Aowen Goldfield

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  • Pre-adoption changes to this character ARE acceptable.
  • Aowen should remain in Cercatori d'Arte.

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Aowen Goldfield

by Sunny



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Jan. 9, 2011








Current pack Cercatori d'Arte
Current rank Basic

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  2.   2.  History
  3.   3.  Personality
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  4.   4.  Inventory
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1.  Appearance

Aowen is a mixed breed dog with heavy Golden Retriever influences. She stands at an average height in Optime, around 5' 8". Her coat is a beautiful creamy-gold with rusty undertones that are accentuated in the sunlight; her fur is also sleek and long, and soft to the touch. In Optime form, her hair is a light straw-color, coming down in wavy curls past her shoulders. Her eyes are hetero-chromatic, the left being light turquoise-blue and the right a deep brown.

2.  History

Aowen grew up in Europe with a family of sophisticated dogs, intent on keeping the traditions and knowledge of humanity preserved. They bred only with other dogs such as themselves, to keep the bloodline as "pure" as they could, and lived within human-made houses, using exclusively their Optime form. Aowen's position in the family was to care for the livestock as the humans did - using various guidebooks, she quickly grew adept at it. She also learned other various tidbits of humanity, such as using silverware to eat with, cooking and seasoning meat, and using proper manners when speaking.

However, the family could not protect from all outside influences, and a nearby wolf pack quickly grew jealous of the family's wealth in livestock and food. They launched an attack on the family, who were quickly overpowered by the sheer force of the wolves. The fancy, high-end houses that the family lived in were now overrun with wolves, with nowhere for the dogs to go.

Exiled by the wolves, a small section of the family left Europe by ship, heading for the east coast of America. Their ship was blown off-course, however, by currents and winds, leaving them headed for northern Canada instead, and causing them to lose some of their members. Crashing on the coast of Nova Scotia, the ship now contained only Aowen and her brother, who caught pneumonia and died shortly after.

Unsure of how to survive in the wilderness, Aowen traveled and survived on leftover scraps from other canines' meals when she stumbled upon Cercatori d'Arte. Due to her mastery with animals, she was taken in and taught the basics of survival in the Canadian forest. She learned quickly, and was happy to claim a small house in Thornbury and call it home.

3.  Personality

She is generally friendly and care-free, and is always very polite. She works primarily in the pack’s stables helping attend to the livestock. She has a gentle way with animals and is always willing to give a listening ear or advice to a fellow d’Artisan. Due to her childhood, she can seem very humanized, and still uses utensils when eating as well as placing high importance on manners and proper speaking. Although easily approachable, Aowen tends to get very engrossed in her work, it may take a few shouts to get her attention.

Personality is open for changes to adopters!

3.1  Ideals


  • Likes: Animals, swimming, reading, writing, learning, cooking, socializing
  • Dislikes: Fighting, rudeness, eating raw meat


Friendly, care-free, animal-loving, gentle, polite, humanized

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Introverted, submissive
  • Alignment: Neutral Good

4.  Inventory

4.1  Whippy

Whippy is a sheep that Aowen claimed shortly after she arrived at Cercatori d'Arte. Although skittish, Whippy is close to Aowen and resides in the flock of sheep near Thornbury.

5.  Relationships

By now, Aowen would know most d'Artisans by name, but she may not know everyone very well. It's up to you who she knows and who she wants to get to know better!