Rocky Ortiz

Rocky Ortiz

by Legacy

Name Meaning
Name Origin
Date of BirthApril 15th, 2014
Age1 year
Subspecies50% 'Eastern Timber Wolf
50% Northeastern Coyote
Birth placeCoyote den southwest of Souls
Current packNone

Current Pack


Joining date15 Dec, 2016
Joining RankN/A
Most Recent RankN/A

Rocky, a former servant now living in the Souls region with Athena Graves, is a smallish-sized coywolf who is regularly cowardice of other unknown wolves and Luperci alike. He's a shy boy with a bad past who just wants everyone to be happy.

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1.  History

Rocky was born in early 2014, to a coyote servant mother and an almost nonexistent wolf father. Without a prominent male role in his life, Rocky took over as protector, expanding on his natural hunting instincts. When he became 6 months old, he did not exhibit shifting tendencies, since he was not born to Luperci parents.

When he was 10 months old, he was taken from his den by a group of slavers and suffered many harsh masters in an attempt to break the poor coywolf. The punishments apparently worked, as he soon became little more than a brainless set any in the eyes of his many different masters. In 2015, he was traded to be a part of a ship crew as a cabin boy. On the ship, he was treated harshly, mocked for being a non-Luperci and subject to many impossible tasks because of his lack of hands. On one expedition, he met and formed a friendship with Athena Graves, whom he has traveled with since their ship ran aground in the Bay of Fundy.

2.  Personality

Rocky is very submissive because of his former servant status, and is fearful of anyone larger than him, which is many wolves. He typically displays a "submissive" posture, folded ears, lowered head, and tucked in tail, whenever he meets anyone new. He is unwilling to part with Athena for long periods of time, for Rocky believes he owes her his life for saving him from the shipwreck.

Like Athena, he dislikes fighting, but if combat is not avoidable, he will fight to the bitter end, even more so if Athena is threatened or hurt. He fights visciously, scratching, biting, and clawing, and is surprisingly light on his feet.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Since his father was not around during his childhood, Rocky connected more with his mother, developing a loving relationship between the two.

3.2  Friends

Athena is Rocky's best friend. The two have spent a considerable amount of time together, and the jackal-mix female acts as emotional support for the coywolf and encourages him to get out of his comfort zone more often. Conversely, Rocky acts as Athena's impulse control and encourages her to take it slow sometimes.

3.3  Acquaintances

Avinalora: The white jackal is one of the friends Rocky and Athena have made so far in Midnight Shores.

Adrian Raven-Shadowryn: Adrian and her friend, Cobalt, are also one of his friends.

3.4  Enemies

Has a personal bias against anyone from Salsola and Sapient, since they generally have a negative view on non-Luperci.

Leonardo Auditore: The black male had repeatedly insulted the coywolf, which reminded him of his former slavers and masters and the Sapien's words had cut deep into Rocky's soul, prompting Athena to come to his defense. The two canines then left on not-so-good terms, the black-and-tan coywolf breaking down afterwards on the beach as his friend comforted him.

4.  Skills

As he took to become his mother's protector, Rocky expanded on his natural hunting and fighting instincts, but most of them were subsequently broken pitiful him when he became a servant. He can do just about anything someone tells him to do, although his non-Luperci heritage makes more delicate tasks, such as cleaning, harder for the coywolf. He has a natural skill for tracking, and Athena had since taught him to read.

  • Hunting
  • Tracking
  • Scavenging
  • Reading
  • Planning

5.  Appearance

Rocky has mostly black fur with patches of orange around his face, paws, and tail with a lighter tan underbelly. He inherited more of his coyote traits, such as a long face, large ears, and smaller build. Although he does have thicker fur than a true coyote. His body is covered in small scars that are hidden by his fur, but one noticeable one is a jagged one across his shoulder from hitting a rock in the bay. His eyes are a dull green color, and mostly lack expression besides submission or fear.

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