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Special transportation is required to reach Midnight Shores.


Have a Bite to Eat at Ember's Cafe!

In the midst of Belle's Heights, just north of the Rises lies Ember's Cafe, a modest yet quaint building nestled among other abandoned shops and stores overrun with nature. Inspired by the old style, the building is beautiful and sturdy, although it was not infallible to the fall of humanity - cracks and rot can be clearly seen in the stone and wood of the place, and the windows have been destroyed and later removed entirely.

This little nook is run by Ember Stormfall, who set eyes upon the abandoned restaurant and drew inspiration from it. With a little help from her packmates, she tore away the excess vines (leaving only the most beautiful, of course), cleaned the place up, and opened her cafe, where she would offer drinks and a bite to eat to anyone who decided to stop by and sit a while.



Ember's Cafe is in the midst of Charlottetown and can be entered by any character at will. Since Ember is a pNPC, your Midnight Shores character can interact with her in your roleplay posts! You can roleplay your character having a conversation with her, or simply ordering a beverage while waiting for another played character to enter the thread. Your choice!

Ember's Cafe serves a variety of foods and drinks. Your character can obtain teas (such as lavender, violet, opiate (has psychoactive effects), peppermint, bearberry leaves, and blueberry), alcohol (such as moonshine, whiskey, and traded wines (which are rare and in short supply)), cigarettes (dried tabacco or cannabis rolled in crude paper or leaves), and small baked goods.

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