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Territory D'Laniger Peninsula
Major Waterways
Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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Although it does not rival Halifax or St. John, Charlottetown is a formidable reminder of humanity’s past. Rather than tall skyscrapers like a city would have, Charlottetown is a large, sprawling suburban landscape of shorter, quaint houses and buildings. Based on the coast, the town has many harbors that are ideal for storing ships to cross the Northumberland Strait.

Charlottetown also has several distinct neighborhoods with different attributes to them. Eroded over time, these neighborhoods have been reduced to two - Sherwood and East Royalty. These neighborhoods have been divided into their own divisions due to natural structures and old roads; the members of Midnight Shores used to claim residence in many of these homes.

Map Created by Midnight Shores Leadership

1.  Images

The Shoreline in Winter Streets of Sherwood The Harbors

2.  Sherwood

The village of Sherwood is located in northeast Charlottetown, and was largely middle-class when it was built, sporting various upper-end, larger homes. Sherwood is divided into three different subsections.

2.1  Division 1: Skyview

Skyview is the westernmost division in Sherwood, and has the easiest access to the harbor. Although much of its residences are old, time-weathered, and broken down, a few sturdy brick and cobblestone houses remain. The houses in this area are spread out with large plots of land around them, and tend to be large and multi-storied.

The Harbors: The harbors contain the ships and boats of Midnight Shores; the ship is kept in the center of the harbor, and smaller canoes and boats surround the harbor in spades. The harbor's shed, a small building off to the side, contains sailing supplies (such as oars, paddles, extra tools, and material for sails).

2.2  Division 2: Kingston

Kingston is the central division of Sherwood as well as the largest. It occupies a small section of the harbor. Kingston contains most of Sherwood's houses that are still largely in tact. Its houses and plots of land are smaller than Skyview's, but are also sturdier and closer together, creating a sense of community. Many of its buildings have been reclaimed by nature, although there are certainly some well-preserved homes to be found in the division.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital: Close to Point Prim, this spooky abandoned hospital lies in a seldom-occupied area of Kingston, creating an eerie atmosphere as one heads to the graveyard. The inside is dangerous, full of old dust and rotting floorboards, but there are interesting treasures to be found if one looks.

2.3  Division 3: Falconwood

Falconwood is the easternmost division in Sherwood, and is also the smallest. The houses in Falconwood are largely rotted, dilapidated, and reclaimed by nature; they are still habitable by Luperci, however, and more feral Luperci may appreciate nature's claim on the abodes in this division.

Falcon's Peak Nature Park: A leftover sanctuary from before the fall of humanity, this park has now grown wild. An oasis of true nature amidst the town, it's a vast expanse of greenery, trees, and man-made lakes that still contain some fish. Some strange, but nevertheless beautiful varieties of flowers and herbs grow here.

3.  East Royalty

Situated on the southern coast of Prince Edward Island, this small section of the town is dominated by the Hillsborough Park - a series of apartments and small residences built in the late 60s and early 70s to support smaller families and single residents. Although much of this part of the city has been destroyed by time and weather, some buildings are still intact.

3.1  Division 1: Brighton

Brighton is the central-most area in Charlottetown, and is also its 'main hub'. Home to the Province House, which was the main meeting hall of Midnight Shores, as well as a main living residence, this area of the town is occupied by small, square houses that are packed tightly together as well as some apartment buildings. Although the higher floors of such buildings have fallen away in disrepair, the main floors are still able to be occupied by Luperci.

Province House: Province House was the main meeting hall of Midnight Shores, and is also home to any performances that might be made.

The Stables: Next to Province House lie stables, which used to house Midnight Shores' animals.

Old Charlottetown Airport: The ghost of an airport that once was stands here, empty and slowly being reclaimed by nature. Although these planes can no longer fly, and they're difficult to enter, it's still possible to enter and live in the smaller ones for Luperci who like a quirky home.

3.2  Division 2: Belle's Heights

Belle's Heights, the central division of East Royalty, is home to most of the apartments and tiny living areas of Charlottetown. Although most of the living areas have been eroded away by weather over time, there are a few complexes that are still habitable - not to mention the various shops that litter the area.

The Rises: The Rises are a rare apartment building that hasn't been largely destroyed by time. Squarely in the center of Belle's Heights, it boasts a tall view and a sense of communal living.

3.3  Division 3: Yorke

The smallest of all the divisions in Charlottetown, Yorke seems to be an extension of the Ruins, largely overtaken by nature and lending itself to broken down homes and unrecognizable buildings. However, there are gems to be found; smaller houses made of stone can still be found in-tact, and the soil here is quite fertile for those who like to garden. The pastoral fields are also close by for those who work with livestock.

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