindred spirits.
  3. Come with Bows Bent and with Emptying of Quivers
    Atalanta meets yet another Cavalieri archer, Nadia Ancientfire.


  1. With a Noise of Winds and Many Rivers
    The meteor falls. Atalanta panics and runs, then comes across an old bear trapped under branches. She rescues the bear and promises to help her.
  2. With a Clamour of Waters, and with Might
    Atalanta seeks sanctuary in Casa di Cavalieri during the chaos of the meteor event.
  3. Keep to the Stars
    Atalanta meets Casa's other leader, Alistair Callow-Knight. He is grumpy but handsome or something so she shares food and chats with him.
  4. Bind on Thy Sandals, O Thou Most Fleet
    Atalanta and Seleucia's dinner is interrupted by Skana Creo's puppies.
  5. Over the Splendour and Speed of Thy Feet
    Atalanta chats with Marius Damaichu.
  6. Burning Cities and Napalm Skies
    Lyris bluntly tells Atalanta that, if she doesn't join Casa di Cavalieri, she must leave. After confessing her fears to the sympathetic woman, Atalanta makes the difficult decision to join the pack.


  1. A Flame Ignited
    Atalanta and Veyra Damaichu practice archery.
  2. But When the Stars Came Calling, so Free and Free for Falling
    Atalanta meets Alistair Callow-Knight again. They speak about her joining, and Alistair shows her the mines.
  3. Surely as Tomorrow Has Yesterday to Borrow
    Atalanta wanders around Summerville.
  4. From Across the Sea
    Atalanta meets fellow Greek Lycaon Nonakris.
  5. For the Faint East Quickens, the Wan West Shivers
    Grynn Garcia-Knight comes across Atalanta during a rainstorm.
  6. Don't Run Too Fast, or You'll Stumble
    After spooking Indi Knight, Atalanta reassures her while they relax in the hot springs.


  1. A New Dawn
    Atalanta tries to coax the quiet, awkward Addler out of his shell.
  2. And We're on Fire, Making Our Way Back from Mars
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Marsali Amarok.
  3. We Were Sun-Burned and Shoeless Kids
    Atalanta scouts around the shore.
  4. I'm Just Getting Warmed Up
    Atalanta hunts with a group led by Khyren.


  1. Where Shall We Find Her, How Shall We Sing to Her
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Maciel Lopez.
  2. Fold Our Hands Round Her Knees, and Cling?
    Atalanta meets her long-lost half-brother, Benjamin Kartal.
  3. It's This Life and It's Beautiful
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Thyri Dawnbringer.
  4. Set on Fire in a Silver Dream
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Lyris Stryder.
  5. I'm Killing Every Second 'Til It Sees My Soul
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Alistair Callow-Knight.
  6. The Tongueless Vigil, and All the Pain
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Linden Aatte.


  1. Beary Serious Business
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Merlin Knight.
  2. See Her Come down Through the Clouds
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Mihael Matic.
  3. New to Town
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Slave.

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